Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Queens pols allow loss of Civic Virtue

From the NY Times:

Given the improbable journey of “Civic Virtue” since it was begun by the sculptor Frederick MacMonnies in 1920, nothing can be ruled out. The statue, known rudely as “Fat Boy” or “Rough Boy,” is about to become the best traveled public monument in city history, moving from the Bronx (where it was carved) to Manhattan (1922 to 1941) to Queens (1941 until the present) to Brooklyn, where it is to settle indefinitely in Green-Wood Cemetery.

The move was authorized Nov. 13 when the municipal Design Commission approved a long-term loan of the statue to Green-Wood. In a city preoccupied with cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy (Green-Wood suffered at least $500,000 worth of damage), the authorization slipped under the radar. A mayoral spokeswoman confirmed it on Monday.

Within months, perhaps by year’s end, the perennially controversial and increasingly crumbly 15-foot-high marble — an allegory of virtue standing atop the sirens of graft and corruption — will disappear from the prominent spot it has occupied for 71 years in Kew Gardens, at Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike, outside Queens Borough Hall.

It will be swallowed into the ornamented landscape of Green-Wood Cemetery, where it will stand at Jasmine and Garland Avenues. Surrounded by ornate mausoleums, memorial statuary and 560,000 dead bodies, “Civic Virtue” will be much less conspicuous. Make of that political metaphor what you will.


Anonymous said...

The second largest marble statue in the world. Carved by the great American master sculptures .
Relegated ro a cemetery, its a disgrace. Nyc dosent deserve that fine work of art. It should be given to the Smithsonian.
Shows what that city really has become.

Anonymous said...

The Graft&Corruption contingent wants it hidden.............

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall and the rest of Queens politicians belong in a cemetery too! What a travesty!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could lose Shulman (and the whole damn Queens pol gang) to Greenwood Cemetery.

Anonymous said...

Park it in Ann Jawin's living room.

Anonymous said...

The quality of our "citizenry" has been on the decline for decades and continues. This fine piece of work is no longer appreciated in a public forum. Let it migrate to a new location where it will be well taken care of and appreciated. Expect something "contemporary" to take it place.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Queens pols don't want a reminder of their crooked machinations located adjacent to gang headquarters--borough hall!

Anonymous said...

In fact, I got it. How about a statue of some hip-hop "gangsta" with a pair of his "ladies" fawning at his feet. The City Council shouldn't have any problem approving that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the NYC Arts Commission have anything to say about Civic Virtue's relocation?

Probably not...they'll just shut up and go along with the move to Brooklyn.

The non-voting permanent residents of Greenwood surely won't complain about the woman being stepped on in this allegorical statue.

Ooops, maybe I was wrong about the NON-VOTING part.

The Dem clubhouse can find votes anywhere as long as "Virginia" Joe Crowley is in charge.

Anonymous said...

Somebody had better check Helen Marshall's pulse.
Is she asleep, or ready for Greenwood herself?

Anonymous said...

Look at the 300 year old millstones at Queens Plaza.

Did anyone try to save them from further abuse and support placement into a museum of the community?

Nope. It was an excuse to rush to the gravy train for dollops of ice cream.

Civic culture in Queens is pathological.

Anonymous said...

Look what Vallone is trying to do with the Steinway mansion. Published reports has him suggesting that it be turned into a 'catering hall.' (wink)

Outcry from the community?

Not a peep.

Anonymous said...

Poor Staten Island - the only Borough that hasn't been blessed with the Statue's presence yet.

georgetheatheist said...

And the Italian-American community takes this lying down.

Anonymous said...

Relegating Civic Virtue to a cemetary is indeed a cause for mourning. The feudal casuists who dominate Queens can only be foiled by the ideas of Henry George!

georgetheatheist said...

"The Municipal Design Commission . . . the authorization slipped under the radar".

What? No public hearings?

El Queens Bandito said...

Pooblik heerings? We don need no steenkeen pooblick heerings.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so when is the next protest?

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the loss of "civic Virtue" is quite appropriate and quite telling for the "New Queens Order".

Anonymous said...

In fact, I got it. How about a statue of some hip-hop "gangsta" with a pair of his "ladies" fawning at his feet.
Not "ladies" my friend, "bitches n hoes".

Anonymous said...

This is a travesty - we are paying to have it moved to boot!

Anonymous said...

People need to demonstrate

Anonymous said...

Queens is simply pathetic.

Its elite walks about self absorbed in their entitlement.

