Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Clash

NY Daily News

 Outraged activists returned to the city’s streets Saturday in a second night of protesting and rioting over the police killing of a black man in Minneapolis.

Protests took place during the day and night in all five boroughs — but mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where protesters burned police cars and disrupted traffic.

Police arrested dozens of protesters on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge — where instead of taking the walkway, numerous protesters took to the vehicle lanes, blocking car traffic and seemingly putting themselves in harm’s way.

A Daily News reporter saw looters Saturday night in SoHo, location of high-end boutiques, and protesters also tried to disrupt traffic on FDR Drive in lower Manhattan.

Several videos emerged online of protesters and police vehicles getting in each others’ way — as the vehicles, often with sirens and lights flashing, menaced protesters who in turn threw garbage, rocks and bottles at them.

Crowds were reported outside Trump Tower on Fifth Ave. in Midtown, in Times Square, and in Union Square, among other locations.

Cops were still sorting out the chaos on Saturday night, and could only say that more than 50 people were arrested.

Earlier in the day, A crowd marched through Harlem, and then blocked traffic on the highway along Manhattan’s East River. And posts on social media showed cops amassing to control the chaos at Union Square.

By nightfall, protesters trekked across the Brooklyn Bridge, where cops met them with vans for those arrested — and blocked entrance to the footpath.

In one disturbing Twitter post, a crowd at Flatbush and St. Mark’s in Brooklyn pushed a single barricade in from to NYPD cruiser, until another cruiser pulled alongside and pushed the protesters aside.

Mayor de Blasio just recently blamed all the chaos that's unfolded during this protest on President Trump, saying that he created the atmosphere following repeated questions of two NYPD patrol vehicles running over a bunch of people on the street

No, you stupid idiot, this is the guy who created the atmosphere along with his three accomplices.


Anonymous said...

Like the Democrat office holders ruling Queens to comment on this.

Anonymous said...

Social diatncing to stop a GLOBAL WORLDWIDE BIOLOGICAL VIRUS PANDEMIC from spreading was a joke.

If not, these protestors are phase two of hoaxvid 19/84

Anonymous said...

White Riot

Lily white trustafarians working out their mommy and daddy issues in front of the camera.

Anonymous said...

The media has been partly driving this for a long time.
They show both black and white celebrity's driving million dollar cars and owning 10 million dollar homes. --What they don't says is celebrity's don't own those homes & cars.
Those luxury's are owned by the media corporation's that create the celebrity's and news. The "celebs" get to drive and live in those homes for free for 2 or 3 years before they are flipped by the actual owners to get more money. Then the process repeats. Its all confidentiality of disclosure agreements.
These black protesters and hipsters think celebrity's like Kanye West and the Kardashians are real and think others are repressing them from having the same thing.
They want socialism and exemption from laws and prosecution believing they are entitled to take whatever they want by any means possible. Had George Floyd not been another crook out on the take he would never have been arrested in the first place.
The media is going to push this to the limit to get the president and out of office and bring the type of in socialism like you see in Europe.
Denmark for example: Own a nice car, home or savings account and don't share it. Democratic Socialism will slam you with a 70% tax on it !!!

Anonymous said...

Keep voting Democrat!

Anonymous said...

"Outraged activists" What ? They are Rioters !

Anonymous said...

Where’s AOC to tell them about the carbon emissions of burning our city ?

Anonymous said...

QC Reader said...
Andrew Cuomo said on the air that it was interesting to see how the rioters were still so concerned about the virus that they were actually wearing masks. What planet is he from? I guess he missed all the previous riots for the past several years where everyone wore masks so they couldn't be identified.

Anonymous said...

The DemoRats with the Marxist meadia's help are already changing the narrative again and claiming the riots are fueled by the far right and Putin.

Anonymous said...

How do looters stay 6 feet about while carrying a 60 inch TV ? You only steal 72 inch TV'S.... social distancing is important.

Anonymous said...

Scott from nyc said...
Didn’t DeBlasio ban all rights to protest in NY a week or two ago? Uh, wtf happened? Was there a race exception written into the executive order?

Anonymous said...

