Monday, May 4, 2020

A tale of two Queens towns impacts from the coronavirus


On paper, Flushing and Corona, two bordering neighborhoods in Queens, are more alike than different.
Separated by two highways and 
Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, the working-class neighborhoods have a large share of foreign-born residents. Corona is predominantly Latino, while Flushing is home to a large Asian community.

Both are high-density areas with similar socioeconomic profiles. They’re linked by the usually crowded No. 7 train.
Nearly half of workers in both neighborhoods are employed in food service, construction, cleaning and transportation — jobs that New York State has deemed essential through the pandemic.

Residents of both places typically have household income below the Queens median and a similar share of people who lack health insurance, as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau. And almost half of apartments and houses in both areas have more than one occupant per room, the Census definition of crowded.

Yet when it comes to COVID-19, the differences between the neighborhoods couldn’t be more stark.

Corona emerged as the early epicenter of the outbreak in New York City and shows no sign of slowing down. Meanwhile, the rate of test-confirmed positive cases of the virus among Flushing residents has remained among the lowest in the five boroughs.

The divergent impact of the virus in two similar neighborhoods suggests that low incomes and poor access to health care alone do not predicate the virus’s damage, public health experts say.

The divide between Corona and Flushing also highlights a striking possibility: that early measures many Flushing residents, workers and businesses took to protect themselves — during crucial weeks while city and state government held back — may have made a difference.

“I was very aware when the virus first started in China,” said a Flushing nurse, originally from China, who spoke with THE CITY on the condition of anonymity.

“I knew we’d be hit hard if America didn’t prepare,” she said.


Anonymous said...

The Power of Truth said...
Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle is the reason.

Anonymous said...

My Hispanic neighbors on one side of me were out in force in their backyard playing that god-awful bongo music and grilling chicaronnes while my Asian neighbors on the other side of me were inside their house being nice and quiet - quiet, Quiet, QUIET.

I despise the Hispanic culture. There.

The Ghost of William Safire said...

Hey how come The Blaz in his virus update on Sunday had to palaver something additional then only in stilted Espanol? What? - the Chinese lingo and even Yiddish are beneath him?

Make English the official language. If you don't understand it, your local ethnic tv stations and newspapers will fill in the gaps.

Anonymous said...

Domie Lemon said ..
It's Trumps Fault Tonight on CNNLSD !

Anonymous said...

It's all about diet, health, lifestyle. The virus is more deadly to unhealthy "Americans" than Chinese invaders. Makes you wonder if the lab in Wuhan didn't build this bionuke virus with that intent.

Anonymous said...

It's behavior. Yes, there are economic inputs to the impact of the virus, but behavior is a bigger part of it. It's just science--if you are outside on crowded streets more, there is a greater chance you will get the virus.

Anonymous said...

Korea, Singapore,Thailand, and Vietnam deserve some praise for doing what the US and other rich nations havent been able to achieve and that is too reduce the curve of infected dramatically through strong efforts. If we didn't have a King at the White House making smart decisions, we wouldn't have the over 1.6 million positive cases that we have now. What A Shame !!

Anonymous said...

I think that Corona also has a higher testing rate than flushing has so you cant really say this for sure. I really think they self isolated early in flushing too. My daughters friend who is Chinese has been isolated in her house since before March 16. Her mother knew something was going on and kept her daughter indoors to isolate her. So I have a feeling that they were probably getting information from their relatives overseas about what was going on and decided to isolate before the whole city did.

Unknown said...

Asians tend to be better educated ambitious go-getters who don't wait for the nanny state to wipe their backsides for them, unlike some other demographics I won't mention.

Anonymous said...

"If we didn't have a King at the White House" Check your #TDS meds please !

Anonymous said...

"Asians tend to be better educated ambitious go-getters" And much higher IQ's !

Anonymous said...

Unlike some other demographics?

You mean white Trump supporters who expect Union manufacturing jobs to come back to the US? (Sarcasm)

The Chinese and other Asians that are immigrants watch and read Asian social media and they took this seriously. I saw them wearing masks months ago.

Anonymous said...

Karen's Daddy said...
These virus experts are about has accurate as your local weatherman.

Anonymous said...

A bigot said:

"I despise the Hispanic culture. There."

No, no, no. You see, what you did there. Just going all out with hatred against a certain culture and people.
That proves at least two things about you.

