Friday, December 16, 2011

Cuomo benefits from lobbying but doesn't like it

From Capital Tonight:

In another lengthy radio interview today on Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 show, Gov. Andrew Cuomo teed off on what he saw as an out-of-control lobbying culture that’s distorted the issues.

“It’s one of the situations that frankly is worse than I realized before I got here,” Cuomo said. “The culture of corruption, quote-un-quote, is worse than I thought.”

The governor also reserved some criticism for the Capital press corps who quote paid “spokesman” who are fronting for deep-pocketed “special interests.”

“It’s a much more sophisticated system than I remember,” he said.

Of course, a considerable chunk of that money has been spent by campaigns backing Cuomo himself.


Anonymous said...

Nah, not our Gov.Catamite of the 1%!Couldn't be that he was bought by the same folks who bring usthe Sunday morning talking heads feasts that tell us how to think, or the daily and nightlyfestivals of consumerist and real estate porn which try to spur class envy and division so we'll Buy!buy!buy!

Anonymous said...

He's a big Frackin' fraud!

Anonymous said...

That's having your cake and eating it too.

Can't you see your typical Queensite when someone criticizes him (something that is a big no-no in Queens) they will remember this one thing and say "But he fights the lobbyists!"

Anonymous said...

Is it just me ,or does lil Andy look awfully like Chico Marx?

Anonymous said...

RE:"Cuomo said, the culture of corruption is worse than i thought."

yesterday the S.E.C. filed a "CIVIL" suit against six former executives from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac for understating many BILLIONS of their government/ company's financial health in 2000-2008.they held most of the subprime mortgages in the Nation. (NINJNA).

why weren't names like democrat ,C.Dodd,B.Frank,F.Rainey,J.Gorelick,R.Emanuel and A.Cuomo ,former H.U.D. Sec. mentioned ?

Anonymous said...

RE: Cuomo's corruption quote to dicker....

according to the WSJ &NYT, in 2007 the C.E.O.,MUDD being sued in Manhattan's U.S. District Court by the S.E.C., said that their loans to individuals" WITH WEAKER CREDIT HISTORIES" were ONLY $2-6 BILLION,when the real numbers were as high as $244 BILLION.....
the Bush admin. ,in 9/2008, seized FREDDIE MAC & FANNIE MAE.

Many of these gov. loans were given to Queens borrowers ,many who lied about their incomes and assets.

are both the lenders and borrowers criminals ?