Friday, December 2, 2011

Halloran rants at civic leader on Facebook

From the Times Ledger:

As a Whitestone civic group fights to turn an overgrown, empty lot into a community sports complex, one resident’s innocuous post on Facebook has spawned a well-documented and surprisingly candid discussion into opinions on both sides of the fence.

The Malba Gardens Civic Association has been toying with the idea of building baseball, soccer and running facilities on the vacant, 6-acre lot along 150th Street for years, according to the civic’s president, Alfred Centola.

“My idea is to reacquire the land and give it back to the kids of the community,” he said of the lot, between 3rd and 6th avenues, which was previously owned by the Catholic Youth Organization.

The quest was laid out in an October Daily News opinion piece written by Centola, and it all seemed like a good idea to Steve Behar, who posted “Nice Op-Ed. My brother and I went to that CYO camp” at 5:56 p.m. Oct. 5 on Centola’s Facebook page.

Twelve minutes later, City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) replied: “Steve — and who’s going to come up with the tens of millions to acquire, remediate, develop, build, and staff this facility?”

Halloran often tempered his responses with phrases like “guess you didn’t know that” or “you have no clue how discretionary spending works.”

Centola at one point referred to the councilman as “testy” and said “try and relax yourself, you might give yourself a heart attack.”

Well, at least he didn't drop the F-bomb repeatedly this time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, he is a certifiable idiot he is against the fields idea why? cause Avella was on board? he curses at business owners and berates local constituents on facebook no less for all the world to see

we need to get rid of this guy and quick

Avella should have stepped up to the plate in the conversation kind of sad he didnt I know he is friends with Behar so he saw the argument.

Dan, you are an embarASSment

Anonymous said...

He is against the fields idea because his friends in the development community have their eyes on it for housing.

Anonymous said...

Our community has been neglected for some time. We need to assert ourselves as a community and allow our political leaders to fight for us. Dan I have voted for you to me in office and took some critism for it; however I felt you would fight for us. I didn't appreciate your answer of where is this money coming from. How about the $8400 a year I pay in property tax for a 40x100 lot. Dan fight for us don't let the residents inWhitestone down.

Anonymous said...

Remeber this man on election day! Out of the gate he opposes any use of land in our community for anything but more housing development. He says we already have enough open space, but doesn't care about the quality of life and its demise due to overdevelopment too much traffic and lack of cooperation from
D.O.T. and CB7. Why is only Al Centola and Malba Gardens Civic left to fight for these issues alone. Where's Whitestone Taxpayers, Cresthaven, Malba et al?

Anonymous said... did not detail the number of floors in your building, but you should contact the dept.of finance and correct your property tax is too high.

btw ...most of the dems. on the city council voted for the 20.5% increases in property tax since 2001,with RINO, doomsberg. avella opted against these increases. although the dem .machine usually permits the bayside cm to vote against the machine ,to protect his seat. i hope that did not take place.

the truth is that N.E.Queens has plenty of teen sport areas. although the Planyc/D.O.E did erase the P.S.159 Q playspace/ballfield for a 19 tree/bench/gazebo/GREEN CARPET/sitting park. with sewer drains on a running lane and under a B/B hoop ??

the anti-g.o.p. commenters should read Saul Alinsky's, "Rules For Radicals"--Rule #5 (he explains the use of "RIDICULE" to neutralize your opponent).

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO! That's what I said and that's that! I don't care what you want my new friends have their eyes on that prize and the kids can't have it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is so intense he seems headed for a coronary, but Halloran is a hard working man who takes no crap.

Anonymous said...

God forbid anyone get testy trying to save taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Save taxpayer money? Hahaha did you read the FB comments? Al brought up a very interesting question: How much did Halloran give Delia Aka "Whitestone has awakened" for his Piazza Italia? And, how much money did he funnel to the Italian organizations run by Delia to pay for the entire project? Halloran admits to HALF A MIL. who knows how much more he steered?

Saving taxpayer money, Haha!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

It's good to see that you've applied Alinsky's theories to your discussion of the people you don't like.

Anonymous said...

with a city council stacked with 49 dems. and 4 g.o.p. members, the tax money is is steered to the dems. communities and dems. union pals.

recently, Q.C. posted on two Jackson Hgts. ,school yard to park, projects in the millions approved in cm Drum's district.

the truth is that there is little money for this district.....

