Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And so it begins

From The Politicker:

This afternoon, just as comptroller and likely 2013 mayoral candidate John Liu appeared alongside Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a press conference discussing the post-Sandy state of the city’s finances, legal arguments got underway this afternoon in the trial of his supporter Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan and his young campaign treasurer Jia “Jenny” Hou, who are being accused of participating in a conspiracy to direct illegal contributions to Mr. Liu’s war chest. In the courtroom today, Judge Richard Sullivan rejected four pre-trial motions requested by Mr. Pan and Ms. Hou’s attorneys and ordered the trial to begin as scheduled February 4.

The first motion argued before the court this afternoon was presented by Mr. Pan’s lawyer, Irwin Rockman. He said the case against his client should be dismissed entirely due to “outrageous government conduct,” namely that FBI agents continued their undercover investigation of Mr. Pan though he said they should have known “Mr. Pan had no interest in engaging in a violation of campaign finance law.” He based this argument on the claim wiretap recordings indicate Mr. Pan repeatedly told an undercover agent who posed as a Houston businessman eager to have funds in excess of the maximum allowed amount funneled to Mr. Liu through a system of straw donors about Mr. Liu’s campaign “self-imposed limit of $800″ on contributions. Mr. Rockman also said his client had been “terrorized” by law enforcement agents who subjected him to an “ominous vague threat” by indicating they knew the whereabouts of his wife and children. The lawyer said this was especially traumatizing to Mr. Pan because he spent his “formative years” in the “totalitarian regime” of the People’s Republic of China.

Judge Sullivan indicated Mr. Rockman’s motion had no legal precedent and said he felt like he was being asked to rule based on “squishy stuff in the pit of my belly” rather than the rule of law.

“This is a court of law, not a psychiatrist’s couch,” the judge said.

Unsurprisingly given his reaction to the argument, Judge Sullivan ended up rejecting the motion and siding with the prosecution’s contention the issues raised by Mr. Rockman did not constitute a violation of due process.


Anonymous said...

Start picking a tailor for you prison jump suit Johnny boy!

Ollie and Jennie will roll over on you when the time comes for a plea deal to cut their sentences.

Bubba awaits your incarceration.

Anonymous said...

John Liu for mayor.

Wait until the FBI ties these crooks to Cecilia Chang, Gary Ackerman, Tommy Huang, Michael Nussbaum, Claire Shulman and the rest of the old Donald Manes clan!

It's only a matter of time.

Have a nice trip up the river folks!

Anonymous said...

Let's see what additional dirt is hiding beneath the rug.
No wonder Gary Ackerman suddenly decided to retire.
Maybe he expected the hounds to be on his trail soon.

Anonymous said...

Shcenckler and Nussbaum had better shred their files.
These guys have got to be connected in some way.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the dragon lady's part in all of this!

Manes and Chang...2 VERY IMPORTANT crooks are now dead.
Or are they? They might be in the federal witness protection program.
NOBODY saw either Manes' or Chang's bodies...only the black bags removed by the coroner's staff.

Does this sound too far fetched...another hare brained conspiracy theory?

See if Donald Manes' name appears on the Social Security death index. I was told by a few curious people looking into this this...that it DOES NOT!

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the dragon lady's part in all of this!


Anonymous said...

Oliver Pan is Liu's connection to Communist China!
Liu's connections to Taiwan weren't bad enough?

I think we should cut Flushing loose.
Cut all services... police and fire department, etc. and let China and Taiwan foot the bill.

Why should we underwrite crooks through our taxes?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

In answer to you question: Yes, it does sound like that.

Anonymous said...

John Liu has shown his family moral by standing by as his staff gets wrapped up in this crime in my view.

Of course his father is a convicted bank thief but worse, his father was the President of the Bank, a position of respect that he used to commit his crime. So this morality runs in the Liu family in my view.

The only saving grace here is that at least Mr. Pan has admitted that China is a totalitarian regime, about time some Chinese ex-pats said that out loud.

Looking forward to some real newspaper person to ask John Liu if he agrees with that fact.

Hey John....tick, tick , tick.

Anonymous said...

So you disagree with my witness protection theory huh?

Maybe a troll like you hasn't much imagination having been held in cranial restraints...working for the Ackerman, Nussbaum, Manes, Chang, Huang, Liu, Schenkler, Shulman, etc. Partnership.