1. That you are greatly insecure as revealed by your need to place yourself in judgement above another culture,and believe me, whatever culture spawned you has huge problems of its own, because all human cultures do.

2. That you are attempting to cheapen the discussion overall. As it stands, you've soiled yourself and everyone who is posting on this web site with your inbred ignorance. Adults are trying to have serious discussions about important topics here, and you go off spewing the lowest form of anonymous filth that lacks both meaningful insight and the smallest bit of wisdom about human history.

For goodness sake, attempt to educate yourself and post something instructive, original or that, at the very least, attempts to advance the shared knowledge being produced here.

Harry (Aureliano Buendia)Haller

Julie B. said...

Plus, a lot of people have worn masks regularly in Flushing for a few years.

Anonymous said...

At racist bigot who complained about pork cooking bongo neighbors. Every culture has your loud obnoxious pork loving groups. Many latinos like it quiet. We are not all country folk. Same as the white rednecks who love jamming in their back yards with banjos and fiddles and pork rib cookouts. See?

Anonymous said...

Aureliano Buendia you can go ahead and read titles from 'Le Monde's 100 Books of the Century' the rest of us in the real world can recall booming parties at 3 AM in the morning from across the street and the police don't come because of 'cultural sensitivity.'

There ARE differences of culture and some ARE far better than others - the issue is if one is born into a gutter and they improve themselves (and although they keep elements of their unique identity with them) they are no longer part of the gutter, but part of what they aspire too. THAT is the American way.

The problem in urban areas are politicians that pander for votes and encourage distinct cultural identity to isolate and manipulate people damn the impact it has on a community or their chances of improving themselves and their family. You only need to take a look at a place like Queens to see the damage to this thinking: frightened illegals jammed in basements as Covid factories. It was wrong in the 19th century and its sure to hell wrong in the 21st.

You are what you make yourself. And yes, there are better cultures than others. Look at the two American continents ...

Anonymous said...

Harald Hardrada said..
It's OK to be White !

Anonymous said...

Joe Cracker said...

Are you a racist because of the color of you skin ? Say that again very slowly.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." MLK

Anonymous said...

Harry Haller: you'd sing a different tune if you had to listen to this amplified "Latinx" racket every weekend in the warmer months. You try sleeping with your windows open! These bongo blasting bums are not even owners but tenants who have no respect for the surrounding people living in the area. I have to respect this aspect of their "culture"? Why are my Asian neighbors quiet and considerate to the surrounding community?. Redneck music gets a pass. Uh-uh. If you blasted amplified echoing-through-the-neighborhood Mozart I'd get annoyed. You would too. Call me a "bigot". I don't care. Meanwhile, I have to live with these Latinxians. it's the status quo.

Silence is golden. There.

Telling it like it is. said...

"Serious discussions" and "anonymous filth". We love Queens crap! The truth will set you free.

Anonymous said...

Don't be hostile brotha can't we all get along.
Hatred for the white devil is alive and well !

georgetheatheist said...

Harry Haller: "The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life . . .
There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist." -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (Galt's speech)

Anonymous said...

The bigot defended himself by stating:

"There ARE differences of culture and some ARE far better than others - the issue is if one is born into a gutter and they improve themselves (and although they keep elements of their unique identity with them) they are no longer part of the gutter, but part of what they aspire too. THAT is the American way."

Even the most elementary understanding of world culture and history reveals how wrong you are about cultures being better than others. At any given time there is a dominating culture but they rise and fall according to the vagaries of fate and the four horsemen of the apocalypse; Conquest,War,Famine,Plague.

Was European culture "better" during, say, the Sixth century AD? After barbarians from Germania had destroyed what was left of Rome? No I think you'd much rather be living in the East by that time, Constantinople...which is Istanbul in modern day Turkey. You would have seen the Middle Eastern cultures flourishing during the Dark Ages in Europe that lasted for nearly a millennium.

Would you prefer Kiev, Russia during the rule of the Mongols from the Far East?
No, maybe you would have preferred to live in the Mayan culture at that time, which was developing astronomy, mathematics and an empire that spanned all of Central America with roads and architecture still visible today. Much better than being subjected to Mongol masters from the Far East as a European at the time.

