Thursday, November 15, 2012

FEMA can't handle housing displaced victims

From Eyewitness News:

There is little to no temporary housing for thousands of people who can't live in their homes after Sandy.

While FEMA has approved thousands of people for rental assistance, the supply of available apartments does not come close to matching the demand.

And, 15 days into this recovery, the agency that stumbled so badly during Katrina is still without a concrete housing plan.

FEMA's slow housing response in the aftermath of Sandy was forewarned in this Congressional investigation following Katrina.

It faulted FEMA for lacking ''clear guidance on specific temporary housing options" and warned that without those guidelines, future "disaster victims (would be) at risk of not receiving temporary housing as quickly as possible."

"We concluded that they had not fully implemented our recommendations," said Dan Garcia-Diaz, of the Government Accountability Office.

The head of that 2009 investigation says FEMA has yet to come up with the temporary housing guidelines.

"To the extent that those recommendations have not been implemented and incorporated into their operations, certainly FEMA will experience challenges," Garcia-Diaz said.

Sure enough, 15 days into the recovery, FEMA still seems to have few solutions to finding temporary housing for tens of thousands of storm victims, especially in Staten Island.


Ned said...

Its because these crooks sold off 1/2 there equipment in this part the country WE PAID FOR !!
They need to be investigated just like LIPA (National Grid)who did the same think
Its on Drudge Report:

Anonymous said...

Then what use is FEMA?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Doesn't the "E" in "FEMA" indicate
that they're supposed to be equipped and well prepared to deal with EMERGENCY situations?

Maybe the US Navy "Sea Bees" need to be regrouped.

I believe their old motto was,
"The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer".

Anonymous said...

What about putting up those winter tennis court protective bubbles you see everywhere?

Somebody's not doing their thinking!

Those can be packed up and flown anywhere in a heartbeat!

Wait a minute citizens.
General Electric Corp. makes those trailers that you also see everywhere...used as classrooms, etc.

Somebody in governments owes GE something.

Those GE trailers take longer to ship...but who cares...when there's a kickback waiting for some Congressman for General Electric to get the contract!

Ned said...

FEMA is DHS headed by that Janet Neapolitano
The same useless in charge of Immigration and Naturalization Service, Border and Customs Enforcement, Citizenship and Immigration Services.

I wouldn't be surprised if the $$ from all that gear "sold off" in New York went to building water, food and cooling stations in the Arizona desert. Them liberals gotta keep illegals, drug mules and criminals (future democrats) safe wile crossing ya know. To hell with those living on the waterfront in New York

Anonymous said...

Bush's fault.

Queens Logic said...

So where is the city's disaster plan. What happened to the pubic safety chair on city council?

Don't go there - everyone up on Tony Bennett Blvd is cheering the Biker Boy from Ditmars who is personally delivering a load of batteries to their brothers and sisters in the Rockaways.

Petah! Our Hearah! Bearah Pezeden Forevah!

Anonymous said...

Bring in the Military. They know how to set up shop when they need to. I wouldn't trust FEMA to help the people who are in need. Parts of New Orelans are still in ruins from Katrina.

Anonymous said...

FEMA is an acronym for Feeble Excuse (for) Managing Anything.

Anonymous said...

If we were to bring in the military to do FEMA's job it might embarrass some people in government.

Anonymous said...

Maybe NYC will have to suspend some of the laws that make it illeagal to rent out basements and attics.

Queens Crapper said...

More likely they just won't enforce them, like they do now.

Anonymous said...

After Katrina as many as 250,000 NOLA residents moved to Houston Texas.

Can you imagine 250,000 NYC residents moving anywhere ?

Might also be worth asking how that many people could just up and move from their "homes".

Not very deep roots there. My guess is they were mostly welfare people who only went where they could get a home for free.

Anonymous said...

with the money fema is making available for apartments, all anybody can rent with it is an illegal basement or attic! Legal apartments in NYC require $$, security deposits and a year's lease! Fema will only approve 2 months at below market rates.

Anonymous said...

Fascist Enterprise for Mass Absorption.