Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quinn will do anything to get elected

From the NY Post:

Christine Quinn, who wants to be the first female mayor of New York, is expected to give her blessing to a district change that would help the political career of Vito Lopez — who is accused of sexually harassing four female staffers, sources told The Post.

The redistricting could help elect the alleged lecher to the City Council. In return, Quinn would curry favor with what’s left of Lopez’s Brooklyn political machine for her mayoral campaign.

The district boundary change, expected to slide through the council in three weeks, will flip the disgraced pol’s Brooklyn house one district west, from the 37th to the 34th, by a half-block.

A district boundary change could help get disgraced pol Vito Lopez (above) elected to the City Council. the change would move his Brooklyn home from the 37th to the 34th district, where he has a better chance of winning a seat.
It was unanimously approved by the council’s redistricting commission Thursday, just days after the deadline for public hearings.

Lopez has a vastly better chance of winning the seat from the 34th District, which aligns better with his power base in Bushwick.

The seat is due to be vacated because of term limits next year by Diana Reyna, his former aide but now a political adversary.

“Anything that is done [by the redistricting commission] is done because Quinn wants it done,” said a source close to the commission. “I don’t know why anyone would be doing him a favor.”


Anonymous said...

Will she bear her breasts in front of St. Patricks Cathedral advocating in solidarity for lesbian rights?

Gary the Agnostic said...

Say anything, do anything, Christine. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

she is disgusting!!1

Anonymous said...

I don't know...
compared to Bloomberg, I'd rather have a shrill raging lesbian for mayor.

Maybe Chrissy might wind up having a change of heart and become the peoples' champion.

Then she could arm wrestle any developer to the ground. Just look at the arms on her!


Anonymous said...

At least she'd know how to supervise the building of a proper dyke around lower Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

She's got the same kind of hungry look in her eyes that a crack head out of rock has! Make sure that this vicious c--t isn't our next mayor!

Anonymous said...

She probably already has done "anything"