Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here's what lives in Ozone Park these days

"Robbing a pot dealer is something kids do."

Yes, I fondly recall spending the days of my youth going to the movies, hanging out at the mall and robbing pot dealers.

Sad thing is that this is considered normal behavior by this subset of the population.


Anonymous said...

ugh NYC is ruined by this filth & trash…time to sterilize the ghetto rats.

Joe said...

Disorganized crime and cop killing ghetto rats savages running amuck is what you get when you run Gambino's & Bonanno's out.

Rudy G as Queens DA in the pre 90's made a HUGE mistake culling the local Cosa Nostra in Queens.
Those people didn't kill cops and kept places like Maspeth, MV, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, Ozone park, Howard Beach nice.
Nobody dare shit, F_ with/attract cops, build or rent to crap where these people lived.

Since 1986 the numbers of rat savages and gangs that have taken over the Gambino & Bonanno neighborhoods in Queens are at 100X worse.
Rudy G is just as guilty as Bloomberg for turning great neighborhoods into "free for all" cesspools!

I remember as a kid in early 60's my grandfather would take me to Knickerbocker park to go on the swings.
There were "corner men" and big guys with big necks and long shirts everyplace.
Nobody dare come into area to pull any crap.
They would get "a talking to" or dealt with so they would remember to behave themselves.
BTW: I'm told this included local priests. I distinctly remember many of them guys from "the old country" never liking or trusting priests.


Anonymous said...

They keep themselves down.And they wonder why people don't want to live in the same neighborhoods...........

Auntie Invasion said...

deport them.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to New York Shitty.

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right. It's easy to mug a drug pusher or prostitute, but if anyone thinks that mugging them is right... it shows absolutely no fear for the law.

Al Chapman said...

No wonder more and more decent people are leaving NYC.

The state recently lost a seat in the House of Representatives. Ohio was the only other state to fall to the same fate.

Census shows that we actually had a 1.5-2% increase in population. Who are the replacement residents?

larry said...

Joe Dec 17
Did you ever hear of Everett Hatcher, Anthony Vendetti, Joseph Petrosino, Ralph Dols ?
If not google their names and see who killed them

Joe said...

Larry...Nobody from the areas I mentioned from Queens thats for sure.
What IS on those names is related to Russian scum from Sheephead bay or pure speculation dating back over a 1/2 century ago as far as 1905, other people

larry said...

Are you kidding me
Costabile “Gus” Farace
Federico (Fritzy) Giovanelli
Steven Maltese
Carmine Gualtiere
Joel J. Cacace Sr aka Joe Waverly

none of these names sound russian to me.
yeah some got over but they were still responsible for their deaths no two ways about it.