Monday, December 19, 2011

Guy who shot at cops caught

From NY1:

Police say the man wanted for opening fire at two Queens police officers earlier this month was arrested Monday.

Investigators say Antonio Olmeda, 53, was found on 116th Street and Second Avenue wearing a bullet proof vest and holding two hand guns.

Sources say police had surveillance on a blue Chevy Ventura registered to Olmeda and nabbed him when he went to the car.

They say he also had an uzi and materials to make what police call a "suspicious device."

Sources say household cleaning supplies and a counterfeit police department plaque were also found.

They say police made a positive ID on Olmeda off DNA left on materials he left behind during the December 2 incident when he allegedly fired twice at officers at 37th Road and 76th Street in Jackson Heights.

A passerby told the two officers a man was acting suspiciously, wearing a trenchcoat with a fake beard, a hat and dark glasses.

When the officers approached him, police say he started shooting and ran away.

The two officers were not hurt.


FlushingRepresenter said...

"acting suspiciously"

I love those words. Could anyone actually give me a intelligent definition as to what "acting SUSPICIOUSLY" means.

Muslim woman who wear full coverings (burkas) except for their eyes are probably the most suspicious looking people on the face of the earth.

But they get a pass because its a religious garment.

Anonymous said...

Representer, that you and your culture think that such concealment (aka modesty) is suspicious says more about you/your culture than it does your target. As they say, locks are for dishonest people. I'd bet that you're the sort of person my pastor warned me about.

Anonymous said...

Representer> use "an" before words that begin with a vowel. Acting suspiciously means what it means.I think it would have been nice to hear a good thought that was unbiased as I think deep down I could have shared something here where the NYPD needs to be permitted to not walk on eggshells when doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous> I gotta say though the burkas can be very tricky and one can see the incoherent point he was trying to make. However this is just a numbers game, like much of life. If an area had say 98% in burkas than it would be less of an alarm for individuals. However, fact remains it can be a good method of concealment. Let's try to see the good in everyone's point of view even if they are far fetch and just an angry person ready to burst onto the subway platform :) Cheers