Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bloomberg seeks federal funding for recovery

From the NY Observer:

As New York continues to grapple with closed subway stations and an overcrowded shelter system following Hurricane Sandy’s late October destruction, the City is looking for a little help from its friends in Washington. Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent a letter to members of New York’s Congressional delegation today, estimating the damage caused by late October’s superstorm at $19 billion in public and private losses.

The Mayor’s request to Congress includes a breakdown of the City’s losses caused by the storm, including $5.7 billion dollars in lost gross city product and $4.5 billion spent by city agencies in the storm’s wake. Mr. Bloomberg wrote that “the city will struggle to recover in the long term unless expedited federal funding is supplied.” How much funding? Bloomberg is angling for $9.8 billion in additional money to supplement the $5.4 billion in FEMA assistance and the $3.8 billion dollars of damage that was covered by private insurance. FEMA money does not cover challenges like long-term housing solutions and shoreline restoration.

The number tops Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s post-storm estimate of damage totaling somewhere between $15 billion and $18 billion.

The damage in the greater New York area is expected to be much larger, with Governor Andrew Cuomo saying that he would be asking for at least $30 billion in aid several weeks ago. Governor Cuomo met with members of New York’s Congressional Delegation today in Midtown Manhattan to discuss his request for aid.


Anonymous said...

That money will be spent on bailing out developers, maintaining real estate prices, and new development.

Recourse for the rest of you?

Blame LIPA and Con Ed.

and oh yes, keep reelecting the same mob. Their work is not finished yet.

Anonymous said...

True enough.

Nothing will change while that same group stays in office.

Anonymous said...

with the National Government owing $16.5 TRILLION , where will they get the $$$$$$ for NYC ?

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: the national debt is ONLY $16.3 TRILLION.

although, the U.S.Treasury borrowed $24.3 BILLION, on the day after Thanksgiving. The most $$$ ever borrowed in one day.

How much is in your wallet?

since four years of obama, $5.8 Trillion has been borrowed.


Anonymous said...

Oh...now the giant among midgets asks for federal help.

Wazzamatta...can't micro manage it all by yourself...Doomberg?

Why didn't hizzoner summon the national guard to the Rockaways early in the game?

Anonymous said...

Bloomie just wants to grab a photo op with the Guv and Prez!

Hey, Shorty, you're outranked in stature...all 5' 7" of you....LOL!

Anonymous said...

What the figure is too low idiot - when you do a money grab with this administration you go for the gusto - they only respect and grant mega-dole $$.

Anonymous said...

Never let a crisis go to waste. I'm getting in the habit of describing these numbers in term of slave-hours. To pay, for example, Cuomo's $30 billion, 100% of the American workforce needs to work for the government for about 20 hours and not take a nickel. Get ready to pitch in.

Ned said...

""where will they get the $$$$$$ for NYC ?""

The same way Obana forgave student loans to buy the votes needed to win the election.
Obama will continue to run the money printer till the dollar is worth around 10-25 cents.
Then the only way out will be to sell off national parks, roadways and parts of America to China.
Stupid American voters have committed suicide.

There wont be much recovery for waterfront homeowners, most that land is going to end up in the hands of developers and special interest. Thanks to the governor Bloomberg has the illegal $15 hr "no verification" cheap labor to expedite the process.

Anonymous said...

If he wants to help NYC, why doesn't he just write a check himself? After all, he made billions of dollars with his little developer friends. He owes New York.

Anonymous said...

Prior to the storm, NY was in pristine condition. Potholes didnt exsist, the bridges were meticulously maintained, the subways were clean.
Lets not forgot that that crime never happens in NY, and that its always sunny. All the beatiful thriving and vibrant communities, working hand in hand.
What a wonderful place to raise a child.
So ny should be given at least 500their billion to restore it to prestorm slendor.
The machine is licking it chops on the upcoming cash infusion. Have they no shame? Most of it will be burrowed from china.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Bloomberg look "commanding"?

They'd better provide a shorter podium, next time,
or give Mike Der Shrimp...La Petite Emperor a milk box to stand on.

He looks like he was just beat up for his Kosher lunch money in the Yeshiva's school yard by some Israeli toughs.

Anonymous said...

The prez and the guv have their official seals on their jackets.

Where's little Emperor's Mike's dollar sign medallion?

Dontcha love the way Obama is looking over wealthy Whitey's shoulder?

I wonder what he's thinking.