Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inside the Terra Cotta Building

From Scouting NY:

“It was totally gutted inside. Floors and walls all gone. There was one small alcove of original work left: a 2nd floor fireplace, right under the triple chimneys. Completely covered with about 45 layers of paint. Ugh. We brought cameras in, thinking to get some great shots, but got bupkiss.”


georgetheatheist said...

I'm amazed at the expanse in area of the Terra Cotta works. How is it that the wrecker's ball missed pulverizing the office building?

Joe said...

Wow to bad !
This sounds exactly like Dr.Cooks old mansion in Bushwick.
With exception of the attic everything's gutted but some wood with 50 coats of paint. Some fireplaces are likely bricked and sheet-rocked over up too

Anonymous said...

How is it that the wrecker's ball missed pulverizing the office building?

There was a time before, and there will be a time hence, when the local 'talent' will not be around ... and it will be all but a bump in the road recorded in the history books.

Jerry Rotondi said...

This is what passes for a Queens landmark thanks to the likes of Donald Manes, Claire Shulman and their successors.

only the crumbs of history are being preserved in Queens instead of entire loaves.

Yet, obstinately,
the ticket lobby and grand foyer of the RKO Keith's---
along with the neglected remnants of the Terra Cotta works and St. Saviour's Church (in a crate)---still survive in spite the political elements that had once set out to destroy them.

Meanwhile back in Brooklyn---
Borough President Marty Markowitz is making sure that the Loew's Kings "wonder theater" is being restored to its original splendor.

Sometimes I truly wish that our borough could be moved to Brooklyn.

Al Chapman said...

This building should be restored for a National Preservation but try convincing the city of that.