Sunday, June 9, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposes a renewable energy hub on Rikers Island

PIX News

 The future of Rikers Island is being debated and discussed.

A judge, reform advocates, and the City of New York have said the jail facility needs to be fixed because of its design, location and history.
A proposal from the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio to replace Rikers with 4 borough-based community jails is in the first phase of public hearings.
What will happen to the 413 acres that make up the actual island?
The possibilities are endless.
A town hall with the theme "Renewable Rikers" was held on Thursday in Jackson Heights.
Council Member Costa Constantinides, U.S  Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, State Senator Jessica Ramos, Assembly Member Catalina Cruz, and Council Member Daniel Dromm spoke about environmental and green options for the location.
A panel of environmental experts and criminal justice stakeholders was introduced to talk about their experiences and possible plans.
Professor Rebecca Bratspies, founding director at CUNY Law School’s Center for Urban Environmental Reform, moderated the panel.

This is too far gone now. The city does not want to hear from the communities of where they want to place the tower jails, which were all rejected by them over a week ago. The shutdown looks even more cynical now that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is using her political and viral celebrity status to advocate for and tying the green new deal to it while spouting platitudes and marketing solar paneling.


Rob is a douchebag said...

She is painfully stupid.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the FAA will love a windfarm on Rikers
She wants to legalize magic mushrooms and acid too.
-Go ask Alice with the rabbits.

Anonymous said...

How about a prison and save New Yorker's about $10 billion dollars in wasted tax spending.

Anonymous said...

To Voicer 'Rob is a douchebag': Not only is she painfully stupid, but the party-machine-failed system that falsely empowered this empowered idiot is so intensely incompetent, that they now ALL DEVALUE honesty itself——to pathologically high treasonous, traitorous, corporate obedient and tyrannical effect——and, the ever languishing public be damned!

Alas, they are ALL a collective waste of SKIN, depleting the Earth of precious oxygen, rewarded for their extreme corporate obedience and intensely false, fake and failed leadership (that has never led by example), and they're actually worse than nuclear proliferation - and, a hundred trillion times more LETHAL.

This drunken wench/waitress is my representative (although what exactly she represents is a greater mystery than the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa), and in six months, her loony tunes staff (and endless supply of double blonde/blind interns), have jerked me around so much (instead of voice-to-voice and face-to-face help, appointments and accountability), that it feels like I've got terminal whiplash!


❝A people that elect corrupt politicians, impostors and thieves are not victims ... but accomplices.❞ ——George Orwell

❝To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist; that is all.❞ ——Oscar Wilde

❝The system cannot be fixed by the system.❞ ——Tom Morello

❝Nobody in the world, nobody in history has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.❞ ——Assata Shakur

M. How said...

This is all baloney. Rikers will be dispatched so that developers can build a gated community for the super wealthy. And since when did the citizens of our boroughs have ANY say in what they want and do not want? None of us wanted Bike Lanes but we got them. And the result: Businesses started in the 1940s went bust for lack of parking spaces and developers just ripped down the 1 and 2 story buildings and are now putting up 10 and 12 story apartment/condos further lining the pockets of our illustrious politicians' election campaigns. Do we get any additional infrastructure or schools? Do we get affordable housing? No, we're just the taxpayers we don't have any clout therefore, we get bupkus.
Now none of us wants 40 story prisons in our residential neighborhoods and we are "consulted" but again we have no clout so we will get prisons in our communities. Our politicians are NOT LISTENING and even if they don't listen they will be voted in again thanks to the iron grip of our political machine. Please don't tell me the citizen voters have a choice not to vote them in again because no one runs for any political office in this state unless money and power are behind them. So the political machine choices are already elected without our votes and anyone who says different doesn't have his thinking cap on. And, ain't life grand in the Big Apple!

Anonymous said...

Sure M Howe, blame Martians for lack of backbone. Bitchen' in a corner does no good. Expecting someone else to do the heavy lifting ain't gonna happen.

People got to grow a pair or they will be walked over again and again.

Check out other boroughs. Yes, battles are lost, but no place is as pathetic as right here. The politicians you complain about fill a gap left by the Queens electorate.

Places once ghetto are moving ahead of your typical Queens neighborhood.

Sorry, no sympathy.

georgetheatheist said...

From Ocasio-Cortez's linked "impromptu" session on the street:

"We also come together to put together a vision of the world that we want to fill for ourselves. And that is what today is all about.. . .We are going to transfer [Rikers] into a public good for all people."

from A. Hitler, September 7, 1934:

"Nicht der Staat befiehlt uns, sondern wir befehlen dem Staate!" ("The state does not control us, rather we control the state!")

