Monday, November 26, 2012

Quinn getting cold feet about helping Vito

From the NY Post:

Sources said Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to undo the map proposed by the Districting Commission that moved the embattled assemblyman’s home into the district represented by Councilwoman Diana Reyna.

Lopez is being investigated for sexual harassment against female staffers and has been stripped of his leadership posts as a result.

With nowhere to go in Albany, he’s told friends that he might just take a stab at the council seat held by Reyna, a one-time ally and now a bitter rival who’ll leave in 2013 because of term limits.

Reyna, who has become something of an obsession for Lopez, is backing her chief of staff as successor.

The commission’s secret little favor — exposed last week by The Post’s Sally Goldenberg — presents Quinn with a pounding political headache.

She’s running for mayor next year as the only woman in the race — and being linked to an accused groper is the last thing she needs.


Anonymous said...

She's a chunky Ruth Messinger.unelectable......

Anonymous said...

That arrogant dominatrix will take her fall.

She'd better wise up fast and object to the lousy redistricting maps as they currently stand, or she'll never live in Gracie Mansion.

GOTCHA, CHRISSY! Make your choice!

Anonymous said...

Shocking newa, How terribly, terribly shocking.

Anonymous said...

She's a political skank plain and simple, nothing honest or genuine about her and she will get elected by the idiots in this city