Would you buy Donald Manes' and Cecilia Chang's possible murder?

Similar MO with both of their wrists slashed.
Maybe the slashed wrists are tong hit signature.

Anonymous said...

You mean the Liu-Huang family.

John Liu is Tommy Huang's cousin.
The connection being Alice Liu Huang...
Tommy's wife's family.

Anonymous said...

it was reported that Manes' daughter witnessed him plunging the knife into his heart in their kitchen, in Jamaica Estates,Queens.

the wake was held at a funeral home on Queens Blvd. many dem. pols viewed the open casket.

i predict that LIU will not be convicted. the staff will get slaps on the wrist, if at all.

Bubba's 94 Asian bundlers ,in 1992 all left the U.S, with no punishment.

the U.S. 'TOTALITARIAN REGIME" will prevail. they always do.

see BENGHAZI........

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 10:

I'm not Ackerman troll - I'm the guy who thinks other people are trolls for the Democractic County organization. It's just that you're making so much of a stretch that you're beginning to look like a member of the Fantastic Four. And I don't mean the Invisible Girl.

Anon No. 12:

Do your hands hurt for all the straws that you're grasping at, Gramps?

Anonymous said...

An additional thought:

Manes' body was a Disney creation (snicker, snicker).There was sobbing while convicted crook Alan Hevesi delivered Manes' eulogy.

OR...the real motionless Donald was drugged and the casket had a false bottom.

The Donald was awakened and whisked onto a private jet bound for Costa Rica....later to be joined by his wife Marlene.

His daughter lied about what happened in the kitchen and was well paid to do so. She now resides in Belize under an assumed name.

Family members have undergone reconstructive surgery so as to hide their real identities.

I attended Manes' funeral...
though I didn't get to pinch Donald's cheek, or poke him with my stick pin.

Please continue your counter posts. I've enjoyed stringing you along with my fantastic theorizing.

Then again, why go so ballistic on my "Fantastic Four" ideas....UNLESS there might be a shred of truth in them...LOL!

Now....wouldn't you like to know my real identity?
C'mon....fess up, now!

But, in the meantime...GOTCHA! What a total ass you are! I've pulled your chain and got your watch too!

I think I've just wet my pants laughing so damn hard!

Anonymous said...

Caught red handed ! COMMUNIST RED handed!

We need a special penal colony for crooks like these.
The French had their Devil's Island. We need one too!

Anon No. 13 said...

Anon No. 14:

LOL!!!! Don't flatter yourself.

Who is going ballistic? Not me. It sure seems like you are, though with your response.

To be honest, I don't care who you are. You might even be another troll for the Queens Democratic organization. Everyone has to learn a living. And say hi to Donny and Marlene the next time that you go visit.

Anonymous said...

I'm not flattering anyone...certainly not myself.
I'm just having some fun here. Please do forgive me.

Though it sounds like you've got enough flattery for yourself, and plenty left over.

Look fella, you took the bait and got hooked real good! I've more than enjoyed this little game.

Following our tete a tete...I think that most readers would agree with me that you've been made a first class ass of...and that YOU ARE quite bombastic (if not ballistic) to boot.

I'd be glad to introduce you to both Donny and Marlene at the preview of my next film short.

I'm finishing up the comedic screen play right now.

BTW..you've got a part in it...a donkey wearing a Joe Crowley mask.

Now DON'T bother coming back for more.
YAWN! I'm bored now. Ta, ta. 10-4. Over and out!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 17:

I'm back, and the only person going on an ego trip here is you. You can't handle criticism and go off on people who dare to question what you are saying.

I didn't get hooked on anything. All that happened was that I made brief comments and you continue to go nuclear. The shrinks have a term for your behavior. It's called "transferring."

Speaking about being boring, I think that you're the one who needs to get a life. Try doing something useful for a change.

Anonymous said...

Let me put it another way, pal. I find you to be hysterically funny. I take you as seriously as I do the internet ads about "One weird trick."

Astorian said...

We now have an amateur psychiatrist posting.
Please stick to the topic all of you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't that guy say 10-4, over and out?

But the other one came back and couldn't leave well enough alone without having the last word.

"Transferring"? WTF ? Did somebody lose their bus transfer?

Now we're ALL getting tired of this tit for tat adolescent game.