Usefull Idiots being used again.
"If white people rioted every time a white person got murdered we would never get any rest" - Mike Tyson May 29, 2020

Anonymous said...

They arent protestors, they are criminals. They should also be in jail like the cop that killed floyd. The mayor of Minneapolis looks like a discount Walmart version of Justin Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how outraged I am ! Libtards are turning a blind eye, even promoting & encouraging arson, looting, destruction of our cities while blaming our president! Outrageous behavior. Civil society no longer exists. Well we knew that already, didn’t we?

Anonymous said...

Most of the rioters are young. They simply can't comprehend the depths they have been manipulated.

georgetheatheist said...

Where did law-abiding [?] George Floyd get that bogus twenty?

According to Saturday's NYTimes: "The clerk [of Cup Foods] held up a folded bill and showed it to her [customer Angel Stately]. The bill was an obvious fake, she said. 'The ink was still running', she said."

Another reason to quit smoking.

Anonymous said...

Here, you are saying this is left-wing; in Minneapolis it is said that it is right-wing. So.... which is it?

Enough of these socialists. said...

This really shows how socialism has failed. Everything about these people screams socialist. Living off taxpayer money - check. Unionized - check. Sitting on their big fat bums all day staring at their phones - check. Answer to nobody - check. Menace to society - check. Get away with murder - check.
Yes time for a major cleanup of the socialist NYPD. From the top brass to the officer on the seat, out you go! But of course we need a real Mayor to do this, not the current clown.

Anonymous said...

We don't have the money as it is in this city, as we are billions in the red. Now me and every other middle class taxpayer has to foot the bill again so that these low lives can go on a looting and destruction spree. Then they have the balls complain when the cops hit them as they throw bricks and firebombs.

To everyone "standing with the protesters" just remember how great it was to support them when you get your increased tax bill, or you are notified that your car or house insurance premium has been raised to cover claims from this. Or now the price increase at the looted stores to cover what insurance didn't, if and when they open back up. Its not so fun when its your own money out of your own pocket.

We have to now buy new police cars and replace damaged city property, pay thousands of officers overtime every night to handle a riot, and inevitably pay out on lawsuit settlements by ambulance chaser lawyers because these clowns got hit with a police baton while rioting. Regular everyday people are inconvenienced because the roadways are blocked for this nonsense and they cant get to where they need to go.

The cop was arrested and charged in Minnesota. It's over.

georgetheatheist said...

More from the NYTimes: "The store clerk demanded the cigarettes back. 'But he [Floyd] doesn't want to do that, and he's sitting on his car cause he his awfully drunk and he is not in control of himself,' the clerk said, according to a transcript of the call to police. 'He is not acting right.' "

Nice, no? Driving a motor vehicle while soused.

georgetheatheist said...

More from the NYTimes (front page): "... preliminary reports from an autopsy found that Mr. Floyd, 46, did not appear to have died from strangulation or asphyxiation. 'Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary heart disease and hypertensive heart disease,' prosecutors said, also listing'potential intoxicants.' "

An upstanding [?] headed-for-a-heart attack citizen smoking and drinking his infirm ass off, endangering the public with reckless driving, and passing counterfeit money. Was he wearing a face mask buying those smokes protecting fellow citizens?

This Black Life Matters? Maybe. You tell me. Legacy of slavery, right?

Anonymous said...

They, the democrat fascists, use the unwarranted death of this man in Minneapolis as an excuse to pursue their left wing agenda. They appear to be mostly young white males and females that are in the forefront of each riot. But I can't cry for Minneapolis. Very poorly trained and employed police. That knee in the neck and stranglehold techniques should be outlawed. Don't forget, even on the best police forces we have twisted cops.

Anonymous said...

"Socialist NYPD" What ?

JQ LLC said...


"did not appear"

Yeah that's a solid prognosis.

In the video the cop is digging his knee in and also holding on to the vehicle to add more pressure as the people were pleading with him to stop.

In the video before that, Floyd was cooperating with the cops.

Apparently something occurred that led to Floyd on the ground but the guy was already handcuffed.

The man was choked to death, quite sadistically. No one is going to survive being kneed on your neck with your face on the concrete for 2 minutes no matter what pre-conditions you got or if you're Lou Ferringo.

