Saturday, December 17, 2011

Johnny going crazy?

From the NY Times:

In recent weeks, agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have delivered subpoenas seeking a broad range of records and other information to a growing circle of Mr. Liu’s more generous donors, said the people knowledgeable about the matter, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. The supporters who have now been subpoenaed include at least one who acknowledged to The New York Times that he had served as bundler, or someone who helped Mr. Liu raise money from others; and another went to a donor who worked at a company headed by a bundler.

Mr. Liu’s campaign has failed to disclose the names of its bundlers, as required by law.

The investigation of Mr. Liu’s campaign finances, which led to the arrest of one of his fund-raisers in November on attempted wire fraud and conspiracy charges, has been an embarrassment for Mr. Liu, the city’s top fiscal watchdog and an auditor by training. The situation has also cast a pall over his mayoral prospects; according to a poll released on Thursday, his approval ratings have plummeted.

Mr. Liu’s criminal defense lawyer, Paul L. Shechtman, and a spokesman for his campaign, George Arzt, declined to comment on Thursday about the new subpoenas.

And from the Daily News:

THE BELEAGUERED city controller has a stern message for his staff
— Liu-oose lips sink ships.

John Liu, beset by bad press over an ongoing federal probe into his mayoral race fund-raising, did some remodelling in his office last week: cubicle walls were torn down in two divisions, creating an open, bullpen-style space.

The motive — making it harder for staffers to dish to reporters.

“They are afraid that people inside are giving information out,” a Liu employee said of the persistent whispers among the staff that one in their number is giving up valuable intel.

A spokesman for the controller fervently denied that Liu is on a paranoia-fueled snitch hunt, as the source described.


Anonymous said...

Whatever comes of the Liu situation will play out more quickly than what will happen over at City Hall, as Liu does't have the hush money needed to buy silence, and he can't buy off people, esp. in he press and law enforcement to harass his accusers.Doomberg still has those and is using them to buy himself time to keep padding his golden parachue/repository of offshore kickbacks. This is more indicaive of reaching out on his part to silence a critic. That people here buy into it to the extent they have goes to Anti-Asian bias, witness all the Charlie Chan remarks.When the golden carpetbagger goes down,there'll be some serious egg on folks' faces!

Anonymous said...

if one clicks & enlarges the NYTIMES photo, it will show LIU in the public school P.S.130 Q. at Francis Lewis Blvd. at 42nd Avenue, in Bayside. for 23 years the local walking pupils have been bused away, one mile, to other C.S.D 26. schools.

presently, P.S.130Q is a K-3 and spec. ed. dist 98 facility. it is occupied by 40-50 bused in spec. ed. pupilsfrom the borough and 300 k-3 pupils from Main Street ,Flushing.C.S.D 25 administers it.

as stated previously the area around the building becomes a school bus terminal 180 days, twice daily,per year.

the ethnicity of the K-3 grades are 85-90 % asian, when the community is 70 % caucasian residents. enrollment begins at kindergarten,and the training is performed by mostly Master Degree Columbia U. teachers. the pupils ,with this professional tutorship, are the highest scoring math & english language arts pupils in NYS.

Liu visited his Flushing constituents pupil's school. he also visited across from one of his donor's, new 300 child, day care building at 196-29 42nd avenue, who never paid the $60,000 in building violation fines. the fines somehow were "resolved by certificate" ?

the D.O.E. closed the building in 1982( it only had 400 local walking pupils) &in 1988 gave it to C.S.D.25.

WHAT BALLS ? and what tax money wasted for 23 years for all the busing. 35-45buses drop off /pick up, daily.

LIU knew and ignored our community,while he lied about being a member of the city council education committee.

Anonymous said...

That busing crap all started with an Oriental dragon lady who (unsuccessfully) ran for city council...and currently sits on CB#7....Ms. Pau Lin C.

She encouraged Asiatic mothers to fake their addresses so their kids could attend P.S. 30 in Flushing/Auburndale.

Budda forbid that their pampered Asian "darlings" should tough it out with other minority students....especially of darker hue.

