Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fred Sanford lives in Queens


Joe said...

:) Where is the 1950 Ford F1 pickup truck ?

Lots of free money in recycling. I have many vintage Heathkit, Drake and Collins radios, vintage TVs, vintage enameled signs, F1 pickup some riding mowers. I hate being called Fred Sanford.
I keep the collected "winter projects" in a barn and make sure I inoculate for bedbugs.
(You wrap in thermal blankets with an radiator at 140 degrees that gets its heat from an electric water heater and pump for 8 hours)

Fred Sanford was more of a Karung guni like this guy who is likely waiting for a good freeze. The warm weathers been holding him up

Anonymous said...


In plain view to all the politicians and community board members and Queens weeklies and you need to get a Manhattan based news service.

Lessons learned:

1. don't knock Manhattan - if we were detached God knows what our local pols and their little civic minions would do to us.

2. if he was a developer - or give an elected official a photo op - they would be all over him.

Anonymous said...

If he called himself the Transgendered TransCaucasion Recycling Service he would get a six figure grant.