Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whitestone eyesore soon to be cleaned?

From the Queens Courier:

A major bank has been granted legal permission to clean and maintain an abandoned six-acre lot in Whitestone, which neighbors say has become a hotbed for wild animals and overgrown weeds.

The undeveloped 150-33 6th Avenue site has been neglected for more than a year, according to the site’s next door neighbor, Artie McCrossen. It is currently in the midst of a foreclosure action by OneWest Bank.

Four-foot high weeds, wild raccoons, possums and mosquitos started to call the unkempt yard home, McCrossen said, after property owner Whitestone Jewels stopped maintaining the land.

OneWest Bank announced two weeks ago it has gained court approval to access and fix the vacant site, according to State Senator Tony Avella.

“This is welcome news for residents of Whitestone,” Avella said. “This vacant property had become an eyesore in the community for far too long and it is a shame that it was allowed to deteriorate like this.”

Still, McCrossen, who is surrounded on three sides by the problematic land, said he will only “believe it when he sees it.”

“People talk and nothing goes on. I haven’t seen anything in two weeks,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. The issue was never resolved. It’s a shame, and it really annoys me that the city isn’t taking any kind of action against the piece of property.”

McCrossen, 59, said he has seen trucks illegally dumping dirt and materials onto the land and has taken it upon himself to repair damage made to the property after superstorm Sandy.


Anonymous said...

WHen is McCrossen running for Congress again?

Anonymous said...

Whoa...a hotbed for wild animals...perish the thought.

Anonymous said...

This is what needs to be done with that plot of land.

Al was and is right.

It was once for the children and should be returned to the children.

Avella, Halloran, Isreal, Stavisky, and everyone one else needs to get on board and make it happen.

Al's Malba Gardens group has obtained letters from the Bayside Whitestone Lions club, Dwarfe Giraffe, Auburndale, St. Kevins, and St. Lukes CYO, in absolute favor of this proposal.

If these politicians don't do what needs to be done for the kids , we know what we need to do, and we will NOT forget come November.

As Al has often said,

I for one will and I hope you all remember as well.