Monday, November 12, 2012

Fighting poster fine to the finish

From the NY Post:

Comptroller John Liu is making good on his pledge to fight $527,400 in poster summonses to the bitter end.

Liu, who ran up the tab during his 2009 campaign, filed papers in Brooklyn state Supreme Court on Oct. 31 charging that the tribunal that leveled the violations was biased and the legal service improper.

Those are the same claims that were rejected earlier by an appeal panel of the Environmental Control Board.

The court has scheduled a hearing for Dec. 4 before Judge Martin Solomon.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect mug shot for this cheesy criminal.
I'd love to see it hanging in my local post office!

Anonymous said...

1/2 million dollars+ slapped on the little emperor in littering fines....dontchaluvit? !!!!

The Liu family seems to spawn its fair share of Taiwanese criminals.

John's cousin Tommy Huang taught him the ropes.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Liu had ties with the late Cecilia Chang.

She and Tommy Huang took that famous trip to Taiwan and raised millions to build SJU's Dr. Sun Yat Sen Center for Asian studies.

It didn't cost nearly that much to construct.
Where did all of that remaining surplus money go?

Was it into funding political campaigns?

Time will tell. The FBI's anti corruption unit is relentless.

Anonymous said...

Let's go over this dirtballs claims;

The notifications of fines were FRIGGIN hand delivered.

Liu stated that the regulations require mailing them. So they were mailed. The address that the Liu Campaign gave the Elections Board was false so they were returned to the City.

Then the City called and asked where the actual office was (no inquiry as to why the law was violated and the Campaign gave a fake address). They were then sent to the correct address. But the Treasurer had resigned in 2007. (It's a campaign violation for John Liu to refuse to inform the election commission of his new Treasurer in 30 days. He ought to go to jail for that.) Since the treasurer was new the campaign refused the notices, again.

The Liu Campaign never informed the Election Board who the NEW Treasurer was as is required. The City got the notices back again.

Then the City called the campaign to learn who was the new treasurer then the re-mailed the notices.

Now Liu claims its all racism.

Three people got fines.
Liu an Asian American
Thompson and African American
Bill de Blasio a White man

John Liu is just plain evil as are each and every one of his zombie supporters.

Get the money and God Bless the Federal Investigations into his bogus fundraising schemes.

Liu should be fined double for the scams and tricks his campaign is using to cause the city to have to spend so much money on this simple violation.

He ought to go to jail for changing his treasurer without notifying the Election Commission.

He ought to go to jail for changing his campaign address without notifying the Election Commission

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"What, me worry"?
What a twerpy looking dweeb of nerd!
Looks like an Asiatic Alfred E. Newman!

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's just gotten a high colonic.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing compared to the Roto-Rooter scoping that the FBI will be giving him.

Anonymous said...

Looks like an Asiatic Alfred E. Newman!
More like an Alfred E. Noman!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Liu still live across the road from Chuck Apelian?
There's another shady dude for you!