Saturday, November 17, 2012

How far will the apple fall from the tree?

From the NY Post:

It’s another one of those only-in-New York politics stories.

The daughter of a trailblazing political family is elected to the House of Representatives — just as the family patriarch gets ready to head to the, well, Big House.

Rep.-elect Grace Meng’s (D-Queens) “freshman orientation day” in Washington, DC, this week was bittersweet: Back home, her pioneering father, Jimmy Meng, was pleading guilty in a bribery case.

He’s looking at 20 years — a sad turnaround for the first Asian member of the state Assembly.

(Not that ethnicity necessarily had anything to do with it; Albany is an equal-opportunity destroyer of souls.)

Sadly, Grace Meng’s great day preparing for her first term in Congress next year will instead be memorable in a much more disappointing way: She’s become yet one more member of a politically connected Big Apple clan with a relative serving a term — behind bars.

Only in New York.


Anonymous said...

one wonders if A.Hevesi was released from prison, so as to make cell space for J.Meng. also a democrat. the prisons are reported to be overcrowded , especially with democrat politicians from NYC.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Maybe we need to build a special "big house" for our convicted pols to ease the overcrowding in our regular prisons.

Anonymous said...

So the pork pie faced Taiwanese Koo Man Tang Gracie gets all the goodies that Ackerman has stashed away.

Which tong does she belong to?

Anonymous said...

She'd better dress better.

Otherwise some senior Congressman might mistake her for a "Wok 'n Roll" delivery girl.

"Uh, miss...where's my soy sauce'?

Anonymous said...

Representative Grace "La China" Meng!

In effect, she was an absentee Assembly member, unless you were one of her Oriental constituents.

What can the "round eyed ghost people" expect from her in Congress?

Fried noodles and stale duck sauce!

Anonymous said...

If the won ton falls on the kitchen floor, just wash it off and put it back in the soup.

If daddy Jimmy Meng goes to jail, just wash off the family reputation and his daughter goes to Congress.

If Gracie's Republican opposition were someone more qualified than that crackpot Dan Halloran, she would have lost the election.

So be it. America is on the skids!
The Chinese horde will annex us...financially to begin with!

Anonymous said...

have you forgotten that the F.B.I. agent, who served his country in the John Liu election campaign fund scam, is a Mandarin speaking American ,of Chinese heritage?