Friday, November 30, 2012

A Queens Borough Hall of the past

From the Newtown Pentacle:

This edifice - known sometimes as “the Subway Building” and others as the “Paragon Oil building” - was, in fact, Queens Borough Hall. Check out the January 2012 posting “high doors” for more on the structure.

The shot pictured above emanates from the awesome collection of historic photographs made available by the NYC Municipal Archives, and was captured by a now anonymous municipal photographer in August of 1936. The center of Queens during the 1930′s, this was Borough Hall. Back then, the power brokers of the borough located themselves nearby the Newtown Creek and perched high above the southern extant of the Sunnyside Yard and alongside the Long Island Railroad tracks. Prior to this, the unofficial Borough Hall of Battleaxe Gleason was located at the Miller hotel (which would become the LIC Crab House) and the official one was on Jackson Avenue nearby modern day Court Square.

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Gary the Agnostic said...

How recently was that Borough Hall sign removed from that building? (Obviously, Borough Hall itself moved to Kew Gardens in 1940) I seem to recall some sort of signage being on that building someplace in recent times.