How about the Aztecs in Mexico and Incas of South America who built empires and cities with technology that is still not explained to this day? No, yours is a sadly limited perspective. Even in Europe, the Spaniards had their age of dominance from the 1400's-1600's (do you consider the Spanish, part of the "hispanic" culture you dispise?). By the way, going back to Roman empire, there were in fact Roman emperors who came from Hispania (Spain).

So you see how your ignorant statements begin to sound absurd when we start to just scratch the surface of history?
Don't even get me started on the Bronze age cultures. You do realize that the Pyramids were built by Africans when Europeans and Asians were huddling as tribes in the woods? China? Don't make me laugh, China had 90% of its population living in poverty up until a couple of decades ago. And don't tell me that their current Communist bullshit is any better for the people.

No, my myopic and insecure little bigot, you are simply painting with too broad of a stroke from your hovel somewhere in Queens.
Don't get me wrong, I don't defend the low-life culture of MS-13 or chulos or people that wallow in their own filth. There's a lot of evidence to impugn Latino's with, but it's like describing all the Irish and Italians as the ragged rabble that jumped ship at Ellis Island in 1904.
What I find offensive is the generalizations you're making here.
Try defining your argument in more specific terms instead of falling for the common, and frankly, stupid impulse to declare one culture better than another.


Anonymous said...


The only exception I would give is the American culture you hinted at. This American experiment has produced the greatest results for the greatest variety of humanity than any other culture in history...but that includes the contributions of the Hispanic culture to American history as well. Do you actually think North American culture started as just the 13 colonies and wilderness? St. Augustine in Florida was a Spanish city since the 1500's...and all those cities in the West, with names like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles...those were all started as Spanish missions and were thriving territories well before the Gold Rush of 1849.

Ok, let me end there, as I think I've proven my point well enough. Suffice it to say, your ignorance would be better directed at the White liberalism that underpins the election of White Mayors and Governors that pander to the lowest human common denominator.

Harry "Herodotus" Haller

Anonymous said...

Where are the frightened illegal aliens? Do you mean MS 13 gangs murdering each other?
I'd love to see that because the invaders are not frightened. They have dopes like this one writing an article pandering to them. I could care less about the hordes of Central and South Americans destroying Queens. They are all running from the socialist regimes of places like Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

First Name Last Name said...

We are all the Human Race and God loves us all !

Anonymous said...

Happily Cinco de Mayo will be a lot quieter this year, enjoy a Corona.

Aapeli Hypokrites said...

At [Sic] racist bigot........Same as the white rednecks

Anonymous is the typical SJW. Calls out someone as a "racist bigot", then refers to whites with a slur.

Look at me said...

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." MLK

Beautiful sentiment no matter if it was plagiarized. But the Dems Identity Politics killed that dream a long time ago. The latest example is Biden’s veep search

Anonymous said...

Haller: nice history lesson. Try writing a detailed analysis such as this while the bongos are blasting through your walls and windows.

Anonymous said...

@ GeorgetheAtheist:

I hear you about the absolute terms of individual responsibility, creativity and self-determination as expressed in that excerpt from Atlas Shrugged.
I also like The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It was made into a movie with James Cooper and Patricia Neal in the 1940's...great film,especially this excerpt:

Now, as to the idea of a rugged individualism, I'm in agreement. I follow it through into the Existentialist philosophy (as articulated by Kierkegaard, Nietzche, Sartre (no-commie) and Camus)which underpins Ayn's arguments. As Sartre was fond of saying:
"...even in not making a choice, the individual has indeed made a choice". Those individuals were guilty of what he called "Bad Faith". I don't disagree that there are far too many individuals in Queens (White, Asian, Hispanic, Black) who would rather not make a choice and live in a state of victimization, and subservience to free cheese from the State. But, I don't single out one culture as doing that exclusively, for we all know (if you are a true New Yorker) individuals of every color and creed who are playing the system while exhibiting the basest of human deficiencies; fear and laziness.

In that regard, I am consistent in my thought process when I say that it is a weakness to dismiss a culture (Hispanic) which has managed to span the globe, incorporate every race of mankind (White, Black, Asian, Native), occupy entire continents and continues to move forward without regard for the vagaries of history.
Would you not consider the Conquistador, the Aztec warrior or the Inca architects of Machu Picchu, the type of individuals that Ayn Rand was talking about when she spoke of the individuals that move humanity forward...against stasis and against the void of ignorance of brutes living in a cave?

