Saturday, June 1, 2019

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez urges federal minimun wage increase at private event in an expensive hipster bar

Ocasio-Cortez returns to bartending in support of tipped workers: 'Still got it!' 

NY Daily News

Nothing says working class hero like $16 avocado toast.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez returned to her bartender roots Friday, mixing drinks and serving food for an hour at a recently-opened eatery in her district as part of a push for a national wage hike for tipped workers.

But the location for the boozy event — The Queensboro in Jackson Heights — doesn’t exactly cater to Ocasio-Cortez’s working class constituents.

The one-year-old gastro pub charges a whopping $20 for a plate of rigatoni with ragu, $13 for spring pea salad and a princely $16 for avocado toast.

Pricey fare wasn’t on Ocasio-Cortez’s mind Friday, though, as she served up comped cocktails, wine and pizza to bar workers and labor group representatives as part of their “One Fair Wage” campaign.

 “The federal tipped minimum wage is $2.13 an hour,” Ocasio-Cortez said in between slinging drinks. “That is unacceptable. Any job that pays $2.13 an hour is not a job — it’s indentured servitude.”

 The low federal minimum is meant to be supplemented with tips bumping up the total hourly wage to at least $7.25. In New York City, the minimum service wage is $10, provided workers receive an additional $5 in tips.

But the 29-year-old congresswoman, who worked as a bartender in Manhattan for four years before her election last year, said labor needs more “dignity” than that. 
No argument here about the necessity to raise the min. wage but to choose this venue to promote awareness about it? This would have more merit if Alexandria served tables in a diner or bottles of Bud at a dive bar instead of a pretentious bar that sells a platter of $16 beer-battered blowfish tails (???)

What makes this even more insincere is that this event and location was kept from the public for a week. As well as the containment of the press (available photos and videos of the congresswoman but apparently no questions asked) making this more of public relations stunt than a policy proposal.


Anonymous said...

Rigged photo !
Those appear to be her entourage of people on the job drinking water !!
Blowfish tails?
$18 for a 9 inch pizza WTF?
With tax, tip 20% gratuity and a soda added to the bill that 9 inch disc is working class pizza at over $30?

Anonymous said...

This was no doubt staged like a movie shoot!
They didn't tell anybody because they didn't want to public to see Both Cortez and the The Daily News staged this.
If you go to the link and study the photos closely and note those extras, AV techs and newsfield plants appear to be drinking the same straight vodka or water. (its likely water)
This is all staged bullshit !!

georgetheatheist said...

She sure can jiggle that cocktail shaker, no? But can't visit fallen veterans' memorials.

And what about a few weeks ago when she and her puppet-master Saikat Chakrabarti bamboozled the runners in the Astoria Park? Check that out HERE.

14th Congressional District voters: you starting to get the feeling you're being "had"?

JQ LLC said...


That's probably why this looks tightly produced.

I have a feeling this was a fundraiser too.

@1st Anon

BBQ pizza sounds disgusting, doesn't matter if it's korean.

@2nd anon

The Daily News wasn't actually complimentary even though it was mostly soft-serve dreck.

Abraham Lincoln said...

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

ron s said...

So the AOC haters must convene on this page to attack everything she touches. IF you were asked about the importance of restaurant workers getting a living wage, you would all be on board in a second. But, no, AOC did it! Find a million problems with what she did. For a site that claims to attack hypocrisy, the reaction to AOC is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Zoë said...

Shaking, produced --Hmmm
I wonder if she and her people know Milli Vanilli

JQ LLC said...

@ron s

Don't need a million when one's right in front of you.

I did not attack the congresswoman, in fact I support her and her policies and would very much like her to succeed. I emailed Crappy many times about her when she was running and in away I feel partially responsible for her winning, but the way she and her staffers are conducting themselves lately has not been on the up and up and this was more of an exhibition of her bartending skills than a rally to ramp up awareness and demands for living wages.

Most of all, I wish she would tell her millionaire head staffer to step down. I have a feeling he's going to get her in trouble with his machinating.

As for the attackers here, they got every right to sound off and have suspicions about her. You and all her other supporters can come on here and rebut their opinions any time you want.


JQ LLC said...


If her people knew Milli Vanilli, or one of them since Vanilli killed himself, he would have been a four term senator right now.

Roger said...

Would like to see QC write about someone whose work they support, someone they like who is doing good for the community. I can't imagine what that would look like.

Zoë said...

You're fulla shit or clueless like Cortez Ron
I bartend, work tables and make an average $300 a night cash money, so does the average female bartender.

That’s what bartenders make!! And many file 0-5K income tax to qualify for free Medicaid!

JQ LLC said...


Who is your tirade directed at, because I didn't claim anything. In fact I was hoping some bartenders would comment on here and get on AOC's indentured servitude gaffe.

You probably shouldn't have unwittingly dropped a dime on that free Medicaid thing.

BaBaBooey said...