C'iao babies

MADD said...

Good. One less drunk on the highway.

Unknown said...

If an asteroid in the Andromeda Galaxy was spotted whizzing its way toward Earth, Trump would be blamed for it.

Anonymous said...

Good news Trump just declared Antifa a terrorist group.
As one wag stated

“When the first of these little trust fund sissies figures out he’s not walking out of his cell after 20 minutes with a $50 fine but looking at five years in Leavenworth on a Fed rap, he’ll squeal on his comrades. This is an opportunity to destroy Antifa root and branch, and to eliminate the armed wing of the Democrat party. Forever.”

The Ghost of Vachel Lindsay said...

Why can't these black bucks act civilized today then all this shit wouldn't happen. Huh?
Eric Garner selling untaxed loosies. Michael Brown beating up the grocery worker. George Floyd drunk as a skunk. ("Boomlay. Boomlay. Boomlay. Boom.")

Even Biden's not considering a black male for VP. Just the stronger black women.

Anonymous said...

What time does tonight’s rally start?

Anonymous said...

While I don't approve of what this cop did, I dont see any need to act ignorant and start riots and loot places. They just want to have a reason to commit crime. I think peaceful protests are ok but these riots are nonsense. Plus, I dont understand why black Americans riot over things like this but their own people commit racist crimes themselves and they dont protest for those people (namely within recent weeks with the asians here). Also, what about protesting against your own race? Black on black crime has been an ongoing issue in America and that should really also be addressed with protests to stop killing your own fellow black Americans.

Julie B. said...

@JQ LLC, ITA. Not condoning nor defending the violence and property destruction, but imagine if Derek Chauvin was NOT a sadistic cop and had NOT used unwarranted lethal force? The other officers need to be charged as well for being complicit in the murder because they did not pull that madman off a fellow human being. He did not deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

I am crying just weeping over Georgie Boy. He was such an upstanding - aw hell - who am I lying to? Georgie Boy was a good time Charlie who didn’t know couldn’t tell when the party was over. One less sick and suffering drunk to be a pain in the ass in this world - this my friends is the disease of alcoholism. Those at the riots are jacked up, drunk and stoned - like our poor departed Rodney King. He was drunk when the incident went down - drunk behind the wheel.
Let’s not talk about the elephant in the living room! It might shit on us!
The disease of alcoholism and drug addiction-ends in jails, institutions and death

georgetheatheist said...

What happens to the counterfeit twenty? Who legally owns it? Worth any money now or in the future?

Thom McAn said...

Looks like a sturdy but comfortable shoe Officer Chauvin is wearing. Anyone know the manufacturer?

Anonymous said...

You listen to NPR which used to have on sorts of exciting new ideas and thoughts now seams like attending a dreary wake. They know that the days of traditional liberalism is dead but refuse to go beyond the tired ideas that have been around since the late fifties.

You see a documentary about racism against blacks (yes every group has its gripes not just them) and you hear the same stories and same arguments in a stylized drama that might have names changed and backdrops varied but has the same old lunch counter and school house steps.

Interesting how you never hear them have segments about wilding at suburban shopping malls. Of the fact that I am sitting in my house and hear a group whooping and bellowing at each other on the way back to the projects after shopping. They are inevitably a black family. 13/90. why?

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here folks.

Like the Rodney King and the Watts Riots, all caused by right wing extremist 2nd Amendment loving Confederate Flag waving Trump Supporters. That is the message now on CNN.

The one precious takeaway is Biden emerging from his bunker to comfort a black person. He might have even been kneeling which now something you do not do in church but only in the presence of a aggrieved black person.

That simple gesture is one of the reasons he is on the way to a landslide.

Anonymous said...

So happy that ANTIFA will be designated as the terrorists they are. Now round them up and arrest them all...AND ARREST THEIR FUNDERS.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that most Antifa socialist and pro-big-government types, are overwhelmingly women.

Anonymous said...

John Liu, an agent for the Communist Chinese government was on the news complaining about NYPD, dispersing a mob. Is this elected criminal also an expert on policing mobs. And please, will you leftist news commentator stop calling them KIDS. I was sent to Vietnam at age 19. None of us were kids, neither are these traitors.