If you've been to a South American jungle, just imagine venturing into one 500 years ago with hostile natives, infectious diseases, man-eating animals and enough heat to melt candles; then you'd begin to understand the "Will to Power" that these Conquistadors(and the native cultures that had made the journey 40,000 years earlier) fought through.
Now imagine crossing an ocean and wearing an armored metal suit to push forward on your journey of conquest.

Understanding all that, you will understand why I find it offensive to dismiss certain cultures out of hand, from our quaint perch in Queens AD 2020.

Harry "Apocalypto" Haller

Anonymous said...

Some great discussion here.

Lets explain what is meant by 'superior American culture'. It is superior for many reasons because it takes the best of everything and everyone and puts the 'American' stamp on it. Its not something static but always evolving adding layer upon layer, but never rejecting, but instead learning, from its past.

Look at the English language: a hybrid of two very different languages, and collector of phrases and words and concepts from every language it has run into. No language is more descriptive with shades of meaning and concepts. It is now becoming the language of the human race.

Look at the American people. They are hybrids of hybrids. Any student of genetics will tell you its the mongrel that is the healthiest and cleverest in the pack.

But underlying this is a tradition that goes back thousands of years, the accumulated wisdom of many people and much history. No one group can stand up to it for it is the sum total of humanity's experience.

That is what America, and the American people are. And its about time we stop maligning this country and holding its people up for contempt. It embraces everyone only asking in return is your respect of it and its people. It is the best deal anyone can ask.

Anonymous said...

What is "Latinx"? Is it a rare cat that lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains?

Cultural Marxism gets stranger by the day. Soon they will drop the facade of "virtue" and just go full totalitarian. It's funny now, but it's all about power. Don't ever forget that.

Anonymous said...

I like the person how speaks in admiration of the Aztecs and their ilk.

Funny how the reason the Europeans were able to knock them over with a push of the finger was their barbaric behavior towards their fellow natives. The Aztecs exhibited a level of butchery seldom equaled in human history making their neighbors ready allies of the Europeans whom they believed would save them from the bloodthirsty barbaric Aztec overlords.

But there is more! The Europeans came from a larger deeper culture and historical narrative - they had many plagues and the like from their past which they developed an immunity. More than 90% of the native peoples were killed by those bugs, not European genocide. Yes, no matter how you slice it, Europe was the superior culture.

Anonymous said...

@Some great discussion

I totally agree with your sentiments. Our strength as a nation is the ability we have developed (through the Constitution and the men of vision that wrote it) to absorb and adapt the "sum total of humanity's experience". And that includes all that knowledge being formed as we speak, and continuing forward with it.

The other great point you made was about language. The English language is part of the foundation of that success because it has the ability to absorb and adapt as well. Taking in Latin, French and Greek and adding them to its Germanic base.
It has the most words of any language at this point.

Humans developed language before even fire, although the use of fire is usually the defining point of Homo Sapiens, but that's because language is an even older, and more integral development for survival of the species. In that regard, the English language is such a powerful tool to wield that one questions why Americans are afraid of new immigrants using their native tongues (and bongos).

No worry, I say, as soon as their children learn English (American), the entire old world playbook goes out the window. The only way to escape its gravitational pull is to literally isolate yourself within the American culture, like the Amish or the Hassidim.
And, once they speak American English, they're already half way assimilated.

We are certainly all hybrids.
Or as we say in American English: "Happy Cinco de Mayo, oy vey, April was a long month, and we could all use a good beer, capisce?


Anonymous said...

@JQ This is real !

Anonymous said...

First of all! They are nothing alike! The demographic you are talking about the middle class in flushing are a small group . In fact, most Asian families own homes/condos. You can see how many Range Rovers and Benzes grace the streets Flushing.Also, Flushing is way less dense and larger than Corona giving to an Italian/Greek demographics who happen to be upper middle class. Also, Asians are very thorough and careful people, they study everything they see (the good & the bad) and due to that behavior. Flushing is one of the areas least affected by the virus.

Rob In Manhattan said...

"Ayn Rand" complete with fake name.

I won't waste a lot of time on this sick mess of a woman.

