Saturday, May 23, 2020

Department of the Aging is starving the aging


 Marnee May, 75, was told by the city she’d be getting shipments of weekly meals in late March. She lives in Lower Manhattan and was getting the “grab-and-go” meals from the senior center in her building.

Toward the end of last month, as the coronavirus tore through the city, the center was shuttered. 

Weeks have since gone by and her meals haven’t arrived.

“Why weren’t we set up for this? That’s what I don’t understand,” May said during a phone interview Thursday afternoon. “What happened to the food? And where is that food? Where is it?”
The coronavirus pandemic that has seized New York City has created an almost impossible situation for its older residents. With that population particularly vulnerable to the disease and much of the city on lockdown, their families and friends have been officially warned against visiting. That leaves precious few options for elderly New Yorkers to get meals.
New York City’s massive effort to deliver food directly to the homes of the elderly, spearheaded by the Department for the Aging, has left many behind, according to interviews with seniors, advocates and government officials. Throughout the city, many of its most vulnerable residents are trapped at home, wondering when their next meal will come.
“I could say funeral homes weren’t prepared for this, but Jesus, the city should have been prepared to give people meals,” May told POLITICO.


Anonymous said...

How pathetic. What a despicable city to live in. No respect for life whatsoever; old or young.

DJT 2020 said...

What??? No mention that this was Trunp's "fault"!

Anonymous said...

I was listening to NPR today (not a regular listener but a friend is a devotee so there I was tuned in).I noticed something interesting. The left offers nothing but tired slogans that have been around, at this point, for decades. You can complete their sentences. The offer nothing new nor really address anything of the causes of someone like Trump.

All they talk about is how he is a bad person. They sound broken. Afraid. They offer no workable solutions.

And holes like this in the liberal 'safety net?' Nothing. When you force them to look at it, the find an excuse that make someone like the gov off the hook.

Trump is behind? Will the Dems take the Senate? Their wishful thinking is a mirage. My money is not on a demented old man in a basement somewhere - 2 years of debates got the Dems that far? If that is all the can do, then they have no future.

My money is on the London bookies. They got it right.

Anonymous said...

"city should have been prepared to give people meals”

Why is it the government and taxpayers job to give all these welfare & rent control brats food? Its not rocket science:
1-Buy food
2-Always have at least a 1 month stock of food and water
3-Prepare your food to eat by you date codes so you always have a fresh rotation.