Thursday, June 27, 2019

City Rolls Out Blacktop Carpet For Film Shoot In Richmond Hill

Impunity City

In light of the insulting neglect towards the auto shops at Willets Point, here is unadulterated proof of how Bill de Blasio's Department of Transportation prioritizes road improvements for promotional and ceremonial events and film shoots over the needs of the taxpaying citizens from a post I wrote last November. And Liberty Avenue past 122 st. is still in horrid, dilapidated and hazardous condition.

As it was written:

 A week before Halloween, an encouraging sight sprung forth to auto owners and cyclists. The decade long dilapidation of Liberty Avenue beginning at Lefferts Boulevard was about to get repaved with fresh tar and asphalt. Being a cyclist myself, it was elating to finally look forward to a smooth path and finally see the cracks and crevices produced by many winters, persistent double and triple parking and K and illegal U-turns by overtly aggressive drivers remediated.

What’s frustrating about this is that a while back the D.O.T. milled and repaved the entirety of Liberty under the elevated train from Rockaway Blvd to the last stop at Lefferts Blvd but they decided for some damn reason not to stretch out the repaving 15 blocks east to the Van Wyck Expressway to at least make it look compatible as well as prevent the road from suffering from further degradation.

But in yet another case of diminishing returns of half-ass efforts from your city, it turned out that they only repaved 2 fucking blocks.

 Even more frustrating and fucking maddening is that the long overdue road repair was permitted and possibly inspired and demanded to make way for a film shoot.



Anonymous said...

How does President DeBlasio sound?

JQ LLC said...

Like a methane blast from an elephant's anus. Which sounds similar to the Mayor saying his wrong hands line.

Anonymous said...

The jobs that Film and TV shoots bring to the city are very good union jobs. As a NYer, I can complain with the best of 'em, but I'm not gonna complain about an industry that's paying good wages and keeping many people employed here in NY City. And if you get a few blocks paved to boot, that's a good thing. What's the real beef? That they take away parking spaces for a few days? Get over it.

JQ LLC said...

Ah, get over it. Atypical response of your typical ignoramus.

The beef is what I pointed out, they only repaved for the aesthetics of the movie production. The city was very quick to repave 10th avenue when Hudson Yards got completed yet they couldn't just extend the repaving on Liberty? And certainly while doing those two blocks they must have noticed the dilapidation of the nearby aves and crosstown streets on it

Save that good union job shit. They were only there for three days and for what, a two minute scene, how much money did that even contribute? Clearly not enough to fix the rest of the busy avenue. And you're not supporting the city when you bring your own catering when there is tons of places to eat around there and are using trailers with Pennsylvania plates.

You know what else creates jobs and saves money? Fixing crucial infrastructure like broken roads that causes damage to cars.

Anonymous said...

Most of the jobs come from out of state anyway, like the person who commented "Get over it." Probably back in California working a non union job for the company that did the shoot.

Anonymous said...

This guy Rocco is on just about every permit I seen.
Perhaps something fishy going on at the Mayors office of Film & Media .

Why cant this location director & manager (Rocco) just once film in Willets Point and help those poor people out. (give back)
Its like driving on the moon, the craters a now wider & deeper then most cars & SUVs can handle.
They can film a 3rd world, apocalyptic, war or missile attack scene and not have any additional damage. Then re-pave

Joe said...

"keeping many people employed here"

In most cases they use the same handful of "family" actors and local IATSE production people on summer hiatus from TV. They simply move it to the streets of New York. They also farm everything else out from west of the Hudson river including water bottles and catering.
Employ who ?
A couple IATSE smoking cigars between moving scenery & kid interns working free running water bottles, call sheets & coffee?
You clueless people crack me up !!
Its all a scam to keep special friends employed on the books so they can finance their cocaine filled Hamptons playgrounds for the summer.

--Then POOF gone as soon as the studios start up for the fall-spring working season

Joe said...

"Most of the jobs come from out of state anyway"

Exactly. Especially from California.
They come here seasonal like the Romani & Irish traveler Gypsies because TV work shuts down for summer hiatus back home.
Almost every one of your network TV shows & sitcoms is done on the lots around Studio City Ca between mid September and May.

Every dam Memorial day they migrate to London, Vancouver BC and New York like flocks of flying cockroaches.
They shoot in Queens to cut traffic time in 1/2 shoot 2 hours...then scoot to the Belt, Southern State, Montauk highway back out to their rented summer playgrounds in Bridge, East Hampton & Amagansett. They love Sundays shoots in Queens because no Hamptons traffic is going East.
These permits, tax breaks & perks are for them not us !!!