Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The rent just got too damn higher

NY Daily News

Rent reform advocates may have notched a big win in Albany this month, but they couldn’t stop the Rent Guidelines Board from raising the rent on stabilized apartments for the third year in a row.

The nine-member board voted 5-4 Tuesday to increase rents by 1.5 % for one-year leases and 2.5 % for two-year leases during a raucous meeting at Cooper Union where protesters often drowned out statements from the panel.

The hike comes days after the state legislature passed a sweeping rent reform package that included lowering the cap on monthly rent increases for major capital improvements to 2% a year from 6%.

“Small building owners are struggling due to high operating costs,” said David Riess, the board’s chair, who introduced the rent hike.

The hike was comparable to 2018′s increase, which saw a 1.5 % hike for one-year leases and a 2.4 % hike for two-year leases.

 Rent advocates and the Legal Aid Society blasted the vote Tuesday night.

“People making minimum wage and with big families can’t take rent increases and pay bills. All this money is going in the landlords’ pockets," said Randy Dillard, 63, a member of Community Action for Safe Apartments.

Legal Aid’s Adriene Holder, who once sat on the board, said the “panel chose to heed the fear-mongering of landlords.”


Anonymous said...

As an owner and once a renters, renters do not understand that unless the landlord has already paid off his building the everyday costs of the building are going up.
In my private home, water is up, taxes are up and every other day to day expense is up. Yes for some it's about making money but there is also a cost of increase to everyone day to day in this city.

Anonymous said...

Landlords will burn their buildings and the 1970s will return

Anonymous said...

As an owner and once a renters, renters do not understand that unless the landlord has already paid off his building the everyday costs of the building are going up.
In my private home, water is up, taxes are up and every other day to day expense is up. Yes for some it's about making money but there is also a cost of increase to everyone day to day in this city.


That is right, but when people's wages are stagnant, which they have been for a long time know, that is a major issue too. AND that is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed all over, increases in wages for the working class, which has not kept up with rising housing costs, food, etc. So unfortunately it is hard to fill for landlords, especially NYC landlords who many are just plain greedy.

Gino said...

Renters don't understand anything and these rent control brats are already paying around half the market value.
Water went way up, the sewer systems are getting worse you need to snake the main line every 6 month to a year to avoid a nasty mess. Sometimes you even get a $3500 bill for a tiny patch on a sidewalk. Water heaters are up +200 dollars due to shipping expenses alone. If rent control brats cant afford +20 a month more fuck emm.
I put water saver heads on all the shower's for a landlord and the renters took them off, so they can continue running water like they are washing a elephant. These homeowners that take tenants have it the worst.
A small electric pony heater below every sink also helps, instant on demand hot water with little electric. During winter the average 2nd floor kitchen sink needs to waste 1.5 gallons before hot water arrives. The waste adds up big.

My washing machine "gray water" goes into a pressurized holding tank and filter to flush the toilets, and if people who come to my house don't like it they can just switch a changeover valve.
This cut my water bill down to 1/3.
I look at conservation & efficiency as a cost saving civic duty.
I also refuse to have tenants--never screw that !

Joe said...

Buying 2 less six packs of beer week will cover this.
Jeez these people act like they are the only people paying more. The city needs money taxes are rising.

The current spending levels are likely unsustainable for the Big Apple in the long term. The New York City Council passed a $93 billion budget, which includes spending hikes of 6 percent for salaries, 9 percent for more employee benefits, 9 percent for debt service, 11 percent for health insurance, 12 percent for welfare, and more. This local budget NOW INCLUDES taxpayer funded abortions, an army of new social workers, Spanish translators and form fillers at DMV (cause 1/2 illegal immigrants who wanna drive cant read or write in any language) and even a package for the Green New Deal. Not including all this free college, free debt wiping being promised to new young voters.

A one or two percent increase on a $1200 a month rent is nothing compared with how landlords and homeowners are going to get wacked, bent over and shaken upside down to pay for it all.
These stupid spoiled people should be thankful for the cherry deal they have and shut the f_ck up.