The Flushing Phantom said...


So Lui is copying Bloomberg's open "bullpen" style of management.

Too late Mr. Comptroller!

All the bullshit dished out by Lui's handlers can't stop that snowballing FBI probe which will bury him and his Chi-com backers in an avalanche!

How come federal agents haven't arrested Johnny boy yet for not complying with that subpoena?

Even Gary Ackerman (well connected to the Washington Asia cash pipeline) won't be able to help out in this Lui Lui of a situation.

The feds might be crawling up his ass soon too!

Anonymous said...

Too late for damage control
Mr. comptroller.

You'll have to pay the piper soon!

But in the meantime, you can take another puff on your opium pipe to soothe your nerves.

Anonymous said...

Johnn'y not crazy.
He's just afraid to rat out his bundlers.

Some of them might be powerful secret society or tong lords who will whack him if he doesn't remain silent.

Johnny will ultimately take the fall for them.

He's already being prepared to be thrown under the bus.

As the investigation continues to grow legs...a few more scapegoats might be thrown under the bus to protect the top dogs running the show from China and Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

Bye, bye Lui-ie the liar.

Maybe I'll see you someday, ringing my doorbell, delivering my order of Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Not to worry, I tip good.

Anonymous said...

Just in from DC:

Congressman Ackerman just proposed the building of a pipeline from China to Washington to facilitate the easy transport of overseas political campaign contributions.

This way the Chinese can buy themselves more crooked American politicians like himself...on a wholesale level.

Word also has it that there will be a feed line installed directly to his office.

His Israeli bribes from the Xenonics Corp. aren't enough to satisfy this bloated Congressional crook.

Anonymous said...

Now if Lui should point his finger directly at Ackerman and implicates him in the ongoing scandal...there will be dancing in the streets!

I've got my bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge.

Put the shrimps on the barbie!

Anonymous said...

Forget about
the ol' French connection
you federal boys.

Focus on Ackerman...
the China connection.

And sweep out the "Queens Tribune" stable.

Give Nussbaum that jail term he escaped getting when he was Donald Manes' bag man.

These ongoing forensic accounting investigations will reveal ALL!

Once they start, they can't be stopped by anyone.

This whole Lui business has become far too big to cover up at this late date.

Johnny boy has a date with his destiny.

Soon, his rotten apple friends will start falling from the trees as each new bundler is indicted.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until "Law and Order" does a ripped from the Lui headlines TV episode!

Now, who will play Lui?
Who will play Ackerman?

Anonymous said...

Gary's been rather quiet lately...hasn't he?

Lay low Congressman...
and move your cash safely offshore.

You'll be needing it!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

Too bad this post isn't about school busing. Stay relevant, please?

Anonymous said...

"Johnny going crazy?"


Anonymous said...

P.S.130 Q. is also the local election polling location ?

Anonymous said...

Curiously, you will not find any donations from any of the Huangs. What you do find is many donations from many individuals at companies that sell construction materials and other goods associated with their projects. For instance, stone, appliances, etc.

Oh well, may be the Feds should follow that trail.

georgetheatheist said...


What? The Fuller Brush Institute?

Anonymous said...

Damage control my ass! Under federal indictment that would be called RICO.

Anonymous said...

"A" hole!

In this case, school busing IS PERTINENT to the subject of Chinese colonization of Flushing and Lui's lost ambition to take over NYC as its emperor/mayor.

John Lui is the Chinese Pope!

Practically every coolie living in NYC has a photo of him on their wall.

BTW...Lui is supported by a cast of thousands.

CB#7's Ms. Pau Lin C. is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Stick to your thievery, CB 7 troll!

Anonymous said...

I see that Liu is wearing his Red Chinese necktie for the occasion.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where and how Pauline (Pau Lin) Chu got her money when she unsuccessfully ran for Julia Harrison's seat.

Now she plants her ass in CB 7.

It seems that CB is peppered with old do-nothings from Mitchel Linden, etc. and Asiatic wannabee dragons from the Chinese business community.

Maybe that's where a lot of John Liu's friends are hiding.