Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CB11 says no to Huang variance

From Bayside Patch:

Community Board 11 unanimously voted down a variance Monday night for a controversial development in Bayside.

Controversial developer Tommy Huang had asked the board to grant a variance that would allow him to complete four homes being built in Bayside.

One of the homes is located at 39-39 223rd St., while the other three are at 39-01, 39-15 and 39-19 Mia Drive. Huang, who was convicted in 1999 of creating an oil spill in the basement of the historical RKO Keith’s Theatre in Flushing, did not attend the hearing.

The board unanimously voted to not grant the variance.


Anonymous said...

Thank you CB 11 for doing something right for a change.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Yes, thank you CB#11.

Your purely ADVISORY and NON BINDING vote means little until the end of the process, but you did the right thing, nevertheless. Thank you again!

The Huangs are a persistent and voracious bunch.
They will move forward, regardless of CB#11's vote.

Now Henry (Tommy) Huang will go to Queensborough Hall to try and make a case for the variance. If they turn him down there too, he'll proceed onto the BSA.

It's the Board of Standards and Appeals that has the real power to stop the Huang tribe or give them the green light.

If it weren't for Pat Martin's lawsuits, Tommy Huang would have already had his way in Bayside as he did in Flushing with the RKO Keith's Theatre.

Claire Shulman did nothing to stop Huang when she was borough president.

Brava, Pat! You are doing the work that NYC should have done, in fighting the notorious criminal "developer", Tommy Huang.

Anonymous said...

Up-yours poster #1.

CB11 is on the right side of most issues that come before us.

Steve Behar said...

The real problem is the BSA!

The BSA has proven time and time again that they couldn't care less about what's best for a community.

For example, when a house was proposed to be built in Bayside Hills on a lot that is too small for a house to be built, the BSA ignored the wishes of the local civic, a unanimous CB 11, every local elected official in the area and the Borough Presidents' office and went ahead and approved the variance 6-0!

The BSA answers to no one! It is a body that needs to be abolished!

Anonymous said...

RE:Behar.....ditto ....the Asian day care center (nearly completed) at F.L.B./42avenue in Auburndale/Bayside,that was squeezed into two 40'x 100' lots,after a 1950's two story was sold for $1 million and demolished.

there is no parking, D/O or P/U space for 300 tots,across from P.S.130Q.thank you John Liu /Peter Koo and B.S.A.....

Joe said...

The Angry CB11 mob. Here they go again, flexing their geriatric will. First let me start by saying that Huang is a greedy prick...but so are so many others.
Jerry, you hit it right on the head; ADVISORY & NON BINDING. CB11's vote means poop. BSA will grant him the variance based on presidence. WHAT should be done is a monetary fine should be imposed. Somewhere to the tune of a percentage of the value of the property.THEN let's see if these developers get away with shit like this.
AND Huang has nothing to do with RKO anymore. It was sold years ago to another developer.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Actually, the RKO Keith's Theater might just wind up for sale again, Joe.

Chain of ownership:
Farrington & Northern Development Corp. (Tommy Huang) 1986; flipped to the "Henry & John Associates" in about 1987 (Tommy Huang's sons);
later it wound up in the name of Huang's mother; Shya Boymelgreen was the next owner; Patrick Thompson then acquired the RKO through Doral Bank when Shya wound up in dire financial straits.

Thompson is now looking for investors and it could be for sale again if he fails to find any. The news media reports him as being in arrears with his taxes.

Michael Nussbaum, who has had some good business connections in Asia in the past (according to an old Queens Tribune editorial) has been "representing" Thompson.

If an Asian investor or buyer for the RKO is found--
wouldn't it be ironic if a Tommy Huang shell company wound up with it?

Tommy Huang appears to be the "teflon" developer.
Where has he gotten all of his "courtesy cards" from?

Now his son Henry appears to be fronting (???) for his father with this Mia Place property.

Anonymous said...

CB#11 is a country club. Nobody takes what they say or how they vote seriously. I'll bet that Beep Helen Marshall's crew votes "YES" to allow the variance.

Perhaps they'll decide to feign solidarity and show sympathy for the affected Bayside property owner.
They might choose to vote "NO" instead...knowing full well that the BSA will vote "YES" in the end.

The Huang family has always gotten their way at Queens Borough Hall back to the days of Donald Manes. Manes and Huang were in cahoots on the RKO Keith's deal. Shulman continued to give free reign to the Huangs throughout her tenure in office.

Why should things change now?

Maybe Tommy Huang's cousin John Liu, can pull a few strings...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Joe, speaking of "geriatric" flexing....where is Frank Skala....and that "heavy hitter" Jerry Ianecce?

Community boards are a waste of taxpayers' money.
They should ALL be abolished.
CBs function as a placebo instead of a bonafide prescription for change!

WTF is the point of voting, if your vote DOESN'T count?

Anonymous said...

Damn it...I'm King of Freedonia,
and I'm chairman of my community board!

Where are my Ermine robes and crown?
Where are our binding votes?