Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lots of bad landlords in the city

From NY1:

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio released on Tuesday his latest list of what he says are the worst landlords and buildings in the city.

Some 358 buildings are on the list, owned by 317 landlords.

At the top of the list of worst landlords is 1071 Home Corp, with 753 hazardous violations and five buildings on de Blasio's watchlist.

Three of the top five landlords have buildings in the Bronx, and two have buildings in Brooklyn.

Violations include lack of heat or hot water, lead paint, toxic mold or broken plumbing.

De Blasio launched the watchlist last year to publicly shame repeat offenders whose buildings don't meet city regulations.

Outing these owners, according to de Blasio, adds public pressure to have them make much-needed changes.

This year's worst building, 245 Sullivan Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, has 654 code violations.

Residents say the problems have gone on for years, from black mold to leaking ceilings and infestations of rats, mice and cockroaches.


Anonymous said...

How about a list of the ten worst tenants?

georgetheatheist said...

I second the motion.

Auntie Invasion said...

This is a lot of crap. Deblasio who is a Working Family Parties puppet, has done nothing. Now he wants our votes to continue to do nothing.
how many more tenants have been evicted since he took office?
why aren't property owners being held responsible for negligence? You can thank the Republican administration for this,thank Michael Bloomberg each time you see a homeless person. It's because of the Republican long term agenda to eradicate any government agency that assists poor and working people in this city and our country.

go into any nyc Housing Court and observe that the slumlords pay no fines. if they do it's pennies on the dollar or the cost of doing business. No heat or hot water for two or three months? a small fine or an HPD mandatory class for the slumlord's lackey.

The genuine issue is to put bite into the law and get the judges assigned to the HPD courtrooms/cases to impose either heavier fines or jail time for landlords who continually and recklessly break the law. this is the question to ask. why aren't the HPD and DOB violations taken into account in the NYC housing court? Why aren't these properties being seized or going in REM?

that's what Deblasio should be working on. but he won't because Working Families Party if full of Crap. Working Families Party = ACORN

Auntie Invasion said...

The most corrupt housing court in NYC is in Queens. the lest work for judges and the biggest pay offs. when you are in the court house, go to the City Wide Task Force on housing court's office. ask the man in the wheelchair how he got disabled. that idiot is the slumlord's best friend. He won't bother to help any tenants ,he's too dam lazy. He was injured during a botched bank robbery. I wonder who wound up w/ the bag of money?

Auntie Invasion said...

the idiot in the wheelchair is Carl Peterson. the lazy idiot. you tell me how a convicted felon gets a job in a NYC court house.

and while you there? don't bother going into the Pro Se office. the black female court employee there will stop you from seeing a pro se attorney and tell you the biggest crap to make you go away, all a misinformation campaign that benefits, who? the slumlords.
this is what Deblasio's office should be working on. Accountability at the court level.

but no, he won't. His office is hard at work... on public relations. How many landlords and management companies contributed to Deblasio's campaign?

Anonymous said...

@Auntie Invasion, You are a despicable example of a human being. Your racist, anti-disabled persons, anti African American rant reeks. It is fitting that I am responding to you in the current political climate. Carl Peterson is a stellar example of someone who has been able to turn his life around. F.Y.I. You are not outing anyone. In his office is a framed newspaper clip of his life, and an award given for doing what he does everyday "instead of collecting disability payments. I worked in Queens Court while obtaining my Masters. I learned a lot-like how corrupt the system of "landlording" is, essentially people able to squeeze out many a person's life's earnings who are trying to eke out a living while refusing to repair, or replace anything in the apartment, in violation of the warranty of habitability. Lazy you say? This is not an apt adjective for someone who is so passionate about tenant issues, he travels to meetings across the city on his own time as part of his advocacy. The numbers of people who receive assistance statistically is quite high. I imagine you find ample time to write such despicable posts since probably no one wishes to engage in conversation with you. Go Troll elsewhere.