But I will quote her:

Collectivism is the tribal premise of primordial savages who, unable to conceive of individual rights, believed that the tribe is a supreme, omnipotent ruler, that it owns the lives of its members and may sacrifice them whenever it pleases.

-If one looks at the affinity her adherents of the far right also have for dictators and "authoritarians" -
the irony of her being admired by same becomes apparent and pathetic.

They are as damaged as little Alisa Rosenbaum.

Rob In Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Free Individual said..
Rob where you bullied in school and still dealing with it ? Where is the Far right ?
Give me one freaking example of the "Far" Right in America today.
Ckeck your basal temperture please you are ovulating Leftist Crap !

georgetheatheist said...

@ Rob In Manhattan:

"A little learning is a dang'rous thing;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again." - Alexander Pope, An Essay On Criticism, 1711.

Drink deeper Ron and laud and acknowledge "fake" names:

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet)
George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair)
George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans)
O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)
Joseph Conrad (Josef Korzeniowski)
Agatha Christie (Mary Westmancott)
Toni Morrison (Chloe Ardelia Wofford)
Ayn Rand (Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum)

Come Ron, dont just sip the spring waters; you have to QUAFF the Pieria.

I like your Rand quote. Sounds pretty cogent to me! Readers? More Rand on Collectivism:

1. "Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights, that his life and work belong to the group . . . and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests. The only way to implement a doctrine of that kind is by means of brute force—and statism has always been the political corollary of collectivism." - The Virtue of Selfishness.

2. "Fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory . . . both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state." - Capitalism: The Unkown Ideal.

3. "The political philosophy of collectivism is based on a view of man as a congenital incompetent, a helpless, mindless creature who must be fooled and ruled by a special elite with some unspecified claim to superior wisdom and a lust for power."- The Objectivist Newsletter.

4. "What subjectivism is in the realm of ethics, collectivism is in the realm of politics. Just as the notion that “Anything I do is right because I chose to do it,” is not a moral principle, but a negation of morality—so the notion that “Anything society does is right because society chose to do it,” is not a moral principle, but a negation of moral principles and the banishment of morality from social issues." - The Virtue of Selfishness.

5. "As a cultural-intellectual power and a moral ideal, collectivism died in World War II. If we are still rolling in its direction, it is only by the inertia of a void and the momentum of disintegration. A social movement that began with the ponderous, brain-cracking, dialectical constructs of Hegel and Marx, and ends up with a horde of morally unwashed children stamping their foot and shrieking: “I want it now!”—is through.' - Capiyalism: The Unkown Ideal.


Thanks to collectivism, here we all are sheltering in our homes, gagging on carbon dioxide from the face masks, many unemployed because the COLLECTIVISTS in Beijing put the kibosh on alerting the world on the virus.

And you call Rand a "sick mess of a woman"?

Anonymous said...

Jerry Nadler’s Belt said...
Man dies of corona virus after parachute fails to open !

Anonymous said...

A white person insisting on their "superiority" stated:

"But there is more! The Europeans came from a larger deeper culture and historical narrative - they had many plagues and the like from their past which they developed an immunity. More than 90% of the native peoples were killed by those bugs, not European genocide. Yes, no matter how you slice it, Europe was the superior culture."

You obviously aren't understanding what I'm describing about human history.
Your lack of reading comprehension has somehow turned this discussion, about the flaws of dismissing "Hispanic" culture out of hand, into a polemic about Europeans having good immune systems.

Firstly, I'm glad you are including the Spanish/Portuguese explorers and conquistadors into the "European" description, because you're simply proving my point about how flawed a dismissal of the Hispanic culture is when put into the context of the Spanish/Portuguese diaspora around the world.

Secondly, when did the discussion turn to the question of whether the Europeans committed genocide against the native cultures of the Americas? That's another nuanced discussion altogether.

I mentioned the Aztecs as an example of a World culture that existed, developed cities, architecture, roads, agriculture and a lasting impact on the planet.
You do know that the largest pyramid structure on the planet is actually in modern day Mexico no? It's the Great Pyramid of Cholula and it's an ancient Aztec temple with a base 4 times larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza and two times larger in volume. Sure the Aztecs were brutal and killed their enemies without mercy. That's not the question here. Every great culture had its brutal side whether you're talking about the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Saxons, Mongols, etc.