Anonymous said...

Spot on joe, as for the other anonymous comments above wages are stagnant in the blue collar world because of endless illegal immigration

Gary W said...

Gino and Joe just gave away a lot of free education in just two posts.

The entitlement class will devour us all.

JQ LLC said...

Sure we need to be more frugal and careful with money and the onerous costs continuously levied on homeoweners, but the actual entitlement class are and have always been the real estate overlords aided by the maniac market speculators/fabricators.

I get the vibe here that what's going on with renters and homeowners is divide and conquer. If only there were news outlets that can truly delve into these controversies and report them in a comprehensive manner for everyone struggling to live in this city.

Anonymous said...

Because city and state taxes are too high..

Anonymous said...

An apartment building cannot run without decent income. Renters have been living off the sweat of landlords and complaining about conditions for years. Pay up or move out!

Anonymous said...

"People making minimum wage and with big families"

People making minimum wage should not have big families.

Anonymous said...

THose kids from big families are going to pay your socialist sucurity, since you aborted yours. Retirement age is going to be ninety minus five years for each natural kid.

Anonymous said...

I can see both sides of the story. However, in certain apartment buildings, it seems like nothing gets done. I have seen apartment buildings who have filthy hallways and looks like the apartments are about to crumble. When they decide to upgrade these apartments with all new things, they push the rent up for that apartment by 500 dollars just to pay for the upgrades. So a person in one apartment can be paying 1700/month but a person with the same exact sized apartment in that building pays 2200/month just to pay for upgrades made to the apartment. This practice, I do not agree with.
Now I would say that we need to stop taking in so many damn illegals because they are making rents higher. They house 3 grown men in a 1 bedroom apartment and they split the rent but you dont realize that they are using more water and more utilities. So if your rent includes utilities, then the rent will go up if those utilities are being overused. And it's not just illegals who do this, it is those shitsters that live all together and sleep on the floors of their friends apartments just because they cant afford rent by themselves and they want to be in "hip neighborhoods" and refuse to move further away where rent might be a bit cheaper. I love the people who complain about the areas not be diverse enough but then refuse to move into certain neighborhoods.
Anyway, nyc needs to stop taking in so many damn people because there is no more room left to build and it's looking more like a third world country everyday.

Zoë said...

"hipsters refuse to move further away"

So true, many of these idiots will pay $28 for a pint of tap beer with sea toad tails then cry they cant pay the rent.
Want cheap? Corona is becoming delightful in every way! Easy public transportation and plenty of cabs (if you like to drink) amazing restaurants like el Pollo Loco (the veggie lasagna is the best ever!) Wear your walking shoes and bring your appetite. How about a nice ice cold sweating glass of beer or Margarita.
Warm summer nights you can spend an hour or two walking around, hit King Of Corona, have a wine cooler in the park (the cops don't give a shit) and watch the old Italian men play bocce and feel like you have really gotten away with murder.
You won't spend much money, and you will be delighted!

People who think things need to be expensive to be hip are usually the same folks who they think are cool(elitism goes hand-and-hand with hipstertism).

Anonymous said...

Talk on immigration is hypocrisy. Jews love their fellow Asians and Catholics love their Hispanics. CUNY's Andy Beveridge showed Italian and Polish make up a significant number of NYC illegals, Mr Riplatta. Just go to St Lukes after service and the pastor will introduce you to illegals who will do ANYTHING, and I do mean ANYTHING. And when you house them, DOB can just be told they are relatives. Imagine DOB checking DNA?

Anonymous said...

Hey, those hipsters are your kids!
Angry that divorce court still won't let you near them?
Pay your alimony.

Anonymous said...

Corona is nice and all but only if youre willing to smell weed every corner you go bars get dangerous at night often resulting in stabbings or shootouts heck these bars reminds me of the tijuana cantinas I used to go. You will see immigrants fresh off the boat, dogs on the loose, and prostitutes fighting for clients dont mind the many different cartels that have a quiet presence in little mexico...