Saturday, June 8, 2019

Park Slope residents speak out against homeless shelters

News 12 Brooklyn

Community members in Park Slope are pushing back against a plan to build two homeless shelters a block away from each other.

The proposed shelters, which will consist mainly of single women with children, will be located at 555 and 535 Fourth Ave. The city wants to spread shelters more evenly across the boroughs.
Neighbors contest that the city hasn't properly planned for integrating the homeless families into the community. Community members have created a petition against the plan and have received nearly 800 signatures.

One resident opposed to the plan says the city needs to address what's going to happen to the families once they move in.

The two shelters will be run by the nonprofit group Win. President and CEO Christine Quinn tells News 12 helping these families get back on their feet is instrumental in solving the city's homeless crisis.

This is too, too funny. The city has been pulling these overnight homeless shelter stunts for 6 years in Queens (and also the Bronx) and now that it's finally come to their area they are aghast. Looks like their neighbor Mayor doesn't need their support any more either,


Anonymous said...

The same people who complain about homeless shelters will dutifully go to polls in November and re-elected the same hack Democrats who are forcing them to accept the shelters.

Anonymous said...

Well my fellow QC readers, we've been saying for years "let DeBlasio put some in his neighborhood" and he's finally done it. You've gotta give him a little credit here for equal opprtunity community blight.

JQ LLC said...

The funnest thing about this is that these are towers also. Which probably threw all those bougies off.

Anonymous said...

DiBlasio doesn't care anymore if there is a shelter in his neighborhood. This idiot thinks he's going to be president and he'll live in Washington. Can't make this stuff up.

Blasiosucks said...

the hell with them, these are the people that supported Dumblasio and his mission to make NYC into ghettostan, they need to place all the new shelters in Park Slope

Anonymous said...

I love this, I think everybody already hit the nail on the head in their posts. What goes around comes around. The same uber liberal de Blasio dodo's who helped get him elected, now get to stew over this. And I don't get why they are building these shelters in pricey neighborhoods anyways, don't tell me the people going to be living there were from Park Slope. You don't just go from million dollar home or 3k a month rent to being homeless, you first move to a cheaper area and so on.

Anonymous said...

I thankfully do not live in NYC any longer, but you do have to the current mayor credit. He doesn't seem to mind sharing in the misery. Share and share alike.

Anonymous said...

They call him the dope from park slope.
He's such a dope, he didn't realize he put t
he shelter in his own nabe.
COps say he sleeps so much because eh's on drugs