Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evacuations ordered prior to weaker impending storm

From Eyewitness News:

New York City is closing all of its parks, playgrounds and beaches starting at noon Wednesday as a weather precaution.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the announcement at a briefing Tuesday.

Also, hundreds of nursing home residents in New York City's storm-battered Rockaways section are being evacuated ahead of a storm expected to bring more bad weather to the region.

State and city health officials said Tuesday that three nursing homes and an adult care center in the coastal community were being emptied of residents and staff.
More than 620 people live in the four facilities. None of those nursing homes had been evacuated for Superstorm Sandy.

Wednesday's nor'easter isn't expected to be nearly as bad, but health officials say the homes are already running on emergency generators. They are worried about first responders in the neighborhood being stretched too thin.

From NY1:

State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah and City Health Commissioner Tom Farley ordered the evacuations of the 181 residents of Park Nursing Home, 91 residents of Ocean Promenade Nursing Center, 180 residents of Peninsula Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation and 173 residents of Surfside Manor Home for Adults.

Surges of three to four feet are expected in the area, which could damage the four facilities' generators, according to the State Department of Health.

A total of six facilities in coastal Brooklyn and 19 facilities in coastal Queens have been evacuated.


Anonymous said...

well that explains all the ambulances massing at Floyd Bennet Field yesterday

Anonymous said...

Doctoroff, Bloomberg, etc. do you still think that NYC waterfront development is such a great idea?

Queens West will soon become Queens Underwater!

I have little sympathy for yuppies with mucho $$$$$$ who bought into that boondoggle.

My sympathy is reserved for the regular folks who live in Breezy Point, etc.