Monday, November 26, 2012

Flushing BID's website promotes "shame of Flushing"

I don't know if it's a mistake or if their website has been hacked, but the homepage of the Flushing BID is currently promoting (or calling itself) the "shame of Flushing."


Anonymous said...

Sounds right to me!

georgetheatheist said...

And it promotes it multilingually.

Folks, there's something weird going on here. Either it is a "mistake" - of the highest order - or a very linguistically-talented "hacker" at work.

Indeed, check out Crapper's BID link and then click onto just its Homepage Western language translation of "Shame of Flushing":

French: Honte de Rinçage ("Rinse Shame")
Italian: Vergogna Di Lavaggio ("Shame to wash")
Spanish: Vergüenza De Lavado ("Shame of Washing")
German: Schande Spülen ("Wash the Shame")

How about the BID's mention of the "Flushing Food Festival":

"Food Festival De Lavage", "Food Festival Lavaggio", "Food Festival De Lavado", "Spülen Food Festival"

ROTFLMFAO. What - WHAT - is going on here?

georgetheatheist said...

Please, please, make them stop. I can't breath anymore:

Centre-Ville de Lavage, Downtown Spülen.

Anonymous said...

I thought Macy's left Flushing years ago. Interesting how they have stayed on this long.

Anonymous said...

"What - WHAT - is going on here?"

Simple. Ask the Executive Director of the Flushing BID, Mr. Dian Yu:

718 888-1805

And while you're at it, ask him what his salary is.

Anonymous said...

Why change it? it's an accurate description.

Jerry Rotondi said...

An open notice to the BID director, and anyone else who is in a position to improve downtown Flushing:

The Flushing BID has got to offer more than just a slick slogan to make Flushing a "destination of choice" to tourists, shoppers or diners.

Cleaner and clearer streets and sidewalks are a prime necessity. This might be just a small point--but try dealing with the problem of people who aggressively poke advertising fliers in your face-- while you're trying to negotiate the crowds or cross a busy street. Crack down on illegal vans, vendors, etc.

These are just a few of the blighted and dangerous conditions that exist here today.
This sickening situation is counterproductive to the good things that you are trying to accomplish.

You know the rest of the routine. It's not an easy task to complete, I admit.

This has got to be attended to, though--sooner or later--or Flushing will continue to sink in its reputation as a worthy destination.

In general, make the downtown hub a visually more appetizing place to visit.

Now, ask yourself this one very important question
before you speed ahead to implement any improvements you might have in mind.

If I were a traveller, would I give up one day of Manhattan's glitter to visit a seedy location at the far end of a subway line?

It's a matter of competition between attractions. For example, convince me to visit downtown Flushing over bustling, bright, Times Square.

As it currently stands, there are far more exciting spots to see in Manhattan, and the dining choices are much more varied.

Manhattan is the Oyster that offers the pearl.
Sadly it's not Flushing as conditions currently stand.

Anonymous said...

Actually Macy's appears to be doing quite well.
I was just there 2 days ago.

BUT...if Muni Parking Lot #1 gives way to Flushing Commons being built...then Macy's WILL close its doors.

A lot of people who still shop there come by car.

Anonymous said...

Where are the many dining options beyond Asian?

Flushing has lost its Occidental shoppers,
which were a VERY important component of its economy.
i.e. They won't eat live octopus.

Once you've lost your share of market it's almost impossible to regain it.

Now if the BID intends on promoting Floo-shing as a destination for Asians be it.

That doesn't seem to be working too well either.

Well off Asian tourists seem to prefer avoiding the Flushing ghetto. They can get plenty of that vibrant bustling nonsense back at home.

They come to the big apple to be dazzled not drowned in a sea of low class humanity!

Anonymous said...

The BID doesn't list all the whore houses...or is there a link to the Queens Tribune for that?

I'd cum here for that!

"Food, Fun, Flushing"? LOL!
How about, "F--k your way thru Floo-shing"?

They could beat out Bangkok for sex tourism.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Mr. Yu..
we don't need a photo contest to promote Flushing.

I think that that all of the previous Queens Crap photos have got the real truth covered in spades!

Anonymous said...



Can it be found online, since the BID is a not for profit organization?

Shouldn't their books be open for public review?

Anonymous said...


I'd rather eat in Manhattan's Chinatown.
It's far more picturesque.

When you leave their restaurants, there are plenty of great places to visit besides the Flushing library and Jembro discount shop. Bras, irregular underwear and tube socks, anyone? LOL!

No tourist will take the trip to Flushing and cut out valuable time from his sightseeing itinerary.

Nobody travels to Flushing except to grab the #7 to your job, or if you're sent on a business trip there.

Then I'd eat sleep and conduct my business at the Sheraton La Guardia East. Stay sequestered.

Why risk dissolving the soles of my nice Gucci loafers, by stepping into that sludgy "Flushing soup", that runs like a stream along on 41st Road?


Anonymous said...

When Joes Burger closed I new right away that the BID was destined for failure.

Anonymous said...

Let's all look up Mr. Dian Yu's salary and post it!

Why was Jim Gerson squeezed out of the BID?

Was it because he spoke out against Shanghai-Flushing based TDC's "Flushing Commons" project eliminating Muni Parking Lot #1?