The simple discussion we're having is whether or not it's valid to dismiss the "Hispanic" culture in a bigoted manner, and with the assumption that the person stating it (presumably White) has a "superior" background.

Clearly the examples I've mentioned thus far over the past few posts, indicate that European culture was not always the "dominant" culture and thus was not the "superior" culture by any means for periods lasting thousands of years in the past.

I think we can also dismiss the idea that Eastern cultures are somehow "superior" because they, like all of human cultures, have been subjugated by other cultures at some time in history.
One thing you must understand, and you'll become wiser for it, is that no human today lacks the genetic history of the long list of human atrocities inflected over the ages. Some of us even contain the remains of entire species of Hominids (like Neanderthals and Denosovians) that were subsumed by our human ancestors.

In short, don't think yourself so "superior" to other groups when your own genetics bear the scars of your ancestors' subjugation at one point in history or another.

I will say this. I would also be pissed off at any idiots making unnecessary noises, acting thuggish, wallowing in their own filth.
But let's not ascribe that behavior to an entire people when you can make the same case about other groups as well...yes, even the Asians in Flushing are not above such behavior.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

>Corona is the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in Queens

Come on, who couldn't have seen that coming? It's right there in the name.

Anonymous said...

Atencion Harry Haller who wrote: . . . "The simple discussion we're having is whether or not it's valid to dismiss the "Hispanic" culture in a bigoted manner, and with the assumption that the person stating it (presumably White) has a "superior" background." Please read my original post and tell me where I said I had a "superior" background. Please. And why not presume I'm Black or Yellow? Tell the readers, please again, how you bigotedly "presume" I'm White. How?

Hernando Cortes didn't conquer the Aztecs by blasting annoying booming bongo rhythms under Montezuma's window. (Think Colin Powell audially "smoking out" Manuel Noriega from the Vatican embassy in Panama.) If this inconsiderate racket is "Hispanic" culture - Babalu-Aye - YOU can have it. There, I said it again. You want me to appreciate something blatantly annoying which I don't? You can pen your historical treatises 'til the cows come home. BTW Cortez and Pizarro were European Spanish not later-in-history Central American/Caribbean mongrelized "Hispanics". And I'm glad you'd be "pissed off" at the Hispanic idiots like these. AND the Asians ARE indeed above such behavior. You must not get around much.

Bigotry? Nah, sociology.

Anonymous said...

Ask a Republican about the virus, he speaks about the virus. Ask a Democrat about the virus, he speaks about Trump.

Anonymous said...

Harry you should clear this up soon !

Anonymous said...

Beauty GTA! Rob takes another L

Anonymous said...

The unrepentant bigot said:

"Please read my original post and tell me where I said I had a "superior" background. Please. And why not presume I'm Black or Yellow? Tell the readers, please again, how you bigotedly "presume" I'm White. How?"

I call it as I read it, and it's really a matter of simple deduction. You stated you "dispise Hispanic culture, therefore you are not Hispanic, and you feel "superior" to that culture you so despise. That's implied by your statement of condemnation.
You then compared their activities to your "Asian neighbors", so you probably aren't Asian since you would simply have said "we Asians" (unless you were simply afraid to reveal that detail). Finally, you are living in Northern Queens, so your chances of being Black are highly unlikely; simple demographics of Queens.
Therefore, I assume you are White.

Now, if you are indeed Asian, then it's a laughable suggestion that Asians do not "behave" in certain manners which polite society might find offensive since half the posts on Queens Crap over the past few years have been "native" New Yorkers in Northern Queens complaining about the "abominable" conditions that Asians have brought to areas like Flushing. Just look up past posts about the offenses, real or imagined, ascribed to Asians in Northern Queens.

Now on your other nonsensical points. I get it; you don't like loud boom boxes and noise out your window. Nobody likes that, and nobody is suggesting that you sit there and enjoy it, but we don't go off on a bigoted rant spewing all sorts of crap against an entire people like an uncivilized cretin.

Then you add more stupidity to the feast of pure reason by stating:
" BTW Cortez and Pizarro were European Spanish not later-in-history Central American/Caribbean mongrelized "Hispanics"
Not understanding in the least, how Spaniards are themselves "mongrelized" by the millennia of historical conquests and "reconquistas" that occurred on the Iberian peninsula.You do know Hispania (Spain) was a Roman province? Like Britannia (England) and Gaul(France)?

