Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Liu not concerned by investigation

From the NY Times:

In recent weeks, as the investigation has expanded, Mr. Liu, the New York City comptroller, has struck a defiant tone, apparently determined to demonstrate that he has not lost his political balance.

Indeed, as Mr. Liu gathered with a small group of associates at a memorial service in Queens recently, he remarked that he was unconcerned about the investigation, and believed that the authorities would come up short if they were trying to implicate him, according to three people in attendance, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be seen as betraying him.

Mr. Liu’s mettle was seen again the other night when, amid platters of sweet and sour chicken, shrimp in lobster sauce and Yangzhou fried rice, he burst into a crowded Chinatown restaurant and rallied scores of supporters as they chanted his name.

“We don’t back down from any challenges,” said Mr. Liu, who was introduced as a “hero” and a “man of the people” by the master of ceremonies, Virginia M. Kee, a longtime Democratic power broker. “Sometimes things are more difficult than we can anticipate, but we don’t back down!”

Over the last month and a half, Mr. Liu has packed his schedule with some 200 appearances, from ribbon cuttings to holiday parties, clearly seeking to convey the sense that he has not been knocked off kilter by the investigation.

At some of these events, Mr. Liu has made ethnic appeals to his supporters, many of whom are Chinese, and has continued to suggest that he will run for mayor in 2013, though his popularity has been eroding, according to a recent poll.

“I’m not making an announcement tonight, but I know that in a couple of years, we’ve got a tremendous opportunity,” he told a group of Taiwanese merchants at a recent gala in Flushing, his political home turf. “I’m certainly ready for that opportunity.”

Later that night, he seemed to allude to the investigation, describing it as a “challenge” before concluding: “We will overcome. Oftentimes as a community, and as immigrants, we work twice as hard. Don’t complain, just do the work, and we will get there.”

And check out the Daily News' take on the same event.


Anonymous said...

John ,

You are required to obey the law.

The law requires that you identify campaign bundlers. Stop the stonewalling ( a la' Dick Nixon) and obey the law.

Let's not forget the 2001 election
the 2005 election
and the 2009 election as well as the current fundraising.

Forget about Mayor, you need to worry about running for the top bunk.

Anonymous said...

I really just want this guy to go away. More than anything else, he's just so $%^&* annoying! Why does the comptroller need to make so many public appearances? Who cares? If you look at his web site it looks like he's even making some sort of investigation into the death of Pvt. Chen. Why? What's his standing to do that as a Comptroller? Being Chinese, too? He should just STFU and worry about his own troubles.

Anonymous said...

why should he be worried ? the nytimes reported the ongoing fbi investigation,while the undercover was still probing liu.
the ny times alerted the liu campaign. see the original fbi charge documents and compare the dates of the ny ny times expose.

the day the chen tragedy was reported i knew the liu campaign would jump on the RACIAL BANDWAGON. liu is the asian al sharpton.

Anonymous said...

Johnny boy is just whistling past the graveyard!

Those sharp FBI agents will whittle down his bravado to a tiny toothpick!

The more "banquets" he drops in on...
the more attendee-suspects the FBI will have to scope.

What an arrogant little worm this wannabee dragon is!

Anonymous said...

He will go away....to prison!

Lui knows this.

He's just going through the motions and buying himself a little more time to breathe some free air.

His appearances are to signal his cohorts that he's not taking the fall by himself.

He wants their help (or else he'll talk) to lessen his jail time.

But if he pushes those "benevolent" societies too far, he might wind up sliced 'n diced in a New Year's stir fry.

The mouse does not threaten the eagle with blackmail!

Anonymous said...

So Flushing is Lui's political stronghold...eh?

Who else does "business" in Flushing that needs to be jailed?

Wasn't Flushing cousin Tommy Huang's turf?

When the net is pulled up...some other fish will be frying!

Anonymous said...


So Lui isn't concerned?

He's already lost about 10 lbs of "fright weight" (crap) since the FBI put him directly in their cross hairs!

Yo...John boy...
the Chinese restaurants DON'T run the courts yet!

This whole thing has become far too big to brush under the carpet
with a few Asiatic pay-offs to a Congressman or two here and there.

Start picking your tailor for that orange suit you'll be sporting soon, old sport!

Let's see how an arrogant puppy fares in cell block #1.

Here, puss, puss, puss!

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't resign, he should be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

Gary Ackerman
is remaining rather silent
these days.

Maybe he's too busy packing
his quick-get-away bag!

That bloated crook needs to serve some time outside the Capitol.

Let's say in Levenworth?

Anonymous said...

Just wait until those sweet'n sour stool pigeons start singing.

Lui will blow up like one of those ducks you see hanging in local Chinese restaurant windows.

His associates don't want to get indicted along with him.

Anonymous said...

Lui's already lost his mental balance.

He's just trying to save...that great Oriental commodity....FACE!

I'll bet Wellington Chen is taking a good dose of "Immodium" right now!

The feds might be knocking on his Little Neck door soon.

This investigation is sure getting legs!

Bravo FBI!

Anonymous said...

Lui can't give up his bundlers.

He's scared shit they'll "whack" him if he does.

Those Asiatic secret societies have been around for hundreds of years and DO NOT want their business revealed in public.

Bye, bye Johnny...
you're taking the fall!

Start working on a good design for your prison tattoo.

Maybe some of that money your daddy Joe stole from the Great Eastern Bank can buy you cigarettes to trade for favors.

Or else it's, "C-mon and do the jailhouse rock with Bubba"!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Comptroller doesn't have much left to do but try to save face... while he's working on trying to save his ass.

