Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mighty Mosque

Check this out. It's a mosque that expanded but looks hideous attached to the small house.

If you look back on the street view, you see the house that was there prior to this.


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Cav said...

I don't blame the people who built the mosque that way at all for doing it. And don't expect Johnny Law to do anything about it other than paste up a few nasty grams and a summons or two that will never be paid.

For anyone who is a proponent of multiculturalism and "nation of immigrants" civic nationalism/proposition nation, this is simply the result of it so don't complain. It should have been understood that being "the World's Borough" is synonymous with being the "World's Whore" and the occasional kink and rough trade was part of the package. And this is just one proof of many.

Feeling taken advantage of? Don't like the load that was just blown in your face? Oh well, suck it up, bitches or you'll be called racist and xenophobic and you don't want that to happen.

Welcome to Hotel Queens, bet you never dreamed it was a hot sheets hotel, did you?

Donald Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

Don't buy a single family home anywhere in Queens and expect your block to remain as it is. There are no more suburbs within NYC limits.

Anonymous said...

That's because the suberbs aren't in city limits. That's what makes them the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very upset if I was the neighbor. That persons driveway will be blocked everyday and has to hear that noise.

Anonymous said...

Same "Crap" in Bayside. I went to Crocheron Park and could not beleive what is going on.
Litter and trash every where with drag racing car/motorcycle thugs. Anyone notice the new exhast this young idiots put on their rice burning cars ? It makes a "Gun Shot" noise you can hear for blocks away.

Anonymous said...

Islam is right about women.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Regarding suburbs in the city.

Untrue. A suburb can very much be within a city, albeit in outlying areas of the city.

So the point is, the suburbs within NYC are slowly being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

We would do well as a society to ask, on occasion, what is being taught in certain religious and cultural centers; whether it's a Mosque, a Synagogue or a Church.

These places get a lot of tax breaks and are often linked to political slush funds.
With all this Covid-19 nonsense, I've had time to think about how many ways this city is built on some level of corruption or other.
How many churches suddenly take over giant old movie theaters for instance? And who's funding these ventures when they're closed 6 days a week?
Why are tax payer dollars used to help fund many Yeshivas when they clearly segregate on the basis of religion and sex-even as the Mayor's minions target public schools for having too many whites or too many asians or not enough hispanics?
Are these Mosques asked to provide proof funding sources, or of identity in banks and title transactions like your average taxpayer?

On the one hand, the average tax paying American in this city is forced to jump through flaming hoops of culturally sensitive, social justice warrior programming. On the other hand, you can get away with murder if you can serve up a group of consistent zombie-like voters.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Who funded the construction of this mosque? They didn't need to build it. They could've just rented out a storefront.