Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peter Koo responds to Mel Siegel

Peter Koo's response to Mel Siegel


Anonymous said...

the asian owner of the asian daycare center with $60,000. in d.o.b./e.c.b. fines that were "resolved by certificate" was a campaign donor to both LIU and KOO.

196-29 42 nd avenue,Auburndale,Flushing ,Queens.

georgetheatheist said...

With Liu headed for the terlet:

Peter Koo. Asian New York's "Great Yellow Hope"?

FlooshingRezident said...

What a non-response!

Regardless of the context, that jackass McClelland basically indicated that anyone has the right to destroy beautiful, historical properties (in Queens, not Manhattan and Brooklyn), as long as they have the bucks!

Mel should run for office - oh wait - he's too articulate. No one would understand him!

Anonymous said...

If Koo is touting that outrage Bowne House you are all in trouble.

But then, again, any community worth its cajones would have vented their feelings about it years ago.

Steve Behar said...

Mel Siegel is a great asset to our community and I am proud to call him a friend. Keep up the great work Mel and keep holding the feet of our electeds to the fire.

Broadway-Flushing must be landmarked before it's character is completely destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Take notice NYC Board of Elections:


How the f--k did he manage to get away with becoming a city council member?

Oh....he followed the Stavisky play book, you say?

When Leonard was State Senator he lived out of district but maintained a Mitchel Gardens address.

Convicted criminal Brian Mc Laughlin didn't comply at first with the residency requirement either.

A moot point since now he resides in the big house.

Anonymous said...

And does Koo-Koo's response make the Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association happy?

Anonymous said...

Now let's see if Koo's team buddy Halloran will join BFHA and spearhead a drive to secure municipal historic district status for deserving Broadway-Flushing or will he continue to pull their chain with his Libertarian babble about property rights and big government.

As long as doofy" Dan hollerin' Halloran represents the area he'll find a way to sidestep its residents' wishes to landmark their neighborhood.

What exactly has he done for his district since he took office?

Little that we can see!

Anonymous said...

Big deal!

If BFHA is worth anything,
it should now be holding Councilman Halloran's feet to the fire.

They should be strongly urging him, as their representative, to PUSH for a landmark district...
unless there are some members who fear asking their councilman for a sit down meeting to discuss this most important issue.

We're ALL watching you Councilman Halloran.

We will not accept blustering arm waving and speechifying as a substitute for real action!

Be forewarned:
Any votes you get in the future depends on what you do for Broadway-Flushing today!

Anonymous said...

I still say there are certain Quislings in Broadway Flushing who are putting the interests of their Republican Libertarian team ahead of their own neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

besides Koo, I don't smell any other Republican "electeds" feet burning in Broadway Flushing.

Let's see if Mel will ring Dan's

Halloran's landmark lethargy needs a good jump start!

Anonymous said...

Nobody had to twist Tony Avella's arm to support landmarking when he was our councilman!

Halloran is too busy with friends like Whitehouse Restaurant owner Joey "d'or" Franco screwing the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers!

So what's he gonna do for BFHA but do them in the --- too?

Halloran's a freak with a God complex!

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed that Koo writes English!