Anonymous said...

The Powers That Be have already decided.....It is going to be.....LUXURY HOTELS and A CASINO. They just haven't released it to the public yet.

Think about it....One Way On and One Way Off.....Has its own Electric Generating Plant and Steam Facility....Build a nice Marina on the opposite side from the Airport and you have it....

Anonymous said...

No hotels or casino - in Queens the first is a homeless shelter and the second a resort for Chinese dishwashers.

No, this will be luxury in the real, not Queens, sense of the word.

LaGuardia will close before long, most of the development will be the footprint for a new city and noisy polluting flights transferred over the Atlantic and what used to be Jamaica Bay.

The Inner Sound will be the new Gold Coast of NYC for the 21st Century. And like Amazon, the local talent will not get a bone to gnaw on. This will be a class act all the way.

JQ LLC said...

I am starting to think that her multi-millionaire chief of staff might have a conflict of interest with the congresswoman's green new deal proposal.

But last anon is correct, despite Alex's grand gestures this is going to become a playground for the rich. And I bet autocrat governor Cuomo is going to step in and assure it, because he loves airports.

Anonymous said...

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, now also opposed to a jail in Kew Gardens, will hold her Public Hearing on June 13 at 10:30 am in Room 200 at Queens Borough Hall.

Also, there will be a rally against the Kew Gardens Jail in Kew Gardens on Sunday, June 23, at 1:00 p.m.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with the view that the citizens are helpless and have no power to overcome the "Machine." You don't always have to vote democrat, New Yorker's, but you almost always do. The best mayor you've ever had was Rudy, who was a republican, but then you went ahead after he straightened out your garbage pile and elected worthless Mike and now Dimwit DiBlasio. Even if the republican party is no better, you can always go third party. But you just need to do it and stop crying in your beer.

Anonymous said...

Check out Take Back the Bronx, then take a look at Queens Civic Congress.

It like 2020 vs 1980.

THAT is what is wrong with Queens. And why we are falling behind every other borough.

Anonymous said...

How about a luxury golf course/resort?
Or an amusement park?

georgetheatheist said...

JQ, metaphysical questions: can't the rich also have a "playground"? What's wrong with being "rich"?

JQ LLC said...

Nothings wrong with being rich. It's just the greedy and powermad ones I don't like.

The "rich" have plenty of other places to play.

M. How said...

In response to my comment "Our politicians are NOT LISTENING ... and thanks to the iron grip of our political machine the choices are already elected without our votes."

Anonymous #1 responded: "... Bitchen' in a corner does no good. Expecting someone else to do the heavy lifting ain't gonna happen." and

Anonymous #2 responded: "I can't agree with the view that the citizens are helpless and have no power to overcome the "Machine." You don't always have to vote Democrat,... you can always go third-party... and stop crying in your beer."

My response to both of these Anonymous" readers is: I'm not "crying in my beer" and I'm not "bitchen in a corner". I'm stating it like it is. I do my part and vote for who I think is the best candidate. However, it doesn't matter if the candidate is Rep. or Ind. if they don't have a "strong Machine" behind them.
Our "Meatless Mondays", "no hot dog vendors", "bike lanes", "40 story prisons", Sanctuary City and Duhblasio's cronies will live on through our next Mayorette, Charlaine Duhblasio. Get used to it.

JQ LLC said...

The next mayorette is going to be Corey Johnson, the dancing fool for REBNY and the hotel/hospitality industry

Apologies for any latent homophobia.

Anonymous said...

Ms. How, it's "strong machines" that you are complaining about! Right? The idea is to kind of move the deck chairs around on the Titanic (NYC) so their constant cronies and supporters have a hard time deciding where to throw their money. None of the parties have much to brag about. But the Democrats are, Hoo Boy, really out there. Stop pulling the Blue Party lever and switch around.

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh or under estimate Alexa Cortez.
Remember, Cortez embodies a younger clueless generation of millennial Democrats led not only by women and people of color, but everybody who likes free stuff.
-- a massive progressive voting bloc that brings intense passion to the fight to oust President Donald Trump. She also has a gift for creating massive social media sensations and gimmicks that command attention that old-school Democrats can only dream of.
We are headed the way of current day Venezuela in perhaps 5-8 more years.

M. How said...

To anonymous who said: "...Stop pulling the Blue Party lever and switch around."

I already stated: "I do my part and vote for who I think is the best candidate."

That means although I am registered in one party, I will vote Independent, Republican or Democrat depending on my judgment of the candidate who will do the best for the voters.
More than that I cannot do.

Anonymous said...

Process prisoners into soylent green?

Anonymous said...

