Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Park audit shows failure to collect

From Bayside Patch:

A poky effort to secure contracts for food vendors on park lands has cost the city millions in lost revenue, according to a report by Comptroller John Liu’s office.

The Dept. of Parks and Recreation could have collected as much as $8.8 million across the city in revenue, reported the Daily News. Most revenue was lost in Manhattan, but Queens came in second in revenue lost.

Much of that money could have been earned right in Bayside, according to the report.

Here’s the breakdown of how much in concession funds were lost at Bayside area parks, according to the report:

$379,167 in lost concessions from Clearview Café , at 201-10 Cross Island Parkway
$4,499 from concessions at Crocheron Park
$1,240 from concessions at Little Bay Park
another $1,031 from Crocheron Park
$250 from Marie Curie Park concessions


Anonymous said...

the article didn't describe how Parks failed to collect the money. What, the consessionaire had all that money and simply didn't turn over the City's rightful share? Doubtful that it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

reading the original Daily News article states that almost $9 million in CITYWIDE revenue "could " have been produced by the Parks Dept,if concessions were approved .

the Queens, revenue loss "could" be $387,000. This amount is second highest in NYC. ?
aside from the Clearview golf cafe, just where are the structures for concessions else where at the locations mentioned ?

is this audit a face saver or faux public relations attempt that John Liu is expert at. he was a spearhead of the 2009, $2.7 Million Renovation Project at 164 street/46 avenue,Flushing. it converted teen play space to mostly a burial ground memorial,for 1850's epidemic victims .

is Nathan Duke in error once again in his reporting of an event . like he was when he failed to check the accuracy of his reporting that Mr.Everett" P". Martin,(former namesake of Martin's Field, now Ye Olde Flushing Burial Ground), was a RACIST.
see Bayside Times/Ledger, 12/31/2009 "CITY RENAMES MARTINS FIELD"

Duke printed Martin's wrong middle initial and omitted facts in his article,from the site's plaques, that stated that whites were buried at the epidemic burial grounds.
googling Martins name (with correct initial ) confirmed from his letters to the editor ,ny times, that he praised the sef determination and advancement of (Negros) African -Americans.

hardly a racist,this slander has never been corrected by Duke, or the Time/Ledger, when challenged.

shame, shame.