Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Whatcha gonna do when the D.O.B. comes for you?

NY Post

City building inspectors are running speed trap-style operations to catch contractors violating a coronavirus ban on “non-essential” construction work — and to slap homeowners with maximum, $10,000 fines, The Post has learned.

A Department of Buildings inspector spent at least 45 minutes Tuesday morning staked out at the intersection that leads to the ritzy Douglas Manor neighborhood in northwestern Queens.

“I’m an elevator guy normally but they got us all doing this now,” the inspector told The Post.

“Except for essential work, there are no inspections. So to keep us all working, they got us out making sure everybody complies with the governor’s order


Anonymous said...

But they don't bother the large construction sites that knock down a one family house to put up a mega apartment building that ruins the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real Peoples Republic of NYC.

Rick D said...

This is great.

Anonymous said...

Construction feels like one of the things that should still be going on. They already wear N95 masks, those inspectors would be better used to make sure social distancing is maintained on worksites.

Anonymous said...

Now these cronies are hitting small contractors with fines for Covid compliance. Smh.