Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rockaways taken off LIPA outage map

From CBS New York:

Some areas of Long Island and the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens have been taken off the outage map maintained by the Long Island Power Authority, on the grounds that they are too damaged to accept electrical service.

The Rockaways — which, unlike most of New York City, get their power from LIPA rather than Con Edison – no longer appeared on the outage map as of Monday night, according to a news release.

The peninsula sustained severe damage, beach erosion, and subsequent looting following Superstorm Sandy. One neighborhood, Breezy Point, was also struck by a fire that destroyed 111 homes.

Also removed from the outage map due were the hard-hit barrier island communities of Long Beach, Atlantic Beach and Fire Island.

The reason, LIPA said, was not because their power had been restored, but because it cannot be – at least for now.

“Many homes and businesses in these areas are currently unable to accept electric service due to severe damage caused by the recent storm,” LIPA said.

But LIPA said the communities remained a top priority for power restoration.


Anonymous said...

yes, I live in Breezy Point, well used to, even for people with undamaged homes (which there are some) have been told not to expect utilities for many weeks but rumor is probably not until the Spring.

Anonymous said...

That's LIPA writes them off.
They've erased these communities and abdicated their responsibility.

What about stringing up emergency power lines and putting in generators?

Winter is approaching fast!

Let's see what the feds will be doing for these devastated areas.

Anonymous said...

No light...looters roaming the streets in the dark...where is the national guard presence?

NRA all the way folks!

NYPD Commish Ray Kelly can't (wont) help you.
It would be embarrassing for his mayor to have the guard patrolling NYC streets.

Think of what the tourists would say,
"Let's visit Paris this year instead".

Anonymous said...

I live in Rockaway Park. Why am I NOT surprised that LIPA took us off their outage map. LIPA sees a man with 2 broken arms and says, "it could be worse, both of your legs could be broken too."

Anonymous said...

LIPA takes us off their outage map, but we will still receive a bill for our usage.

Anonymous said...

make complaints to the NY State Public Service Commission. then we will get our power back.

Anonymous said...

Complaints to the PSC?

Anonymous said...

I think that the media's sweeping this disaster under the rug is a new level of concern.

Developer's investments, and political/cultural elite's reputations that brought us the lost Bloomberg Decade are on the line.

So lets all keep our mouths shut and get coats and boots for the hungry and freezing soldiers of Herr Bloomsberg's New Order.

Look at the few photos that get by the censors of those that are out on the front lines and whose lives and futures are needlessly being wasted and tossed away to hide the stupidity of a tiny elite.

Should be an interesting winter.

I wonder how many will be lost before they back it back from Siberia.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you let Mister Mayor know how you feel when he graces us with his presence at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in March. You know you won't see him until then anyway.