Friday, November 16, 2012

Because Queens didn't already have enough crap

From the Daily News:

Add 50 million stinking gallons of pollution per day to the lengthy list of problems facing the Rockaways in the wake of Sandy.

That’s how much partially treated sewage has poured into the waters off the struggling Queens neighborhood since the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in nearby Nassau County was damaged by the storm.

Not only does it reek to high heaven, it’s a problem that’s not likely to get fixed until Thanksgiving, Nassau County officials admitted Wednesday.

And it's coming at us from all directions.

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Joe said...

Same thing is going on I Northern Queens.
Those ancient sewage plants up north are clearly still dumping into the Bronx river. Its not leaching cesspools since visible crap, tampons and toilet paper is coming straight down into the sound.
It reeks from N Brother Island to Glen Cove, craps on the beach. I was just in Port Washington at Louie's, lots of people were complaining.
Power is still out in places up there, not a LIPA or Town of North Hempstead crew in sight.