Thursday, December 29, 2011

Padlock Unit may visit dilapidated house

From the Daily News:

A Middle Village homeowner has drawn the ire of residents and the attention of city officials for collecting numerous violations and creating a blight in the area.

The owner of a ramshackle two-story house at 58-22 84th St. has nine unresolved building code violations in the past decade and $25,500 in unpaid fines, according to building records.

The property owner, Ganesh Arora, has been “repeatedly ignoring requests to bring the property into compliance,” said Ryan Fitzgibbon, a spokeswoman for the city Department of Buildings.

“The property has been referred to our Padlock unit which is investigating whether the property is a public nuisance,” Fitzgibbon said.

During previous visits by the agency, inspectors have found illegally cut sidewalks, junked commercial vehicles and a gutter drain that spills directly onto the street, records show.

The Padlock Unit will make several visits to the sites at different times and days of the week to determine whether the home will be forcibly shuttered, officials said.

“Based on what the unit finds it will take the appropriate action,” Fitzgibbon said.


Joe said...

What an aO owner, cheesy orange iron work with brick entry stanchions ?
Thats a nice house with a driveway and back garage too.
Let the city give it to me! I'd have that 100 % restored in 8 weeks complete with its original 6 over 1 dutch windows

Whats 84th st and 60th ave like these days ? Isn't that Glendale off forest park ?
Has the area turned that bad ?

Anonymous said...

Whats 84th st and 60th ave like these days? Isn't that Glendale off forest park ?

This is near the intersection of LIE and Woodhaven Blvd, behind the BP gas station

Queens Crapper said...

This has been Middle Village since the zip code was changed around 2002.

Anonymous said...

orange iron work? thats rusted white iron work. Classy.