Sunday, December 18, 2011

Liu bundler in plea deal?

From the Daily News:

Manhattan federal prosecutors disclosed Friday that they are in plea discussions with a John Liu fund-raiser under arrest for allegedly funneling illegal contributions to the controller’s campaign.

Prosecutor Brian Jacobs said in court papers that the plea negotiations with an attorney for Xing Wu Pan were ongoing as he asked for a new court date in the case.

Jacobs said in the court filing that the discussions regarding a possible disposition of the case with Pan’s lawyer, Julia Gatto, have not been completed.

Federal Magistrate Judge Theodore Katz set the case down for Jan. 17.


Anonymous said...

This guy will spill the beans on his ex-buddy.
Lou will resign by year end.

Anonymous said...

He'll take the rap for Liu, and will be amply rewarded by Liu's backers when he comes out of jail.

Anonymous said...

Last night,
John Liu appeared on stage at Queensboro Community College... standing beside the dumber "the Wep" presented a state proclamation to the Queens Oratorio Society commemorating its 85th anniversary.

Bravo to David Close its director!

From where I sat up in the mezzanine, Lui's bald spot shone in the spotlight. But it seemed to me that his countenance lacked its former confident arrogant smirk.

It was replaced by what looked like an attenuated grimace.

Trying to recast yourself as a humble benefactor Mr. Comptroller?

Your bundler, Mr. Pan, will be spilling the beans soon and bringing you down in order to pull his bacon out of the fire.

Johnny couldn't resist his signature thumb in the air gesture as he exited.
But, it too, lacked any verve.

You're cooked ol' boy.
Can't wait to see your mug shot in the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

This investigation has gotten far too big for any last minute cover ups.

Once those forensic accountants start following a money trail...
it can't be stopped without looking extremely suspicious.

It's all downhill now with no brakes applied!

Lui is done to a turn.

Others will follow him.

Maybe that bloated crook/ congressman...Gary Ackerman will finally get nailed.

Please, Santa Claus, put a copy of Gary's federal indictment in my X-mas stocking and I'll not ask you for anything more for the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Pan takes the rap for Lui.

Lui is in the pan...the frying pan.

His aspirations to become mayor are dashed to splinters upon the is his political...and quite possibly his financial career.

What accounting firm would want to hire Lui now?

Price Waterhouse Coopers doesn't want him back.

Maybe some Taiwanese company will have him...
"Offshore Creative Financial Services Ltd."...perhaps?

LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

Xing Wu Pan fried noodles in Lui sauce!

Next course...
roast Ackerman stuffed with "granny" Shulman and Stavisky sides.

Anonymous said... that's Lui's lover...
out of the closet.

Maybe they can share a cell.

And Mr. Comptroller's "wife"
can return #1 son Joey to the adoption agency...
now that Lui doesn't need political cover any more.

Ooops...cellmate Bubba has got first dibs on Lui.

This is gonna be a grudge match folks.

Come to think of it,
after the feds are through with Mr. Comptroller he won't have much of an ass left to - - - -!

Anonymous said...

Lui might be impeached if he gained his comptroller's position illegally.

HOORAH! I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...


If he had round eyes and didn't wear "cheaters" he'd look like one of John Gotti's numbers runners.

But isn't that what bundlers really are...political bag men?

Just ask Michael Nussbaum.
Wasn't he one of Manes' bag men?

Anonymous said...

Liu's biggest blunder: He set his sights outside of Queens.

Had he stayed within the Queens sandbox, he could have gotten away with just about anything. However, he got greedy, and how he is trying to expand into places where people actually care what happens. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

one wonders if John Liu's former nyc cm staff member and recent $125,000. per /year comptroller's office employee, JOHN CHOE, will attend the funeral of North Korean DICTATOR,KIM JONG ll?

Choe ,who visited PyongYang, N.Korea and allegedly gave speeches praising the communist regime,was downsized by liu when exposed by the media.

Kim is the son of KIM ll SUNG, the Stalinist dictator whose army invaded S. Korea in 1950.his "proxy "war for the chicom.U.S.S.R totalitarians resulted in 37,000 american deaths,a est. total of 776,000 allies killed /wounded, est. 1.6 million military chinese, russian and n.koreans killed/wounded,and est. 2.5 korean civilians killed/wounded.


Korean War Vet,U.S.Navy Minesweepers

Anonymous said...

it looks like Pan tweezes his eyebrows.

He's gonna have a bangin' time in jail!

Anonymous said...

A new cartoon figure will emerge...

"Little Liu Liu (wearing a hula skirt)" replacing "Little Lulu".
Anyone remember her?

This is all very prophetic folks...
Mr. Comptroller losing face and publicly disgraced just in time for the Lunar New Year celebration.

Will Johnny openly march in the Chinatown parade (right thumb up in the air) or hide inside the dragon?

Thumbs down Mr. Liu!
The emperor has spoken!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see which other pols take the fall!

Happy holidays!

Wonder what odds my bookie's giving on Ackerman and Stavisky?

The odds on Shulman ain't so great these days.

It looks like she's already tumbling.

Anonymous said...

Maybe John Choe will find a place in North Korea.

The new dictator might find him "cute".

He's certainly not going anywhere in US politics.

With his new 125 K Communist group salary, why is he still living in Mitchell Gardens?

Maybe he'll buy John Liu's house (when Johnny's in the "big house") so he can be right across the road from "follow the buck" Chuck Apelian.