Thursday, November 29, 2012

FEMA not really helping all that much

From Eyewitness News:

There are serious questions about how recovery workers were supposed to cut through all the red tape to help survivors of Sandy.

A mom in the Rockaways whose home was flooded is still, more than four weeks after the storm, tied up in red tape.

"Where do I bring my baby, she has to go back to school and there's nowhere to sit, nowhere to sleep, nowhere to lay down," Feleza Katz said.

Ms. Katz neighbors have all already received checks from FEMA that they're using for temporary housing.

But because of a single paperwork mix-up, she hasn't gotten a nickel.

"Miss, we don't need you to prove that you own the house, we need you to prove that you live in the house and that's when I ran from there crying, I can't, I can't anymore," Katz said.

But wait, isn't this the kind of red tape the president said he wouldn't tolerate?


Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised!
When the government promises to help, it's often too little and too late!

Anonymous said...

amazing who gets what. you would be surprised who gets the most FEMA and government benefits in an emergency.where are our elected officials?

Anonymous said...

The $31,000 cap on payouts isn't going to help many people.

I'm sure if a tornado hits your house in Kansas, 31k will get you far into a rebuild, but not here. I'm sure that residents of the Northeast pay more into FEMA funding via taxes than anywhere else.

Once again, we are asked to do more than our share, only to see less of a return.

Anonymous said...

According to Mr Public Safety its all LIPA or Con Ed's fault.

Next Question.

Anonymous said...

This story doesn't make sense. What could possibly be the mix up? What property documents are in error? Why would FEMA be singling out Ms. Katz and saying she doesn't live there? It should be pretty easy to prove that she lives there. Or is there some error or technicality that ABC7 has neglected to mention? Is it possible that FEMA is justified in rejecting the aid? Either the reporters have dropped the ball or there is something actually fishy about the property.

Anonymous said...

leave obama alone. he visited N.J. and NYC. the M.S.M. deemed them saved. call him and the problem will be solved in 15 minutes.

now let him relax on the golf course in Hawaii.......HE WON.....