Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tenants decry unfair rent hike

From the Daily News:

More than 40 longtime Jamaica tenants are suing their landlord for charging them large lump sums for building improvements they claim were never adequately made, in an effort to force them out of their homes.

Residents of 90-36 149th St., which is owned by Zara Realty Holding Corp., said their rent shot up thousands of dollars this year after the state approved a hike for rent-stabilized tenants.

It was granted because Zara claimed to have installed a new roof and repaired the building’s brick exterior. But landlords are only allowed to raise rents 6% annually for rent-stabilized tenants, according to the tenants’ lawyers — not ask for one bulk payment.

Repeated attempts to confirm the law with the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal were rebuffed.


Auntie Invasion said...

That's because the slum lord's pet attorney at the DHCR in Queens, Chan Jo, is throwing the DHCR cases at Union Hall Street. Deport Chan Jo now. why does he have a State job paid for by the tax payers to screw over tenants?Investigate Chan Jo, then send his ass back to Korea where he belongs.

There should be a federal investigation into the DHCR Union Hall Street office. Many tenants do not get the claims read. the claims are tossed out.

Anonymous said...

George Subraj = Zara. Another Guyanese real estate mogiul trashing a neighborhood.

Al Chapman said...

Get rent stabilized tenants out.

Bring in tenants from other neighborhoods that they've been priced out of.

NYC will not be for the poor or lower-middle class. No wonder so many people have left.