Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just act like everything went fine...

From the NY Post:

The city’s 911 call system failed the most vulnerable New Yorkers caught in Sandy’s wrath, say survivors, some of whom lost loved ones in the storm.

Among their shocking claims:

* 911 calls rang and rang unanswered or were greeted by woefully unprepared operators.

* Dispatchers from the police, fire and ambulance services feuded with one another.

* At times, operators tried to pawn off calls to the city’s 311 non-emergency hot line.

From CBS:

Despite a report to the contrary, Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the city’s 911 system during Superstorm Sandy, saying it worked just fine.

“The technology functioned perfectly. Are you ever going to have enough operators to take all the calls when all of a sudden everybody calls? No, of course not,” Bloomberg told reporters on Monday.

Bloomberg said the sheer volume of people in the city is tremendous, but said New York has spent “a billion dollars” to make sure the right technology is in place.

“You have eight million people in the city, you can’t have 8 million operators,” the mayor said.

Apparently his shtick worked for a lot of people.


Anonymous said...

Calling 911 is like pushing one of those pedestrian crossing buttons on a traffic light, so it changes to green for you to cross the street.

Push, push, push. Nothing happens.

Even CB#7 works faster

Jerry Rotondi said...

911 and 311 are becoming a numbers game!
Sometimes you come out a winner.
Oftentimes, times you wind up losing.

My bookie give me better odds.

Anonymous said...

Do you see anyone in LIC bothered that their kid's play spaces were bathed in toxic Newtown Creek?

No! They did everything they could to help their real estate buddies to signal 'all is fine!'

They had a parade for their tykes on Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Remember how Noguchi spent taxpayers money showing moths projected on screens and other stunts as part of their "Community Envisioning Process" that many thought was a thinly disguised tout for development?

My, my, my. Man proposes and God disposes. Read on my peeps:

QUEENS — Hundreds of works by the late artist Isamu Noguchi were damaged by Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters in Long Island City.
The East River poured into The Noguchi Museum’s storage area, at 33rd Road and Vernon Boulevard, during the storm.

It flooded several hundred Noguchi artworks, including sculptures made of wood, metal, stone, and plaster, museum representatives said.

The damaged works were not regularly shown in the museum, but were part of the “residual collection” of the artist’s less well-known pieces, many of which are untitled, the museum said.

“The permanent collection of roughly 360 works — installed by the artist himself in the museum and sculpture garden he created for them — was unaffected,” according to the Noguchi Museum’s PR company,
Jeanne Collins Associates, LLC.

The museum remains closed while staff members repair the damaged artworks, which were housed in a lower-level storage area and were exposed to water when

Article source:

Gary the Agnostic said...

He can't resist cookling the books!

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's that decrepit looking bag lady standing behind Bloomturd? My goodness ... it's a rare sighting of Helen Marshall.

Anonymous said...

Finally... someone must have fished Helen Marshall out of her flooded basement.

Anonymous said...

Helen is a bag lady all right.

She collects $$$$$$$ from boro hall's developer pals. then passes it on to political candidates!

That's one hell of a bag lady...hiding behind her innocent looking stupidity.

She's a lot smarter than most people enough to skim a cut for herself as a handling fee.

Anonymous said...

Too late Helen. You missed the hurricane!

Anonymous said...

In Helen's brain (as it is) evrythins jes fine...sho nuff!