Thursday, June 20, 2019

City worker ripped off party planning money for years at the Oak Ridge House

 NY Daily News

A city parks worker allegedly filched $30,000 in payments from people reserving space in a historic Queens mansion for weddings and other celebrations during a four-year spree, authorities said.

Nicole Gamory, 44, of Brooklyn, diverted security deposits and four-figure payments to her personal account from clients booking events at the Oak Ridge House, a stunning 1905 Dutch Colonial building in Forest Park.

“Gamory was entrusted with payments from clients looking to reserve a singular experience for joyous milestones, including birthday celebrations and wedding receptions,” said Margaret Garnett, commissioner of the city Department of Investigation. “Instead, (she) crashed their parties by allegedly pocketing the funds.”

The crooked clerk was suspended from her $59,000-a-year job. She was charged with a string of larceny and fraud charges.

Starting in 2014, Gamory allegedly collected checks and money orders from clients for planned events.


Anonymous said...

Suspended. Not fired.

RC said...

Relax... it's due process. She'll be fired upon conviction.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone in Queens with a little authority starts gaming the system? This is only the right of politicians and their hangers on.

M. How said...

Anonymous said... "Why does everyone in Queens with a little authority start gaming the system? This is only the right of politicians and their hangers-on."

Well, don't cha no, this is a trickle-down economy. It starts at the top. When politicians and hangers-on get away with fraud and theft, our dual-justice system captures the "monkey-do" people on the bottom and sends them to jail. Meanwhile, the ones at the top hide behind each other and play CYA. Until the ones at the top get caught AND PROSECUTED, it will never change.

Anonymous said...

@Blogger M. How said... Correct !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh it’s so racist that she was arrested
Nicole did it because of slavery
Let’s have a riot & loot some stores on her behalf

Anonymous said...

Nicole only took the cream off the top for 5 years
Funny how no one caught on for 5 long years
Affirmative Action is a truly wonderful thing

Anonymous said...

Personally knowing Nicole she did steal the money, it paid her bills and she even had surgery to a new Brazilian butt lift! Talk about desperate she probably only got a slap on the hand! So sad and wonder why black people cant get ahead. She makes it bad for the rest not to mention living on public assistance and section 8 what a waste of a human life.