Thursday, December 22, 2011

LIRR sans trees is too noisy

From the Daily News:

Residents who live near Long Island Rail Road tracks in Forest Hills Gardens complain the trains’ door chimes and speakers blare so loudly they break up the tranquility of the leafy enclave.

Apartment dwellers say the volume around the Burns St. station forces them to pause conversations and keep their windows closed in warm weather.

“It’s constant. It’s like Chinese water torture,” said Martin Levinson, 65. “Every time the train pulls in, you know you’re going to get that blast.”

Russ Gundlach, 45, who runs a photo re-touching business out of his apartment near the tracks, said he often has to apologize on the phone to clients who hear the train noise in the background.

“When it intrudes into the daily operation of my life and my business, it’s very frustrating,” he said.

LIRR spokesman Sam Zambuto said the volume of most chimes and speakers has been lowered by seven to 10 decibels under a program launched in October.

He said the remaining chimes and speakers are expected to be lowered by the end of December.


Anonymous said...

Just like the expansion of the Whitestone bridge almost 20 feet closer to the homes in the residential community, the removal of over 200 large old trees, now the noise and vibrations of homes can be heard and felt for blocks. Yet they refuse to install sound barrier walls like the ones on the Clearview off of Baybridge and long island. "don't worry 200 new trees (saplings) are coming.

Anonymous said...

The gardens and Burns St look nice but the RR tracks are RR tracks like everywhere else LOUD! I would not like to be the owner who sells a property who thinks it has appreciated in value - in my book - living next to railroads is not a good value proposition. The property was cheap to begin with for good reason!

Anonymous said...

The Long Island Rail Road has been there since 1834. That's...177 years! Sympathy for those who chose to buy next to it: Z-E-R-O. Next whine.

Queens Crapper said...

These people moved in when there were trees there acting as a buffer. They were removed last year and this year.

I can't stand when people pull the old "the railroad was there before you" card out of their ass when they don't know what it's like to live near it.

georgetheatheist said...

"Rudy Gunlach, 45, who runs a photo-retouching business..."

There's $ in that?

Anonymous said...

These stupid Jap and Canadian built trains have no volume controls on the amplifiers that drive the speakers. The have to send in $$$$$$$ "experts" from far away lands to modify the electronics

Anonymous said...

For heavens sake trains, they rattle, rumble and are LOUD! I agree that the trees should have never been removed and do muffle noise and clean the air - but the LIRR is loud and people know it when they live alongside or across the street from it.

Joe said...

living next to railroads is not a good value

I Lived 100 feet from the M train El on Dekalb ave till age 12. We had a huge yard and abandoned lot with 100s of tomato plants, grapes and figs. nobody wanted to build there it was great.
The LIRR trains are mice compared to 50+ year old electric Q cars that ran on the M till the 70s.

You get used to it, its no big deal these yuppies and prissy transplants need to go back to Iowa. Noise, trains, Mr.Softie are some of the things that make New York City what it is. What do these aO's expect ? -What a bunch of woosey babys

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Joe, this is Forest Hills Gardens....LOL!

These pampered pussies should have to deal with the filth and noise at the LIRR station in Flushing.

georgetheatheist said...

I almost had a fistfight with the Mr.Softie guy this past summer when I reached into his vehicle to yank out his keys to shut the jingle off. That goddamn over-and-over-and over racket was driving me nuts while I was trying to take a nap.

Anonymous said...

If you own it, and can hear those door chimes, congratulation, the value of your property is greatly increased by your proximity to the LIRR.

Anonymous said...

Welded track,wheel trueing and rubber isolators are being installed on both the lirr and the subways.Give it time,they will be quieter,but not silent.