Boulevard Bistro Bartending Bullshit.

Zoë said...

At crazy Ron not you, the phone rang and I lost the text box.
Sorry for the confusion JQ!

georgetheatheist said...

JQ said: "Most of all, I wish she would tell her millionaire head staffer to step down."

Make that multi millionaire Greenwich Village carpetbagger, Saikat Chakrabarti - Ocasio's puppeteer.

Nah, he's gonna step down? That'd be like Kaiser Bill asking Bismarck to leave. Chakrabarti is her mentor and strategist. Plus, he probably knows where all the bodies are buried.

JQ LLC said...

More AOC this time in the Bronx, this is actually the only story lately where she does some representative stuff. If there was only video to show context.

@Zoe, no probs, I should have seen the typo.

Ron makes some valid points though. Like I said, AOC supporters are always welcome here.

Zoë said...

Just some research:
To add these puffer fish are actually in the frog family, they lay eggs, eat dead things, worms, garbage and help keep the sea clean. The shitheads eat them down south when battered frog legs can’t be had or afforded. These individuals need to leave these cute little useful creatures alone.

Anonymous said...

I live in her district in the Bronx. The biggest phony and no nothing And so is Biaggi, another no nothing publicity hound

Avocado said...

You all complain but none of you run and win elections .

JQ LLC said...


It's that complaining that shapes policies and affects election results.

Anonymous said...

Alexa Cortez may be the next president, all the generation Y Millennials and Hispanics, mixed black Hispanics love her and want socialism.
White middle class will soon be extinct.

BTW: Why is the last photo cropped on the Daily new website?
Did Cortez spill the drink and mess up the shot?
If so why the Daily news editing like Hollywood to portray something that didn't happen!
I'm beginning to think Trump is correct with his FAKE NEWS accusation.
Money is buying politically engineered manipulation of the news!!

Now I see it, AOC's millionaire head staffer is pulling Milli Vanilli Hollywood bullshit to trick people. DAM what a nest of ballsy crooked bastards, the NY Daily new included. Clever how they added some anti-complimentary drivel to pretend however that cropped photo is the proof

I'm cancelling my subscription tomorrow morning, the fuck with all this fake politically engineered bullshit.

JQ LLC said...

Ok, last anon. This is why we need to measure ourselves when we want accountability from our officials and the media.

I cropped that second photo to show the loony blowfish thing on the menu. Although you have good reason to believe the NY Daily News has been shitty lately.

But all that other crazy shit you wrote I won't even dignify with a response. Other than this paranoia about socialism, at least the idea of it, is going to take over and destroy humanity in this country. Reminds me of that thing FDR once said about fear itself.

People talk about TDS (and it does exist, examples Maddow and Alyssa Milano) but apparently AOCDS is a pathogen mental disorder that's spreading even faster.

Anonymous said...

JQ --That quoting FDR is far worse crazy shit.
Do you work for Cortez or Sakit Chakrabarti?

Do you know FDR was the best actor, speaker and socialist dictator this country ever had?
Fooled the people real good, complete with his own railroad car, tunnel and elevator under the Waldorf Astoria to hide his diseases and roll around in a custom car complete with a rising scissor jack back seat.
Stole the banks and everybody's gold via confiscation with unprecedented government intervention. He closed banks so people could not retrieve money & gold before he confiscated it.

Another "New Deal" may ass, HELL NO, I would rather face civil war.
It was World War II that got unemployment below 15 percent ending the great depression. FDR didn't do shit aside confiscate and re-distribute wealth and that's socialism which is nothing more then the word communism re-packaged with sugar on top.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon.

If I worked for Cortez of Sakit (who I called for his resignation at least 5 times here and on social media) your screed wouldn't be published here now would it?

To quote golden age rap legends EPMD: You gots to chill.

Avocado said...


Complaining lets the mob's dumb ideas gain traction.

If "you" are going point the finger at someone "you" don't like, then point the finger at someone "you" do like so there's a least some comparison.


It's that complaining that shapes policies and affects election results.

TommyR said...

^ were there and lived it, right? Seems like you know how it all REALLY went down. I bet you'll tell us next how FDR engineered the Great Depression to steal from hard-working American corporations, yeah?

JQ LLC said...


That's partly my point. I was using complaining as an allegory with activism and protesting. As for dumb ideas getting traction, well look at the current and last 5 presidents

So when are you running for office?

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration is largely the cause of the great depression.
The Mexican boll weevil (a beetle which feeds on cotton buds and flowering plants in Central Mexico) got into the United States and wiped out most the crops in the south. The dustbowl finished the crops in the Midwest.

What's wrong with the current president, remember he has not been convicted of any crimes and is one of us..
Did the people really want the woman Clinton? Trumps was the best choice of the two. I love how Trump just called out and completely smashed the democratic socialist mayor of London. It's hilarious and so true.
We need a leader who takes no shit, the election of Trump exposed just about everything wrong with our government, people and country.