Shoreham, MArio

Anonymous said...

Mandate obese motor scooters use their own blubber as power

Anonymous said...

Solar has only one use: air conditioning. You can cool ypur house all day so you don't drain power when you get home. Ditto cars - most cars a/c first thing that died.

Anonymous said...

@ M. How said... I changed my party to independent a long time ago and I'm very proud to vote for the "Best" candidate. Hard to do in NYC with a one party system but I try my best every November.

Gino said...

"Solar has only one use: air conditioning, cool you house all day"

You might cool 1 room, but not a house unless you had TWENTY 200+ watt panel's (approx. 1/4 acre solar farm of the best panel's) A 2 small home ton home AC needs around 12 amperes @ 240 volts. That's over 2500 watts not including a lossy inverter!!

The average 4X8 panel only puts out 200 watts in full direct sunlight--No good, these green people are in Disneyland. You would need to dig up every home and install a good 1500 feet of geothermal tubing 10 feet down to get the kind of efficiency they are looking for

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re; Alexa

I don't necessarily agree with your analysis about what progressives want (in fact, disillusioned Trump voters want the same free stuff you mentioned) or that our nation will be Venezuela in that amount of time (unless we have brutal sanctions laid on us) But that nickname is actually pretty good and accurate, recently she's been acting like a bot giving recommendations, especially that she's now in the close Rikers crowd.

kapimap said...

That land should be exclusively dedicated to education...

avionics ,medicine,technology,science.

Build it on a tax of the wealthiest 5 %.

Pop the bars off the windows and get a wall of glass on them buildings.

Anonymous said...

Better it be used as a solar farm than as cheap land for the mayor's real estate buddies.

Anonymous said...

>The next mayorette is going to be Corey Johnson

I recall people saying the same thing about Christine Quinn.
And after 6 years of Mayor Zero Vision, I wish she had won.
Lots of people are going to be running for mayor soon.

@M How:
>Our politicians are NOT LISTENING and even if they don't listen they will be voted in again thanks to the iron grip of our political machine.

Good thing we have term limits, then.
In fact, I suspect our City Councilfolk are supporting this because they know they won't be facing another election, so they can kowtow to Real Estate interests instead of to the voters.
(I'm still fully in favor of term limits, and think it needs to be expanded to all state-level offices, too.)

JQ LLC said...

About Christine Quinn:

She would have would have been mayor a while ago if she quit her speaker job and didn't kowtow to Bloomberg when he usurped a third term. But in retrospect she would have actually been capable of running the city. But yet again so would a bag of rocks compared to our current derelict mayor.

Anon re:solar farm

That is a good idea that could be used elsewhere say by Jamaica Bay, some lots in Whitestone and in Southeast Queens, unfortunately this city still has a lot of crime (a lot of violent crime like rape and shootings have gone up) so the prison needs to stay open.

Anonymous said...

The only viable biofuel is from sewage and trash. Ethanol is inefficient (compared, say, to furan) and rusts engines - only benefits corn farmers. Trash you shred, scrub and float to separate and include the organics in the sewage. Plastics you delignify with xylene and plasma gas (which is working magic in cleaning up fracking). You put Exxon/Venter's oil-excreting algae, impregnated with deep-reflecting pereskovites in the sewage and then transesterfy the oil with lye and glycerine to get diesel fuel. How do you make solar panels more efficient? Quantum effect impurities and deepen them with pereskovites. Solar panels can be five times more efficient but we are not there yet.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason the word environmental ends in "mental"

M. How said...

To Anonymous: You have misquoted me.

You stated: @ M. How said... I changed my party to independent a long time ago and I'm very proud to vote for the "Best" candidate. Hard to do in NYC with a one-party system but I try my best every November.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I DID NOT SAY: "I changed my party to independent a long time ago ..."

I DID SAY: "I do my part and vote for who I think is the best candidate. That means ALTHOUGH I AM REGISTERED IN ONE PARTY, I will vote INDEPENDENT, REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT depending on my judgment of the candidate who will do the best for the voters. More than that I cannot do."

Please use the "copy" feature on your computer to avoid misstatements. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You sound like an "Independent Democrat." No such animal! Democrat,right?

M. How said...

Anonymous said...You sound like an "Independent Democrat." No such animal! Democrat right?

My reply is: How far do you want to go with this nonsense? You want a straight answer, right?
Learn how to read.
I will vote for the person I feel will do the best for the taxpayers of Queens.
If that means you want me to be listed as "Independent Democrat" then add "Independent Independent", and "Independent Republican".
I will vote for the person -- regardless of party -- who will work FOR the public NOT EXCLUSIVELY FOR THEMSELVES.