Monday, November 12, 2012

Survey by Major League Soccer shows support for stadium

From the Daily News:

Queens residents are overwhelmingly in favor of a soccer stadium in the borough, according to a survey commissioned by Major League Soccer.

The report, given exclusively to the Daily News, is the league’s latest attempt to demonstrate local support for the stadium, which has taken a beating from the community for proposing the facility on 13 acres of public park land.

The study claims 71% of the 650 Queens registered voters surveyed last month support the MLS stadium. Two-thirds are also behind plans to build the stadium in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, according to the report conducted by the Global Strategy Group.

Of course, the Daily News fails to mention that Global Strategy Group is not a reputable polling firm, but a "public affairs, communications and research firm" according to their own website. In other words, lobbyists.

Remember the Cosmos? Remember Downing Stadium? Put your hideous-looking stadium on Randall's Island and leave Flushing Meadows alone.


Anonymous said...

Randalls Island is better suited for a stadium, located at the crossroads of several highways and between three boroughs.

Keep it out of Flushing Meadows!

georgetheatheist said...

If you can't be an athlete, you can always be an athletic supporter.

Anonymous said...

Records of the City Clerk, accessible online, show that so far this year, "Global Resource Group" has been paid $132,500.00 for its services as a lobbyist on behalf of Major League Soccer. Thus, the "survey" is proffered by a biased, well-paid lobbyist and cannot be considered impartial (or accurate).

Anonymous said...

I f they build it,no one will come.......

Anonymous said...

If the tickets are cheap enough...WHICH THEY WON'T BE....the local Latinos will attend.

Other than that...nobody from Manhattan, Westchester County or Connecticut, etc. will venture out to the wilds of Corona.

Only during the US Open do they dare to safari out to Queens.

Anonymous said...

So put it in Willets Point instead of more store malls! But not in the Park - over my dead boy!

Anonymous said...

Only during the US Open do they dare to safari out to Queens.
Safari out to Queens. Oh God what a PERFECT phrase to describe the late August white migration!

Escape From Queens said...

Queens might be my crib, but I don't really live here.
Neither do I support its venues, because they are very often overpriced and second rate.

You want a real ball team? Go Yankees!

God bless you LIRR....only about 20 minutes to Manhattan.