Friday, December 30, 2011

Quinn dishes pork out to thieves

From the NY Post:

City Council Speaker Chris Quinn, who presumes to the mayoralty, has just laid $350,000 in council pork on colleague Larry Seabrook — the Bronx Democrat under federal indictment for gross misuse of previous pork disbursements.

That is to say, for funneling $1.2 million in city funds from 2002 to 2009 to multiple fake non-profits he secretly controlled, while directing the bulk of the cash to salaries for his girlfriend and relatives.

He’s also the dude who billed city taxpayers $177 for a bagel and a Snapple.
He has no shame.

Which brings us back to Speaker Quinn — a serial aider-and-abetter of council chiselers and cheats.

Quinn’s $350,000 cash transfusion to Seabrook is — at best — a campaign contribution. If he chooses to spend it on $177 bagels and his girlfriend — well, he’s already done that, hasn’t he?

Then Quinn refilled his cash drawer.

Seabrook’s the miscreant, for sure.

But Quinn’s his enabler.

Should such obvious moral myopia be rewarded with the mayoralty?

Is Christine Quinn fit for the job?


Bob Pomilla said...

Is Christine Quinn fit to be mayor? After obviously, having taken no lessons from the New York City Council slush fund scandal of a couple of years ago, the answer is; only if we want someone with a broken moral compass running this city. Factor in her abysmal human rights record, her genuflection to the real estate industry, her sellout of the lgbt community, her squashing of any meaningful animal protection bills, her refusal to support the "Living Wage" bill, and so forth, and one can only answer with a resounding no.

Anonymous said...

thank you BOB and what ever happened with this ? LOL !
remember she said she will bill the city for her defense loiyuuh ?

Bob Pomilla said...

Oh, yeah - the best lawyers New York City tax payers money can buy. NYC residents: is this how you want your tax dollars spent? It's your money, after all.