You do realize that half of the Iberian Peninsula was under Muslim rule from North Africa for over 600 years (700-1400AD)until the Reconquista? The great UNESCO world heritage site, the Alhambra, stands to this day as a testament to that.

The Jewish culture was prevalent in Spain for over a thousand years as well until the Inquisition and their expulsion/persecution. Where do you think the Sephardic Jews originated? You simply exhibit no understanding of human history, ethno-heritage or the geographic migration patterns of civilizations through history.

I realize now that attempting to educate you on your lack of perspective is an exercise in futility, comparable to teaching an actual mongrel (dog) to speak one of the Romance Spanish. LOL

Anyway, enjoy your boombox Summer in Flushing, and if you do choose to reply, I would love to know what great culture you claim as your heritage. Please tell us so we can all have a good laugh.

Harry "El Cid" Haller

Anonymous said...

Chauk that one up for Harry !

Anonymous said...

@ Harry "Steppenwolf" Haller who wrote: "...whatever culture spawned you has huge problems of its own, because all human cultures do."

Maybe I'm Jewish. Now tell the readers, after finishing laughing, what my people did/do wrong.

Shame on you said...

Now Harry Haller undercuts his own argument by calling him a "cretin". Disparaging the mentally and physically handicapped !

Anonymous said...

Sadly all voted Democrats..

Anonymous said...

The unrepentant bigot finally exposes himself:

"Maybe I'm Jewish. Now tell the readers, after finishing laughing, what my people did/do wrong."

I don't need to laugh when you've exposed yourself to ridicule.
So, in the end, the Jewish (ethnically white)man, possibly even Sephardic, is the one anonymously throwing stones in glass houses.
What does the Bible say about these situations again?
oh yeah;
"Judge not, lest ye be judged!"
I'll just leave it at that.

Meanwhile, another peanut gallery poster wrote:

"Now Harry Haller undercuts his own argument by calling him a "cretin". Disparaging the mentally and physically handicapped !"
I'm using the 2nd meaning of Cretin. Not the primary meaning of one afflicted with cretinism, which is a medical condition.

Merriam-Webster defines the word as such:
Cretin: a stupid, vulgar, or insensitive person

Harry "Scrabble Master" Haller

Anonymous said...

QC Reader said...
Harry is Slaying It !

Anonymous said...

@ Harry "High Horse" Haller: You can use the tenth meaning of "cretin" if there is one. Fact is "cretin" = "spaz" = "retard". You could have used a more unambiguous
appellation. Beneath your pomposity, you too are an ignorant boob.

And btw, Mr. Anti-Hispanic never said he was Jewish, but that "maybe" he was Jewish. Can't you read, you ignorant boob? When are you going to tell the readers the negative aspects of being Jewish? You said all ethnic groups have negativty. We're waiting, boobie.

Anonymous said...

The exposed bigot's friend (or the bigot himself) said:

"And btw, Mr. Anti-Hispanic never said he was Jewish, but that "maybe" he was Jewish. Can't you read, you ignorant boob? When are you going to tell the readers the negative aspects of being Jewish? You said all ethnic groups have negativty. We're waiting, boobie"

It sounds like I'm dealing with yet another cretin here.
If he's not Jewish, and he said he might be Jewish, then he's either Jewish and hesitant to admit it, or he's attempting to turn the conversation into an anti-Semitic rant. Either way, he continues to reveal himself to be a cretin.
As for you, you simply sound like his angry girlfriend.

Now, give it a rest, the other individuals posting here have had enough of the stupidity.

Harry "I call them like I see them" Haller

georgetheatheist said...

