Monday, December 19, 2011

Homeowners squeezed by developer & tweeder

From the Daily News:

Bedford Stuyvesant homeowners say a developer and a since-indicted city official tried to hit them up for extra cash for their city-subsidized homes - and then left them dealing with shoddy construction on the buildings.

The six homeowners won an affordable housing lottery for homes along Lexington Ave. and made down payments in 2005 - but charge their home ownership dream turned into a nightmare amid delays, requests for more money, and problems from plumbing backups to faulty heating.

Developer Delight Construction and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development say the problems are minor; that the developer has continued to make fixes even after the homes’ warranties expired, and the request for more money was an appropriate response to cost overruns.

But the homeowners are seething. They said that after they were delayed from moving into their homes for two years due to trouble cleaning up contamination, HPD official Wendell Walters told them to fork over about $10,000 more to Delight for the cleanup, which the homeowners refused.


Al Chapman said...

Plumbing problems...contamination cleanup...requests for more money...I'd rather not be apart of any deal like that.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone should own a home.