Monday, November 19, 2012

Close call for Flushing's Quaker Meeting House

Big old Norway Maple branch hits Old Quaker Meeting House's porch...lucky...looks like no significant damage.

- The Flushing Phantom


Jerry Rotondi said...

Thanks are surely given!

For over 300 years this building has withstood much--including the American Revolution.

The occupying British forces used it as a hospital, stable and prison.

It remains the oldest house of worship in continuous use in New York State--except during the period the British occupied it.

There were a few times that developers--who were likely unaware of its history (maybe)--offered to buy this property.

Can you imagine what kind of ugly Queens crap would have replaced this treasure?

The Quakers had once turned down ONE MILLION DOLLARS which was offered to buy up their air rights!

They told the project developer (who built to the right of the Quaker meeting house) that it was their responsibility to be good stewards of the building so as to preserve it for posterity.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) meeting house had just undergone extensive restoration...with state of the art security and fire sprinkler system improvements, etc. to insure its protection and preservation.

You cannot believe the sense of peace and tranquility that you can feel once you step inside
the building.

Even the outside noisy Northern Boulevard traffic vanish to a muffled soothing background tone.

Step into the rear historic burial ground and find solace among the trees. This is a rare respite to find in the midst of Flushing's crowded, racing, downtown hub.

This is a reminder that green space and parkland is necessary for us to remain good human beings. It restores our souls.

Anonymous said...

How mch of that wood is unrotted original? Or is it like Japanese temples where they rebuild it every seven years identically with new wood?

Anonymous said...

One time I had a problem with a sewer line and the plumbers put a camera down the line. They were remarking on the workmanship of days past ... one guy said is was like how sailors were "Iron men in wooden ships."

Anonymous said...

Crepe hanger!

Most ALL of the structural and interior wood is unrotted for some expected repairs and additions over the centuries.

The 17th century benches were burned as fuel by the British. The replacements are 18th century.

Shingle siding does have to be replaced from time to time.

I believe that this only is the 3rd (4th?) complete residing job that's been done in over 300 years!

Are you insinuating that Quakers are liars or manipulators?

Go out and get a life old boy!
You are encrusted over with bitterness and it shows in your writing.

Anonymous said...

Is that old Mr. B.S. posting again with his usual telltale spelling errors? It's"much" not "mch", fella.

He's forever bad-mouthing Bowne House too.
Although he claims to be connected to its history...this lazy Ass-torian has never lifted a finger to help.

He's jealous of the northeast...being that Astoria has become the western bung hole of Queens.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Come and take a tour on Sunday and see for yourself what's "original". You will be graciously greeted and shown around.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how even the discussion on a positive report can be turned into utter idiocy here. Someone asks a reasonable question and the tinfoil hatters read stuff into it that isn't there and start with the insults. It's so stupid.

Queens Crapper said...

Is this your first time on the internet?

Anonymous said...

Touche, Crapper.

But really, don't you ever get tired of the "Ass-toria" and "Frushing" comments these conversations devolve into?

Have a nice turkey regardless.