Cav said...

"The man was choked to death, quite sadistically. No one is going to survive being kneed on your neck with your face on the concrete for 2 minutes no matter what pre-conditions you got or if you're Lou Ferringo."

Oh, so that's your prognosis? In your professional opinion, a man can be choked to death with pressure applied to the side of his neck as clearly seen in the video. Not the front of the neck where the trachea or the wind pipe, as we laymen call it, is? But still I find your thought autopsy conducted merely by watching a video to be truly amazing.

I'm sure you've had occasion to restrain many people resisting arrest while they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can teach us all the proper technique. Just as I'm sure you'll stop by the Minneapolis Police Academy to have them stop teaching that kneeling on the neck technique and show them the correct way of restraint.

I'm sure you'd never pontificate about subjects that you don't even have an informed layman's level of knowledge about. Or at least do some basic research on the subject first as GTA did rather than spout off insipid talking points and look like a complete ignoramus. But fortunately this doesn't apply to you as you're an ace keyboard cop.

Donald Cavaioli

JQ LLC said...


I know it's on the side, but apparently you missed the part where he's applying more pressure. It's a lot easy to be an armchair cop when you're not on the receiving end of 200 pounds acting as a vice on your neck. Maybe Floyd should have been aware of a safe word to use to make it stop.

As for keyboard cop? As a layman would instantly observe, look who's talking.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Crappy could do a comparison of Mr Murkle and our 'future President' Biden.

JQ LLC said...

Biden ain't gonna make it to the convention.

Anonymous said...

Racial injustice? Obama and Biden had eight years to undo this "racial injustice." Why didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Now BLM & ANIFTA terrorists are demanding $14 trillion of reparations for slavery or will burn every other then black owned homes and businesses.
That's a terrorist threat, now Trump will use the military on them.
Stock up on fire extinguishers and ammunition before its all sold out

Anonymous said...

Lets start a conversation on potential opponents to Trump at some point. He is playing this like an old pro at the table, and Lady Luck has just sat down next to him.

They say you make your luck but this is crazy.

The London Bookies have never wavered in their opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is solely the responsibility of democrat party left wing terrorists, mostly white, who falsely claim to be representing the black community, and are not.

Anonymous said...

@Julie B. said... Go back to the kitchen dear !

Anonymous said...

The Ghost of Vachel Lindsay said...
Why can't these black bucks act civilized today then all this shit wouldn't happen. Huh?
Eric Garner selling untaxed loosies. Michael Brown beating up the grocery worker. George Floyd drunk as a skunk. ("Boomlay. Boomlay. Boomlay. Boom.")


Many of the protestors were white. Have you watched the news? CNN’s headquarter had police lined up and one tall skinny white guy was smashing one window with his skateboard with limited effect. Why aren’t you condemning white rioters?

Being a criminal or thug doesn’t mean you should be shot or choked to death. You do understand the obvious? So all the white drunks should get curb stomped by bouncers? It happens all the time. Just search for online videos.

Anonymous said...

What odds are the London bookies laying on Antifa vs the101st Airborne Division?

Anonymous said...

@cav, Fox Hannity interviewed the doctor involved in the independent autopsy and even Hannity believed the cop killed Floyd. The doctor also mentioned there was a death were a man in Minneapolis died while on his stomach and restrained in a manner that his diagram can’t move and he died. That incident is used as a case study for cops not to restrain someone. As soon as they’re handcuffed, they need to not apply pressure to the back.

The doctor also mentioned the rear naked choke used in Judo was used by cops but when not released could cause death. That’s why the rear naked choke you see in Judo and Mixed Martial Arts are allowed because your opponent can tap out or they go unconscious. The guillotine choke where the forearm goes across the neck is not allowed in some grappling competition because it can easily crush the trachea. But it’s often allowed because competitors know the counters and if they can’t defend, they can opt to tap out in defeat.

Even Floyd’s brother rebuked those that rioted and looted.