He's, most likely, pumped up to the limits with tranquilizers so he can maintain that frozen smile of his.

C'mon Johnny...let us see your
confident thumb in the air, for old time's sake.

Anonymous said...

Lui never had a good name to lose!

His daddy, Joseph Lui, took care of that and so did his cousin Tommy Huang.

Two criminals in the Lui family were outed so far.

How many other #1, #3, #3 & #5 cousins haven't been caught yet?

And Mr. Comptroller sure likes to make political hay at funerals and memorials.

This arrogant ass made his last cold unfeeling remark at civic leader Pat Dolan's memorial.

Before that he made an "appearance"...
rather barged into...a north Fushing memorial service to award a plaque to the deceased.

What unmitigated gall!

Lui looks like a self centered, self serving political sociopath to me.

I hope the feds lock him up and throw the key way over into the Yangtzee River!

Anonymous said...

knock knock knock hey neighbor (chuck) got any extra vaseline? ill save you some when you finally come.

Anonymous said...

The Oriental business, etc. community is just putting up with Lui until it's all over.

Publicly, some are feigning their support of him (or at least they don't want to openly antagonize his connections in Taiwan).

Yet behind the scenes they've already distanced themselves from him...lest they go down in the undertow...of this sinking ship.

This inscrutable race plays its cards most skilfully.

Virginia Kee is probably packing her bags and getting ready to slip back to Taipei in the middle of some dark night!

The FBI ought to keep tabs on any flight bookings she might have made recently.

Anonymous said...

He just looks like a scam artist. Like someone trying to sell you a counterfeit stereo.

99 % said...

Asian money for real estate and trading citizenship for funding building no matter your background or how you got the money is will win the day as long as the current power structure is in place.

NYC might be a 21st century city but its machinery is greased by 19th century grease.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 3:

The Times didn't alert Liu's campaign; they exposed Liu's campaign for the crooked operation that it is. What's the difference between what they're doing and what the Post is doing aside from the fact that you agree with the Post's politics?

Anonymous said...

Ah the Archies are sure pleasuring themselves...

Typically, you'll see, at worst, resignation and a fine. Probably only the latter.

His citywide aspirations are finished (for a decade or so)but this thing will get bargained away....Just like Nixon.

Anonymous said...

The FBI and IRS have some tough "19th century grease" solvents in their kits.

When money laundering or tax evasion is involved, nobody gets off.

Remember, it was tax evasion that brought down Alfonso Capone!

Just wait and see this investigation expand.

All real estate brokers are now required to be fingerprinted as a requirement to obtain their licenses.

Do a little research "99%", before you jump the gun with your

That measure has already put a huge dent in these Asiatic snakes' efforts to launder money through real estate deals.

Maybe the feds are waiting for Lunar New Year to indict Liu.

That would be extremely bad luck.

These Orientals are a backward superstitious lot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the feds should question Liu's former chief of staff, John Choe.

I'll bet they do!

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to Liu, despite the wishes of many here. He'll deny responsibiliy and will get one of his underlings to take the blame. He's a hero to his followers.

Anonymous said...

John Gotti, Al Capone and Drug Dealer Nickey Barnes was a hero to their people also

georgetheatheist said...


Anonymous said...

I luv it....Alfred E. Liu-man!

Only Alfy's more handsome.

Liu looks like an Oriental Cabbage Patch Kid.

Anonymous said...

When the Asiatic community chooses a crook like Liu to be their hero, it only proves they themselves are criminals!

A lying race from a corrupt culture!

For over 5,0000 years....China has been perfecting the fine art of f-----g over their own kind!

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking
that Liu gets nailed?

I doubt it!

He's already cooked.
His grandiose political aspirations to become NYC's mayor are shattered.

And that's what's most important
you cynical "A" hole!

He'll be lucky if he can land a good job back in the financial market.

He's become a pariah and no top firm will have him.

Anonymous said...

"Ol' rubber face" looks like he's just piddled his pants.

Toby Ann Stavisky ought to lay in a good supply of "Depends" in case the feds come knocking at her door regarding the "North Flushing Senior Center".

Where's "granny" Shulman these days?

Anonymous said...

Maybe John Liu will go back into the sweat shop business with his parents...if they still own that building in Long Island City.

Maybe the Lius will move back to Taiwan....or cousin Tommy Huang will take them in.

The Flushing Phantom said...


C'mon you FBI guys...you're missing the boat on Liu's other bundlers.

Follow this tip and you won't be sorry.

Chen knows a lot. He's been around long enough and he heads up the "Chinatown Partnership"!

Pull him in for questioning.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Myra Baird Herce knows more than she shows.

Maybe you feds should question this old girl too.

This Asian political contribution footsie game started way back with Donald Manes.

Weren't she and Manes really tight?

Anonymous said...

"Obey the law"?

RU kidding?

Laws were written for Asiatics to circumvent.

After all, "We don't want to offend the Asians".

Especially when they've been feeding the political campaigns of Gary Ackerman, etc. with foreign laundered cash!

That would cap the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Subpoenna John Choe!

Why did Liu let him go?

Choe must have some info from his brief stay at Mr. Comptroller's office.

And he was Liu's chief of staff while he was councilman.

Anonymous said...

He continues to break the law and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Just like Liu's cousin Tommy Huang always broke the law and got off with just a slap on the wrist.

What a pair of egotistical Taiwanese sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's concerned!

Either Lui's dyed all of his shoes brown or the Kaopectate ain't working
so good!

Someday that rubber smile of his is going to freeze on his face.