Quinn is in charge of the slush fund for GREENIE DEM. VOTERS...

Anonymous said...

The City Council is stacked that way because the voters choose to vote that way. It will remain that way until the Republicans choose to contest elections with better candidates than Dan Halloran.

Oh, gee. I'm using ridicule to neutralize a candidate.

Anonymous said...

a one party dictatorship only guarantees a corrupt government in the city.

many are in prison now, or on their way . meanwhile the citizens have been robbed.


Halloran beat a opponent KIM ,who received 99.5% of his donations from asia and the rest of the nation. do you think this fact is a coincidence, or a effort by international left wing supporters to control a Queens CM district? one wonders why ?

Paddy said...

Calm down and hoist yourself another beer..."hollerin" Halloran.

Has the Devil got hold of your tongue?

Hang onto the bar rail and take a deep breath before you embarrass all of us sober Irishmen.

Anonymous said...

RU kidding..."Phony" Avella step up to the plate?

Avella had some very serious troubles with his own College Point ball fields.


He has no great wish to revisit that subject!

Anonymous said...

"Doofy" Dan is looking more and more like a cartoon character as each day passes.

Move over "Goofy" and "Mickey"....
Halloran's auditioning for Disney!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 13:

When the other party, in effect, rolls over and plays dead they contribute to the dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Avella had some very serious troubles with his own College Point ball fields.

Avella is on record as saying this is a good idea and has his staff working on it.

Is it true? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 13:

Out of curiosity - if it was your party that was the one party would you be complaining?

Anonymous said...

yes "whitestone" has awakened

stavisky klan lost the council seat and will lose the GOLDEN GOOSE

Anonymous said...

"Doofy" Dan is looking more and more like a cartoon character as each day passes.

Huh? I find that totally insulting. Try Hollerin' Halloran.

Just providing an alternative. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Halloran beat a opponent KIM ,who received 99.5% of his donations from asia and the rest of the nation."

There you go again. Lying and slander are second nature to you conservatives.

You want to know why the Dem vs rep is so lopsided? It's because average working people know instinctively the the republicans represent "the boss" -not their interests.

And the younger, better educated citizens are even less likely to snookered by their pandering to fear and prejudice.

BTW: Hollow-man beat the Asian guy by the same five points that Bloombag beat his rival.

Asian money, or not, the trend is clear.

Anonymous said...

a dictatorship from any party is destructive to the citizen....

Anonymous said...

did you check the nyc campaign finance donor records for the Halloran/Kim CM election ? i did ,at the time .

it is the same donor record that is being scrutinized by the F.B.I. ,for illegal bundling by the Liu campaign for NYC Comptroller.

do you think Kim's donors from Asia are being investigated, as well as the many from the other states ?

many younger citizens have returned to live at their parents home since obama democrats have had control of their economy.the reports say 25 % of younger citizens under 35 years of age are home again.
xmas help clerking and temp. workers has supposedly just lowered the unemployment rate down,TEMPORARILY ,but it is still unacceptable.

some have been downsized three times since 2008 and obama dem. 's election.

if the "boss " is a republican, he still pays your salary. if he can survive the 35% ,the highest in the world. and all of the gov. regulation that the obama dems. have placed on him.

the C.W.A.leaders called a strike when the majority of workers ,with g.e.d. diploma's make $90,000. per year & benefits???? do the union leaders pay their salary ?

with dems. as bosses they seem to be creating slush fund money laundering mills with public unions to perpetuate a ganster gov.

see: big gov .com

Anonymous said...

"many younger citizens have returned to live at their parents home since obama democrats have had control of their economy"

There you go again. I DO know several young, and one not-so-young persons who had to move back home. I see young people daily in our locations. If you actually talk to them they directly blame the republicans for this situation.

Their educations have given them the ability to discern -real- information vs. fox "news' propaganda.

You are trying to deceive people about a series of events that have happened in recent, living memory.

As for the older guy, he's a friend of my Brother, has an MLS degree and had quit the NY Public Library to take the higher pay at a private publishing co.

After 12-13 years they outsourced their operation to India and fired everybody here. The company had gotten tax breaks to stay, and they did, for two more years.

The guy now is in Whitestone at his parent's house and working as a salesman in a big-box store at 34th st.

He is well read and knows who to blame for this wrecked economy...Hint the initials are G.O.P.

