Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fish smuggler sent to jail

From the Daily News:

A Brooklyn judge struck a blow for endangered fish the world over, sentencing a Queens man Wednesday to one year in jail for smuggling the bony-tongued Arowana in his suitcase.

The rare fish is sold on the black market in Chinatown and Asian neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens for up to $8,000 apiece because of its supposed power to bring good luck.

But Chee Chaw has had nothing but bad luck since his suitcase was misplaced during a transfer from Hong Kong, and the fishy contraband was discovered after the bag arrived on a later flight.

Nine of the 16 fish, packed in water-filled plastic bags, died during the journey. Four more fish from a previous smuggling mission were recovered in his Elmhurst apartment.

"He's contributing to the demise of this fish by importing them into the United States," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Tiana Demas.

The prosecutor said Chaw had smuggled fish at on at least three occasions since 2004. A previous arrest was disposed of with an $850 fine.


georgetheatheist said...

Chee Chaw?

Wasn't he related to Ching Chow?

Anonymous said...

Now, the fork-tongued Cheechaw is endangered.

Anonymous said...

one wonders if Chaw donated a bony-tongued lucky fish to JOHN LIU ?

if Chaw did ,the lucky fish story is phony.

Anonymous said...

What a backward superstitious, lying, thieving, peasant race!

The Chinese seem obsessed with good luck; maintaining sexual power (even into their old age); and money.

They'll do and eat anything to accomplish these "golden" ends.

Shriveled old men believe consuming ground Rhinocerous horn keeps them horny....and "up" for more.

Chee Chaw is the product of 5,000 years of deceit and corruption.

I hope he enjoys being the new "fish" in cell block #3.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot.

FlushingRepresenter said...

A good MASSAGHEEE always does the trick.

Who the hell wants to pay 8,000 for a fish....

Anonymous said...

Some people will do anything for a fin!

Anonymous said...

And to the surprise of no one, its an asian that is responsible.

Anonymous said...

Now if they could only crack down on the people who smuggle all the illegals into the country, we'd be on a roll.

Anonymous said...

He's most probably one of many unforutunately - disgusting creep that he is.

Tbclub said...

haha a fish for that price i dont need luck. i rather keep my money i be richer