Friday, December 30, 2011

Someone is killing birds in Central Park

"I was birding just east of the Ross Pinetum in Central Park at approximately 83rd Street [yesterday] morning at 11:30 when a Red-Bellied Woodpecker fell out of a deciduous tree about 30 feet away from me. There were no predators in the area. Baffled as to what happened, I walked over to the bird and saw that it had a dart in its head close to its eye. It had been shot dead. The red head makes for an easy target.

I reported the incident at the CP Precinct and was able to show them a couple of poor cell phone photos. It is the only report of this type they’ve received. They will notify the Conservancy...If anyone comes across another bird that has been killed in this manner, please report it to the police. The precinct is located on the 86th St. Transverse; the direct phone number is: (212) 570-4820."



Anonymous said...

I hope they catch this sicko!

Anonymous said...

Never understood the need for some people to kill innocent living creatures just for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

i hope that dna or finger prints can be retrieved from the dart.

i love the different birds that visit my rear yard trees,bluebirds, robins,cardinals etc.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE are dying because hospitals are closing and no one important seems to care about that.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 4:

What are your feelings about trolls?

Anonymous said...

re: anon. 4. you troll, if you want to hijack a thread, the least you can do is add a little humor or snarkiness to the smugness. I can vouch that all readers of QueensCrap without exception care about closing hospitals

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE are dying because hospitals are closing and no one important seems to care about that.

Spoken like a true bird brain! Oh wait! I think our avian friends are smarter!

Ned Schnitt said...

Many people are eating them, much like all the turtles disappearing ..the more exotic the more demand black market for it.
Blow darts and slings are common among urban poachers.

According to 16th century Asian Shí Liáo both Woodpecker beak and turtle shell soup is an cure for erectile dysfunction.
I cant beleive this remedial voodoo shit is going on in New York City in the 21st Century.


Ned said...

My dad (82) says on top of poachers many of the birds and bees are getting high from all the trust-fund hippies smoking (and growing) pot and forgetting how to fly.
They crash and predictors get them.
Thousands of blackbirds fell to their death in Arkansas just last night ..I found the link post the whole line to your browser

Anonymous said...

prior to 1954, the Atlantic Fleet Mineforce named the 220 ',100 crew member ,ocean going metal hulled minesweepers, for birds. our sixth fleet group was the U.S.S.'s Staff, Tercel and Towhee.

i served aboard the U.S.S.Tanager, as Radarman,and believe me i earned my sea legs. the seas were not kind to our small ships. in1952, the shipping channels in S.Europe were still dangerous from WWll mining.

the Tanager is a beautiful bird ,somewhat similar to the one killed in this post.

shame on the killer ....

Anonymous said...

BTW: in between minesweeping operations in the Mediterranean Sea, the Tanager 7 member basketball team won 16 & lost 1 (U.S.S.Coral Sea,5000 crew air craft carrier). we played on the hangar deck.
all of the wins were against larger ships.
four wins vs Seville,San Raphael , Leghorn & Messina . the locals were learning, but toughened from soccer/football.

four of us were N.Y.C. products.