You guys have a hell of a nerve blaming Obama for what your party's blind greed has done to us.

Anonymous said...

Big is a pro-Republican website with an axe to grind, Gramps. That's like me asking you to look at Media Matters.Org.

And who says the drop in unemployment is temporary? You don't know; I don't know. We should both hope that it isn't.

And all of your rants at the unions are due to one thing: they're supporting President Obama and you and the rest of the RepubCons are trying to "neutralize" them. You've certainly been paying attention to whatever drivel Saul Alinsky was spouting.

If they were supporting one of your guys, you wouldn't be making a fuss.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is halloran won because vallone wouldnt step aside for Iannece which was both good and bad good because iannece had the party endorsement and that sent a clear message to toby. Bad because iannece seems to be a nice enough guy who has done good for the community. His problem is who hiis associates are as in d elia, vallon has apelian so we get the guy kim who comes from ackerman. ackermans paper starts an attack on hallorans religion, getting the community to support him even more the good old American Freedom of Religion. Ianneces "people" as well as vallones go over to help halloran who has ties in the district that are deeply rooted so everyone goes over toget him elected and then stick to him like a leech.

What do we do now? what has our councilman done for the community?

That is the question we need to ask and then figure out who we are voting for.

Anonymous said...

Don't refer to the guy as "gramps." It's okay to call him by his true name (Hey Mitch).

Anonymous said...

the BIG GOV.COM site is led by former Huffington Post and self admitted liberal socialist tool, Andrew Brietbart.

remember the "weiner" ? his expose.

why don't you read his adventures of leftwing anarchist ,anti-american activity, before he was enlightened ?

"Rich # OCCUPY leftists drinking chardonnay in first class, while toying with the lives of YOUNG REVOLUTIONARIES."

pass it on to your young neighbors so they also can be taught the truth from one who has" been there, done that".

Anonymous said...

ha ha does not matter who is what
the big story is dan halloran and the guys from whitestone and douglaston are gonna stop a parkside takeover of the state senate. fun year 2012

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 29: Andrew Breitbart is a defendant in a major libel case. He's being sued because he plays fast and loose with the truth.

Anon No. 30: (if not the same person as Anon No. 29): Three words why Halloran has gone as far as he'll ever go: "Three Sanitation Workers".

Anonymous said...

Write in Al Centola for city council or anyone else other that the party hacks.

Anonymous said...

just because one sues another,the party is not automatically guilty ? wait for the legal decision.

a author with Breitbart, Peter Schweizer investigated the insider trading action by congressional members.

he did not discriminate as to dem. or g.o.p....they all were exposed. no bias at all.

"Sixty Minutes" profiled four G.O.P. and One Democrat.

would you consider that bias reporting ?

why are you so delusional ? the truth must really hurt you.

Anonymous said...

He is beingf sued, and he has already triede to back off from what got him sued. I'd say that makes him pretty scared that he got caught in a middle of a lie.

And considering all of the far-right delusions that you keep trying to foist on everyone here, you must be in a lot of pain yourself when you get called on it, Gramps.

Anonymous said...

"a author with Breitbart, Peter Schweizer"

would you consider that bias reporting ?


Anyone affiliated with Breitbart will investigate Repbulicans with the same fervor as Democrats at about the same time that we know that the sun is going to burn out.

Anonymous said...

you are really misinformed...Peter Schweizer listed ,in his book "THROW THEM ALL OUT " both party's members of congress that his college group tracked.

the list mostly democrats were listed on "big

read it and hang your head in shame.

Anonymous said...

I hold my head proudly, Gramps. People like Liu don't represent me. You linked Breitbart with Schweizer, not me.

When you look for wrongdoing in only one party, that's all you find. Guaranteed he and Breitbart didn't look elsewhere. Do you think they are "fair and balanced" people?

Anonymous said...

you are not only VERY misinformed, but your texting is absolutely left wing.

you appear,at times, to be so confused about the crimes of the progressive/democrats ,that you may soon vote conservative.

Anonymous said...

I don't text, Gramps. I type. And I've always voted for the best candidate, regardless of the party. You don't obviously.

Anonymous said...

I don't text, Gramps. I type. And I've always voted for the best candidate, regardless of the party. You don't obviously.


Anonymous said...

Illiteracy knows no gender, I'd say. And didn't you say that you served on a minesweeper in the Korean War?

Anonymous said...

mary, marcy? we miss you...