Cultural money cynically wasted on second rate projects spun from third rate minds.

Millions to rename bridges, remake the boro for questionable development, fill in the Astoria Park pool, while St Saviours rots in a box, the Steinway Mansion is touted as a 'club', the 300 year old Queens Plaza millstones photographed with street people sleeping next to them, Flessels leveled, Poppenhusan totters at the edge, and Bowne House is a ruin.

So a tiny cemetery gets saved and all the suspects come out to pat themselves on the back. Big deal.

We do not deserve this statue.

Everybody knows that.

Queens is a joke.

Everybody knows that too.

Anonymous said...

I heard its being repla ed with a 30ft statue of mao and stalin.

Anonymous said...'re mixing your metaphors, fella.

Why would anyone rush to the "gravy train" for "dollops of ice cream"?

Roast beef makes gravy. Candy stores sell ice cream.

In your search of constructing high tone sounding sentences, you've lost your way among your words.

Anyway, mixing meat and dairy ain't Kosher...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Tit for tat--or statue for statue:

This is in retaliation of united Queens' citizens nixing the erection of that ugly 5 (?) story statue of Queen Catherine in Hunter's Point.

Kate would have gazed upon Manhattan, while she turned her back on Queens.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact - this would be the perfect place for Queen Catherine, something that is a perfect fiction, but, because those in authority say its so, the peasants stand around with vacant smiles as they nod in agreement and dance around the facts.

They ain't saying a thing cause they would lose their 'gravy train' of 'ice cream money'.

Most of what passes for 'culture' in these parts would not rate a second glance elsewhere.

Queens Logic said...

People need to demonstrate.
Get real. As long as snow is moved from their streets and their local pol can fix their traffic tickets, no one in Queens cares what their politicians do.

georgetheatheist said...
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georgetheatheist said...


There's an objection [!?] to Civic Virtue being "demeaning to women".

Voila. The NYC Design Commision's moving Civic Virtue to Green-Wood Cemetery magically eliminates that objection. The "spell" is removed through RE-LOCATION. You, the Queens Crap astute readers see the logic in that. Right?


From the website's page about the function of the Design Commission:

"Public Hearings

Projects are submitted for formal review and approval at the Design Commission's public hearings. The public is welcome to attend and give testimony. Those who plan to testify are encouraged to submit their testimony in writing in advance of the meeting date. Agendas are posted on the Design Commission’s Web site at least three (3) business days in advance of the public hearing date."


Of course, you the snoring public, YOU THE SNORING PRESS, can thank the Design Commission for not wasting your time holding a PUBLIC HEARING on this the statue's removal issue despite the above stated policy found on their website. How convenient.

If you have finally woken up from your slumber, of course you can contact the Design Commission and let them have it by phone, fax, and email here.

And while you're at it, Beautiful Dreamers, you can gently nudge awake your fellow snoring bedmates, your council member, to kindly ask why no hearings were held on this.

From the NY Times article: "...the authorization slipped under the radar."

Anonymous said...

The replacement is as follows..
Their going to erect, a 3030ft ft hot dog statue. With it pointing towards former politician wieners office.

Jerry Rotondi said...

I think that "Civic Virtue" should be replaced with a big 25 foot bronze "FU" finger thrust into the air.

Now, that would truly represent what borough hall really thinks of its constituents.

A second recommendation would be--a colossal gleaming white marble effigy of Donald Manes clutching fists full of greenbacks--with a voracious grin upon his face.

The inscription plate would read:
"Developers are always welcome at the hall".

Jon said...

The Design Commission has been potentially violating the procedures for public hearings routinely!

Find out more:

Rego-Forester said...

Civic Virtue does not depict a nude man standing over 2 women. The figures are an allegorical representation of Greek mythology. Hercules stands over but not on top of 2 female sirens symbolizing vice and corruption, which Civic Virtue denounces in society. Some politicians cannot bear passing it en route to Borough Hall. Just examine the track record of those who had to step down in recent years due to their shattered oath not long after being elected to public office. This is a peaceful statue designed by the world-known Frederick MacMonnies, who was the last major American Beaux Art sculptor. Civic Virtue is public art that belongs to & in Queens. On behalf of the citizens of Queens who wish to secure its future where it has sat for 71 years, it is unethical behavior by Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the NYC Design Commission, and select "public servants" to concoct a deal to transport Civic Virtue to the privately-owned Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. This was not agreed upon by the Queens constituency. We pay our fair share of taxes. Join