How many "Occidentals" hold high positions on the BID?

The previous BID director was also an Oriental.

All of this BS about multi cultural Flushing is a hoax.
It's a MONO CULTURAL sewer...inhabited by mostly low born Taiwanese and Fujianese.

Floo-shing or Frushing, is an Asiatic colony NOT subject to the civilized codes and laws of NYC...APPARENTLY!

You'll never be able to make a silk purse from this sow's ear!

Anonymous said...

Many 1st and 2nd generation Asians are leaving the Flushing slum for Fresh Meadows and Forest Hills.
Well educated and family oriented and Americanized,
they are making those well established neighborhoods continue to flourish.

Anonymous said...

Just a poor translation, I assume. Thats what happens when nobody in your neighbourhood speaks English.

Tontino her 80G/year fotog said...

Smile, Helen, smile.

It's definitely not the work of a hacker. Dian Yu just ran his ineptly and slovenly worded website through some kind of automatic online translation service. The ineptitude and slovenliness was just compounded multilingually.

Of course, all the highly paid local politicians and their crackerjack responsibile also highly paid staff members knew about this all along and were going to blow the whistle before Crapper beat us to the punch.

Smile, Helen, smile.

Anonymous said...

"Flushing BID's website promotes "shame of Flushing""

AHA!!! I see the problem here. I think they mistakenly put in an "e". The headline should read "sham of Flushing"! So there!!!

Anonymous said...

Never trust a turncoat like Peter Koo Koo and his BID. Once a turncoat, always a turncoat.

Anonymous said...

Could be Scam of Flushing too.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little history to digest.

The original BID was formed under Julia Harrison's tenure. After Julia left office, that schemer Myra Baird Herce grabbed everything and handed it all over to John Liu...probably taking credit for everything! Remember, she and Donald Manes were tight!

Liu then put in his girl (was it Mabel Law?) to run things into the ground.

Now it's being buried by its present group...director and all!

What's the difference. Flushing has become a joke. Expecting tourists to flock here is like waiting for a BVM sighting on #7's "M" track.


It will remain an unsanitary, congested, fetid, low class, Asiatic cesspool for at least another dozen years!

End the BID and let Flushing go down the toilet like it will anyway.

Do you think that these thieving low life shopkeepers give a dam about improving the business district?


Anonymous said... aptly named it is!

Anonymous said...

Why is the BID still listing "2011 upcoming events"
on their website?

They're out of touch and out of date...
but NOT, I suspect, poorly paid!

Anonymous said...

I can find Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay cuisine, and very much more in any hip urban neighborhood these days.

Why should I travel all the way to Flushing?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of translations, check out this bizarre translation from English to English.
The original article is linked at the bottom of the "translation".

Even this seems more legit than the Flushing BID!

georgetheatheist said...

Well, well, well. We click on the website in the late PM and what do we see?

"Shame of Flushing" gone and now it's "Work in Progress. Content Coming Soon" (Same in those other lingos as well.)

Now how do you think that happened? Hhmmnn?

Hey Mr. Dian Yu. The Crap Brigade will be watching. Watching very carefully.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Yes...LOL...2011 entries!
They can't even keep their website up to date.
When was the last time Mr. Dian Yu looked at it?

That's for sure.
So register ALL your complaints here, citizens.

You'll get more action from QC than you'll EVER get from your crooked pols!

Jerry Rotondi said...

I would like to thank Queens Crap for bringing to light many of the issues that our officials normally sweep under the rug.

Being a genteel soul--there might be some times when I feel uncomfortable with your tone--but you are doing an extremely good job unmasking corruption.


Thank you, again. Keep it up and keep it hot!
You can't fry a fish without turning up the heat!

Anonymous said...

Calling back Myra Baird Herce from retirement to active duty....LOL!

That flaming red head (dye#3) directed the Downtown Flushing Development Corp. during Donald Manes' regime.

She was co-chair of the Flushing Chamber of Commerce...involved with the Flushing Merchants and Business Association...was a heavyweight on CB#7.

She made a bundle $$$$$$$$$$$ "serving" Flushing all of those years while accomplishing little .

I suspect that's exactly what Mr. Dian Yu is doing...banking loads of golden won tons...while failing miserably at his mission to improve the hub!

WILL SOMEBODY please post his annual salary, if you can find it through the NYC Departmen. of Business Services.

The Krap Buster Krew said...

We are going to be watching 39th Avenue closely.
Those jitneys had better be gone, or we'll post photos on Queens Crap.

We will also be keeping an eye on ALL of our elected officials, CB#7, the 109th PCT, the FDNY, etc. MAKING SURE that you are ALL doing your jobs.

If not, you'll be outed on guess where?
That's right...good old dependable Queens Crap

Ain't this a very interesting and informative site?!

Krap Buster Krew said...

Maybe we'll assign a member to shadow Gene Kelty to see if he's doing his job as chair of CB#7?

Jerry Rotondi said...


The Flushing BID logo was appropriated from the "Coalition For A Planned Flushing Inc." of which I was an active member.

It was designed through the coalition's request by the firm of "Chermayeff & Geismar".

I believe that (technically) it was legally their property at the time.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell are the cops from the 109 Precinct? Why aren't they doing something about this??