How come no one mentions the cops like Tho had histories of complaints. Floyd’s killer cop was described by a Latina nightclub owner as having no ability to de escalate and would even mace people not involved in a provocation when he was working fir her as a bouncer. Irony is that both Floyd and his killer worked as bouncers for the same nightclub owner. She described the cop as uncomfortable around blacks and preferred to be around Latinos.

Anonymous said...

Floyd died from a fentanyl and meth induced heart attack. Coroner released statement today.

Anonymous said...

They are a fucking plague. Full stop. They can't hope to compete with new gig and automated economy so they revert back to the hunter-gatherer savages that they truly are. They do not respond to reason, are ridiculously susceptible to media coercion, and they have no true ideology.

Mark said...

Give me a break people. George Floyd was unconscious for minutes with a police officer still kneeling on his neck. His wife divorced him in a hot second after this. Even she knows this guy is a bad deal. George Floyd was not the a perfect citizen, that does not condone murder. Police officers like this ruin it for all police officers.

This was suppose to be over when Botham Jean was killed in Texas in his own apartment "by mistake" from a police officer.

Or when Atatiana Jefferson was shot through the window in Fort Worth by police in her own home because they also made a mistake.

Or how about when Amadou Diallo was shot 40 times by police when entering his own apartment in Harlem because they also made a mistake.

>>> The cop was arrested and charged in Minnesota. It's over.

Anonymous said...

They are a fucking plague. Full stop. They can't hope to compete with new gig and automated economy so they revert back to the hunter-gatherer savages that they truly are. They do not respond to reason, are ridiculously susceptible to media coercion, and they have no true ideology.


Your exact same sentiments can be applied to police officers that work in an Union job. Do you even understand the terms you’re using? Gig economy is just being turned into a contractor so these Uber and other companies don’t have to have employees. No health insurance etc. to weigh down the cost of doing business while they still can’t be profitable. Gig jobs are for you know college kids, actors etc, that need a flexible job schedule. Automated economy? You mean like banks wanting to use ATM machines? McDonslds with self ordering kiosks? Telecom giants like ATT and Verizon automating their network so less employees are needed and I suspect most of these jobs will put white men on the streets.

Hunter gather? You do know that Africa had empires that traded with China, Rome, etc. in antiquity.

It appears you’re one uneducated useless person that will be unemployed soon. Hope you have a government job or retired.

Anonymous said...

As luck would have it, George Floyd had 4x the lethal amount of fentanyl in his body. It's likely that he swallowed the bag to avoid being punched. That's suicide, not murder.

And it still doesn't change the fact that police homicides are a statistical anomaly. We are literally commiting cultural suicide over an exceedingly rare event. This *was* the most egalitarian society on earth. Cops rarely kill blacks, the killing is of an armed and uncooperative suspect.

Still, our social media has turned us into rabid animals over an inversion of reality. The black-on-white crime rate is staggering. The white-on-black crime rate is nearly non existent. Yet endless gaslighting and race baiting rule our online content and conversations.

Has anyone noticed that anarcho-tyranny has yielded a stock market boom? The corporate elites want chaos. They want hyper integration and globohomo (look it up, it's not a gay slur).

White women across the west are lining up to become baby machines for a massive social engineering project. They are about to embark on a genetic redistribution project.

That is what this is about: grouping all cultures of the world into one, singular culture. One language. One idealogy, controlled by a massive eState. It's not about protecting distinct cultures from barely existent abuse, it's about merging cultures into a singularity.

Anonymous said...

@Mark said... Give me a break people ? #OKSNOWFLAKE
Look up the truth but like many on the Left you don't give a RaTs AsS about the truth.
The Left fears the truth...
Dem Mayors: "If you go to church or protest our lockdown, we will ARREST you!"
Dem Mayors: "If you riot, loot & destroy & don't wear masks, WE SUPPORT YOU!!"

Anonymous said...

The one precious takeaway is Biden emerging from his bunker to comfort a black person. He might have even been kneeling which now something you do not do in church but only in the presence of a aggrieved black person.


You apparently are not disgusted by Trump aka Bunker Boy standing in front of a church holding a bible all by himself for a photo op while babbling.

Are you sure you’re a New Yorker and Son of Queens? You ought to know Trump’s history.


Anonymous said...