Tuesday, May 19, 2020

City finally releases coronavirus map data by zip code

NYC Health


  Asked about the data on NY1 late Monday, de Blasio called the disparities “horrible.” 

“What we’re talking about here is the really painful, really unfair history of race and class in this city and in this country,” he said. 

 The mayor cited the city’s work to secure insurance or medical care for all its residents to address the preconditions associated with poor COVID outcomes — which include diabetes, hypertension and compromised immune systems. 

“These are things that obviously get back again not just to racial disparity but to economic disparity — to folks who never got the health care they deserved because they didn’t have the money they deserved,” de Blasio said.

 Elected officials have argued that access to testing has not been equitable across neighborhoods, and a number of them said they’d been pushing City Hall to release more specific data on deaths sooner. 

Councilmember Inez Barron (D-Brooklyn), who represents Starrett City, said her district was left to suffer for weeks as she pleaded with the mayor’s office to release more details about neighborhood impacts of the virus. 

“Why aren’t residents — which is the hotbed for this disease — why aren’t these people being tested? It’s illogical to me,” she said. “They know that senior concentrations, and black and brown communities and other areas are hotbeds, but yet you don’t make provisions in the very areas where we see the numbers soaring.”


Anonymous said...

The city has been releasing these numbers (confirmed infections; percentage of people testing positive; and deaths) by zip code on a daily basis since March on the DOH website. It didn’t ‘finally’ release it as your headline states.

Queens Crapper said...

Incorrect. The maps are new. I've been checking the DOH site every day and yesterday is the first day the maps were available.

Anonymous said...

So the data was there but you can now see it in a map. Excellent.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon 1

Is that you Mr. Mayor?

Or is it his patsy Freddi Goldstein?

Cav said...

Identity politics is so 2019.
The new "in thing" is wearing masks, social distancing and people working in stores if not wearing level-4 bio-hazard suits then are behind clear plastic screens. A depersonalized world of atomized individuals living in fear of each other. Just as the sexual revolution after it had served its purpose was finally discarded with #metoo, the once useful identity politics, its proponents getting too big for their britches, is now being discarded with the invisible killer fear porn. It's the next level of divide and conquer.

Donald Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

Its getting a bit tiresome that the minorities are always painted as victims but are always given a free pass or excuse when they are caught in situations when their behavior pays a big role in creating their problems. Its not the 1960s but the 2020s and 2 generations have passed. When 3000 rioted on that Florida beach a few days ago the southern lunch counters and fire hoses were a long 60 years ago. Its bad enough that society needs to carry them during good times now its 'you make your bed now lay in it now.'

For the rest of us, we are now prepping for July 4 in the city cause you know nothing will be done and it will launch the 'Summer of Riots'. Make good footage for Trump's reelection campaign and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it.

JQ LLC said...

re:Killer fear porn aka coronaporn

That's kinda why I took a week off. And the spiky red dot stress ball contagion is definitely pop culture and will be for a while as Nancy Pelosi's well-coordinated masks can attest.

@anon re:data

This is the fourth map the city put out. If the data was there, it should have been on the first one, but that would have made residents in hot zone areas take more precaution.

Anonymous said...

No surprise to where the "hotspots" are.

Queens Crapper said...

The data was not there specifying deaths by zip code until today. Sorry, try again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting example of covering the truth. I was watching Flushing throughout this exercise puzzling how that rat warren of housing had missed being among the worst areas. The BS that they were all wearing face masks cause they were tipped off by the folks back home did not ring true nor was it confirmed happy throngs during the Luna New Year celebrations.

Its all how you tint things. If you gradually darken regions, then turn up the darkest only for the very worst areas you get Corona, parts of Bkln and the Bronx dark but not Flushing. The key they missed in those maps was Chinese Brooklyn which was also very dark as the black and immigrant areas. Chinese Flushing, which came in at the next highest level was half as dark merging into the rest of the city as 'not so bad as expected'. Now we see it as everyone suspected. Its nearly as bad as Corona.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised about the hotspots. Queens is so very overcrowded and rents are high that multiple people live in the apartment just to make the rent.
Also another issue here is filling out the census. Those who don’t ruin the chances of getting more hospitals, food stores, services from the city.

Anonymous said...

Good point on the census. The 'official' population is very real than the 'real' population. Services are based on 'official' numbers.

Be interesting to compare 'official' population with voter roles - which are likely the population of 1990. I heard of someone who has been dead for years and she still gets a ballot sent to her house each year. Her niece fills it in for her. Her niece is 12. The family thinks its a hoot. That's what happens when you train citizens to be puppets.

Anonymous said...


The divesity machine gotta do what it do no matter the fallout.

Eusie said...

It is worth noting that the 11354 zip code has several nursing homes, and the zip code overall skews older. This northern area of Flushing is a little different from the rest of Flushing that people usually associate with huge crowds and little space to move. The Cuomo / DeBlasio managing of nursing homes (and the epidemic writ large) will probably look worse and worse as we go along. They still manage to seem more competent and coherent than the sack of dog turds sitting in the White House, but that is a very low bar.