Re Harry Haller's Bible quote above. Here's Ayn Rand's take on judging and judgment (from The Virtue of Selfishness):

"The precept: 'Judge not, that ye be not judged' . . . is an abdication of moral responsibility: it is a moral blank check one gives to others in exchange for a moral blank check one expects for oneself.
There is no escape from the fact that men have to make choices; so long as men have to make choices, there is no escape from moral values; so long as moral values are at stake, no moral neutrality is possible. To abstain from condemning a torturer, is to become an accessory to the torture and murder of his victims.
The moral principle to adopt in this issue, is: 'JUDGE, AND BE PREPARED TO BE JUDGED.' [my emphasis]
The opposite of moral neutrality is not a blind, arbitrary, self-righteous condemnation of any idea, action or person that does not fit one’s mood, one’s memorized slogans or one’s snap judgment of the moment. Indiscriminate tolerance and indiscriminate condemnation are not two opposites: they are two variants of the same evasion. To declare that 'everybody is white' or 'everybody is black' or 'everybody is neither white nor black, but gray,' is not a moral judgment, but an escape from the responsibility of moral judgment.
To judge means: to evaluate a given concrete by reference to an abstract principle or standard. It is not an easy task; it is not a task that can be performed automatically by one’s feelings, 'instincts' or hunches. It is a task that requires the most precise, the most exacting, the most ruthlessly objective and rational process of thought. It is fairly easy to grasp abstract moral principles; it can be very difficult to apply them to a given situation, particularly when it involves the moral character of another person. When one pronounces moral judgment, whether in praise or in blame, one must be prepared to answer 'Why?' and to prove one’s case—to oneself and to any rational inquirer."

JQ LLC said...

Wow the Crapper comments page has sure turned into an encylopedian resource for Rand-ian propaganda.

This blog really is educational.

Just kidding comrades.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate the discussion about how religion allows one to remove oneself from the profound implications of pronouncing judgment on others.
The most common example is the common phrase; "it was God's will" when absolving oneself of all manner of "sins".

You have to ask yourself however; how practical is it to employ certain philosophical positions in cases of everyday interactions?
Even more so, in the case of internet interactions in which we're not even sure of who/what we're dealing with, and are therefore removed from the human to human contact necessary for making a true judgement. We are at the disadvantage of not actually seeing the individual we are judging, hearing the individual we are judging and even assessing their real-time reactions. We are therefore left only with the most straight-forward of methods to get to the heart of the matter.

Therefore, faced with someone on the internet pronouncing their "judgement" of hatred on an entire people, I employ the method of disproving the underlying stance of superiority which fuels their initial judgement.
Given the information that they describe themselves as part of a particular religion/ethnic group, I deploy the words of their own religious books against them.

Use the right tool for the right job Georgetheatheist.
Did you ever read the philosopher Jacques Derrida's assessment of 9/11?
For all of his philosophical insight into Semiotics and the development of Deconstructionist theory, the overwhelming impact of this huge event seems to have him caught in a dead end of words, when what was needed was a more visceral response.

What we're left with is the stark impression of the limits of philosophical thought when confronted with stark reality.

Perhaps Mike Tyson said it best when he said:
"Everyone has a plan,.....until they get punched in the face."

Harry "..just don't call me Shirley" Harry

Anonymous said...

"Everyone has a plan,.....until they get punched in the face." I learnd that at a very young age growing up on the streets of Ozone Park.

Anonymous said...

Steppenwolf Haller. You prove again you can't read carefully.

You write: "...faced with someone on the internet pronouncing their "judgement" of hatred on an entire people..." Nooooo. I wrote exactly: "I despise the Hispanic culture." Not the people - the CULTURE. Gabeesh? And no "underlying stance of superiority" but a pure statement of how I feel. What? I'm not entitled to my innermost feelings expressed freely? Where did I write "I am superior to Hispanic people"? My sentiment wasn't "faced" to you but you decided to add your 2 cents to this post. Now you have reaped what you sowed. (By the way, "judgement" is British. Americans spell it "judgment".)

And again, Mr. Pompous Boobie, I tantalizingly wrote - after your continuous nosey prodding: "Maybe I'm Jewish." Not definitive but possible. Plus the Hebrews did not write that "Judge not" quote. It's New Testament - Matthew 7:1.

And when people say "it was God's will", they aren't absolving themselves of any sort of possible evil they themselves have committed, just that sometimes unforeseen "shit happens".

Jesus Christ and Holy Moses, you seemingly get a lot of things wrong with your verbosity. (Addendum et alia exempla gratia: Gary Cooper, not James Cooper, starred in The Fountainhead.)

In any event, since this posting is seemingly now going in a circle, I'm weary of it and outta here. You can have the last word...or most probably words. Ciao il mio bambino!

Anonymous said...

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face - I learned this growing up in Ozone Park"

Mike Tyson wasn't allowed in Ozone Park.